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Comment: Re:Breaking news (Score 1) 332

Thus, the state needs to defend itself - for everyone's own good, of course.

That sounds like the standard excuse for building a surveillance state - completly independent of what the actual political system is calling itself. And we're currently seeing it in far too many "democratic" states.

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People raised in a country were the government spies on its citizens, encourages selling people out, and kidnaps dissenters are more likely to lie for personal gain..

Wow. You're broadening the definition enough to make it intresting to have people from several other countries tested, too....

Comment: Re:Apple has 'done nothing'??? (Score 1) 136

by bickerdyke (#47485569) Attached to: Google To Stop Describing Games With In-App Purchases As 'Free'

Because they're still listed as "free" categorically speaking?

Well... "free" as in you don't have to pay money to play.

But as this holds true for "pay if you like the game and get a free party hat", the "come on, the first shot is free" and the unplayble Nag-A-Thon that starts begging for your money right from the beginning, I doubt that there will be a one size fits all solution.

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by bickerdyke (#47438127) Attached to: Finnish National TV Broadcaster Starts Sending Bitcoin Blockchain

intrinsic value vs. depending on a system to tell value from useless paper is a terrible deal.

There is no such thing as "intrinsic value".

There is. But it is usually limited to things as potatoes. There is no intrinsic value in gold as many people are misguided to believe.

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by bickerdyke (#47413661) Attached to: US Tech Firms Recruiting High Schoolers (And Younger)

There are schools much cheaper than the Ivy Leagues with an equivalent education and that's where I'd expect smart kids to go.

At Ivy League, you're not paying for the education. You're paying for networking. And for making an impression at HR types who don't care about education, but reputation.

After all, one of those degrees is the best university degree that money can buy.

As for quitting school to get an above average salary, that's just stupid. That salary is not for life, [...]

But job experience is. And from a certain point on, you will get hired for that. Though you're learning a lot of basic stuff for your formal degree that WILL be actually helpfull and a degree is a ticket into your first few jobs. And it's something that can't be taken from you, so usually it's worth considereing getting one. But it's definitly not the only way to go.

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by bickerdyke (#47399915) Attached to: TSA Prohibits Taking Discharged Electronic Devices Onto Planes

We were talking about REPLACING part of the battery with something else. Not rewireing.

The power-up test covers replacing the complete battery with some other substance (plus a little electronics), which would not show up easily on an X-Ray.

Replacing part of the battery would show up, as would replacing all the inner circuitery.

Rewiring would not show up, and would even let you add some additional electronic device, but not adding no explosives.

On a higher level, I agree with your conclusion that this whole stuff is theatre. Even Simon Beckett grade theatre, if we consider that this boils down to "Sir, would you please press the big red power button on that device of yours that we're suspecting might be a bomb?"

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by bickerdyke (#47399777) Attached to: The AI Boss That Deploys Hong Kong's Subway Engineers

For that the reading recommendation would be "Snow Crash".bureaucracy has not been gotten rid of, but reduced to some insignificant role while the rest of the world is gouverned not by gouvernments or bureacracy, but "business processes" and coorprations and their three-ring-binders with company procedures.

"Who cares if it doesn't do anything? It was made with our new Triple-Iso-Bifurcated-Krypton-Gate-MOS process ..."