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Comment Re:This could counterproductive (Score 1) 119

That may be similar to the situation in Germany.

The state run Met Office equivalent lost their contracts with (public) TV station after failing to predict a severe storm that was forecasted correctly by another TV weather forecasting company:http://www.spiegel.de/spiegel/print/d-21662473.html

IIRC, as a result, the DWD underwent some restructering

Comment Excuse me, but.... "win"? (Score 4, Insightful) 282


"Which would make it very possible to conduct a Third World War in which the American people would believe could not be won"

Does that mean anyone in the FBI was crazy enough that a 3rd world war could actually be "won" in some kind?

Comment Re:how about none? (Score 1) 249

at some point you have to stop applying market adaptation. no one wants to submit
a sealed bid to buy a banana or a bar of soap.

But still prices for bananas and soap is still regulated by supply and demand. Just not for each individual transaction.

if i'm going to rely on Uber to get to work, and a lot of people here do, then not
having it cost $50 some random day has value in and of itself.

And maybe I don't want to support a business which relies on zero margins to attract
customers and remain competitive, but then really applies the screws when it
happens that i don't have any other choice.

Well, that's the difference between "supporting" a buisness (which would mean you let them have the bigger cut out of your deal) and becoming dependant on a business, (vendor lock-in). But to start things, if you have to rely on a taxi-like service to get to work, first of all that's a clean symptom of crappy public transport.

Comment Re: Just call a taxi... (Score 1) 249

For most people, a car is a major investment.

Wrong, as an investment is something you do to have a profit in the long run.

For most people, a car is noting but a major money sink, Or, as still anyone and his dog decide to have one, perhaps a "loss leader". So even if being an uber driver does not make enough to make owning a car profitable (what regular taxi companies have to do) it may be enough to reduce the loss you're making by buying a car in the first place.

That's a huge difference and the reason why you can't compare that 1:1

Comment Re: If only... (Score 1) 249

How would you like it if your grocery store had "surge pricing"?

Don't want to rain on your parade, but grocery stores have set their prices based on demand and supply for ages, probably since they were called "ye olde grocery shoppe".

Never notices that prices for, say strawberries go down when they're in season and go up when they are not? Demand higher than supply --> higher prices.

Comment Re:If only... (Score 1) 249

The needs may not be infinite, but the desire is. That's what called greed. And unlike eating hamburgers, there is no limit on how fast the numbers on your account could grow. And with the current state of the financial markets, while you may not want to keep your billions on your checking account, there is no incentive to re-invest it into the actual economy rather than gambling with complex financial products.

Comment Finally:Analog DRM! (Score 1) 89

While it's a nice idea that that may save you from carrying a book AND a water filter (in whatever rare circumstances this might matter) this finally allows for text books that are consumed and can't be handed down from one generation to the next.

Next step: Water quality at US colleges is reduced to levels that require filtering with textbook pages.

Comment Slightly unrelated (Score 2) 46

Of course it was stupid to use trademarked names and symbols without caring about the trademark holders.

On the other hand, selling trademarks without the actual products is a scam in itself. Since the 90s, a whole bunch of domestic TV makers went belly up. And without exempt, the trademarks were bought up by asian scammers that now slap these trademarks on cheap chinese TVs tricking elderly people (like my late uncle) into buying them at inflated prices as they thing they're buying some local quality products.

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