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Comment Re:Google phones cause death (Score 1) 125

Thanks! That's 3/4 down this thread and you're the first NOT to talk about looks or tight jeans, but about the actual problem!

Phones are designed to male emergency calls easy - for exactly the reasons you noted. You may have to do a silent call or have an arm and a leg torn off and still need to be able to dial 911. Anything that makes it harder for your butt to dial 911 makes it harder in those situations, too.

Comment Re:Umm (Score 1) 64

Why? Because someone might find out what seat you MIGHT have chosen to sit in? To obtain your frequent flyer number? Some information isn't worth protecting.

If your Frequent Flyer number is worth protecting is decided by the airline and if they use that number for any kind of identification or authentication.

"Hi, My name is Mr. Spanneck and I forgot the passwort to your website"
"No problem, we can reset that for you. Could you please give us your mother maidens name and your Frequent Flyer number?"

Comment Re:Obvious ruling (Score 1) 203

Sounds still the same to me as IIRC US Tax laws work exactly that way. Big companies can avoid US taxes by keeping their revenues from other countries outside the US. Guess why Apple took a credit do pay dividends to its shareholders? It was cheaper to pay for the cvredit than to repatriate money from their offshore company.

Comment Re:Strictly professional concern? (Score 1) 577

Yes and no as part of the result of mapping the human genome is more or less nothing but a map of earlier migrations. And in the very long run, while genetic difference may indeed blend and mix, evolution could come up with some new mutant variation proving successful. (lactose tolerance anyone?)

Comment Re:Everybody has to believe in something (Score 1) 577

well, that guy is free to not make any money by selling to people with conflicting "beliefs". And Kim Davis was also free to resign and quit her job the moment she realized that her job duties would conflict with her beliefs. So I don't see any difference in how people would react.

Comment Re:Mainstream media is covering up the crisis (Score 1) 577

Why the heck is everyone assuming muslim refugees? Lots of people from Syria are Christians that fled persecution there! But then it probably stops being easy and you have to start thinking....

Comment Re:Who gives a shit? (Score 0) 577

You're using "still" as if you were on a clear timescale. I prefer "currently".

Please don't forget that while in Europe every county-sized kindgom was at war against more other kingdoms than they had neighbours, islamic regions used to be peaceful places with thriving art and science. (Who build all those UN world cultural heritage sites that ISIS is currently demolishing?)

And seeing extremistic morons like that guy reminds me that it might flip again at any time.

I have a little theory that the world religions are taking turns in going crazy and turning into violent fanatics. (And I'm not sure if I should look forward to when it's the Budhhists turn...)

Comment Re:AdBlock (Score 1) 60

Okay.. but how can they even tell what I'm watching or not watching? I don't participate in any polls.

That's the miracle of statistics. Using that as a crystal ball they never can be completely sure what you watch, but with enough people sharing your age/sex/education/background answering polls, they can be confident enough.

"It's like deja vu all over again." -- Yogi Berra