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Comment: Re:Southwest Boarding Policies (Score 1) 866

That's interesting, but irrelevant. You don't fix disgruntled paying customers by humiliating them in front of a crowd.

[citation needed]

In what way was he "humiliated"?

Advising a passenger that non-frequent flyers can't board during frequent flyer boarding is NOT humiliation.

What's next? Someone blogging and making someones life living hell just because he was "rude" and "humiliating" by insisting that you need to buy a ticket to watch that movie in the theater?

Comment: Re:He is lucky not being labelled a terrorist... (Score 1) 866

After all, he committed several unforgivable sins in a police state:
1. Being critical of authority

And what state would thet be where you think some company clerk is "authority"?

Corporate america where they brainwashed you that it is completly ok if money has power over the weak ones?

Comment: Re: this is messed up.. but what's worse (Score 1) 866

> I think he made a huge mistake in calling out the agent by name on the internet.

What's the point of saying so-and-so is rude if it doesn't warn anyone she's rude? He wanted Southwest and everyone else to know who he was talking about.

She denied non-frequent fliers frequent fliers perks. This is anything but rude. So publishing a statement that someone is rude (on those grounds) is libel. So there's something here that would justify letting the lawyers from their leash.

On the other hand, this is nothing that couldn't have been handled well AFTER the flight.

Comment: Re:What?!? (Score 2) 866

I kinda agree with you, and kinda really don't.
That being said, it's pretty obvious that this was abuse of power, but in no way suggestive that said "air waitress" should not have the power to evict motherfuckers off planes before they take off, especially if they perceive said fuckwad being a problem once the tinderbox is up in the air, and she's facing down the lot of you shitheads solo.
Disclaimer: I fly a lot. Airline passengers make me embarrassed for our species.

Yes. And I'd say THAT's what changed over the last 25 years. Flying has been something special and passengers did not see paying for an airline ticket as an invitation to act like jerks. But with Joe Sixpack and his guys taking a plane to their booze trip to Mallorca.

And every passenger should be glad that drunk people or people who insist to smoke or pee on the floor (google for the celebrity...) are thrown out. It's not that the "air waitresses" have gained more power to do so. It's more people acting up like that!

And it's not the "air waitress" who has any power to do so. It's the captain, who is in full command and full responsibility for the vessel. And like captain at sea, this means full disciplinary command over crew and payload (self stowing* or not)

*Yes, that's what we are: self stowing payload.

Comment: Re:An ad hockin' 'mergency (Score 1) 60

by bickerdyke (#47521271) Attached to: How the Internet of Things Could Aid Disaster Response

but what good is an insulated LAN for these days?

...are you serious? What about outside intruders?

I'd be only worried about them if there is something on the LAN that could be sensitive to outside intruders. Like important data, servers and stuff. But then you have real network infrastructure, and probably don't use Wifi at all. So for those cases, AdHoc-Wifi would be completly out of the question.

Comment: Re:An ad hockin' 'mergency (Score 3, Informative) 60

by bickerdyke (#47521127) Attached to: How the Internet of Things Could Aid Disaster Response

Yet, how many people go home and connect their laptops together directly? If people can't figure that out...

Why should they? Until one of those laptops is configured as a gateway (and all other Laptops have to be configured to use it as a gateway) you won't be able to check facebook anyway.

Yes, you COULD create a LAN in AdHoc mode, but what good is an insulated LAN for these days? Back in the days of Quake, Descent and Age of Empires, yes, there was the option to set one up for multiplayer games. But thanks to Steam, WoW or the latest Diablo, LAN gaming has been killed of, too.

And with the current pricepoint of wifi routers that already include DHCP and WAN routing capabilities over anything from twisted pair to LTE, running for hours on battery, that's just way easier than manually configuring network options to create an AdHoc network.

Comment: Re:Breaking news (Score 1) 612

Thus, the state needs to defend itself - for everyone's own good, of course.

That sounds like the standard excuse for building a surveillance state - completly independent of what the actual political system is calling itself. And we're currently seeing it in far too many "democratic" states.

Comment: Re:Breaking news (Score 1) 612

People raised in a country were the government spies on its citizens, encourages selling people out, and kidnaps dissenters are more likely to lie for personal gain..

Wow. You're broadening the definition enough to make it intresting to have people from several other countries tested, too....

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