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Comment Re: "...need to be prepared..." (Score 2) 210

"bit of land" = the displacement of hundreds of millions of people across the globe.

AKA your kids get to grow up in permanent refugee crisis world.

And you know what ? I am a fool to care about this, because I'll be dead before shit gets really real. Hope you leave your kids some money!
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Journal Journal: Back into Python 1

Okay... A couple weeks ago, I decided to take another look at Python-- the first such look I've given the language since around 1997.

So far, I have the basic stuff down. I've got a quick script down that provides functions to add ANSI colors to my output, so I have that going for me. :D

I have Python 2.x on a VM on my work system, but I'm using Python3 on my home system.

Comment Re:The REALY dystopia (Re:So...) (Score 1) 164

Yup, sure enough. More ad hominem snark instead of addressing the substance of the matter. You know perfectly well that the WaPo isn't the way you characterize it, but rather than point to persuasive information to defend your position, you're just dishing out the juvenile foot-stamping. Still, if that's the way you concede that the person you're being shrill at is actually correct, so be it.

Comment That would be penny wise and pound foolish (Score 5, Insightful) 210

If this is actually a credible report, then the U.S. government needs to stop funding the rebuilding/construction of areas that are CURRENTLY under sea level like New Orleans and the dikes and berms around it. No more federal funds of any kind for regions currently under water!

By that logic we should just write off large swathes of the Netherlands. Dykes and berms work just fine, and we have the engineering means to keep portions of land we consider valuable dry even if the waters rise 10 or 20 feet. New Orleans would fit in this category in my opinion. It is a unique part of American heritage and a cultural gem (one of not-so-many the US possesses), well worth the investment of Federal dollars to keep around.

Not to mention that it is by far less expensive to retain land by shoring up or building new dykes, than it is to reclaim land already submerged. Not as cheap as ditching it of course, but in places where it is worthwhile (New York City, Hoboken, New Orleans, Holland, and various other places) it is much smarter to keep existing places dry than leave them to be inundated and then realize our mistake later and either lose them forever, or pay even more to reclaim them.

Comment Re:So... (Score 1, Interesting) 164

Oh bla bla bla. You are just rationalizing the absurd.

Yes, it is absurd that people become violent and crazy, and they do things like hold hostages or grab kids or attack people, or force stand-offs. If people wouldn't do absurd crap like that, then the absurd crap like that they do wouldn't happen right in front of us every week. The fact that you're pretending it doesn't happen is curious though. What do you think that achieves? It's an odd personality quirk, at least.

Comment Re:So... (Score -1) 164

You really stand tall for all this authoritarian shit

I see. So if one of YOUR family members is being held or threatened by some loon, you'd rather that member of your family get hurt than the cops use a taser to subdue the person who's the problem? Or would you rather they use lethal force? Or would you rather they simply walk away so that nobody can accuse them of being "authoritarian," using any sort of force against a person who, after all, hasn't yet killed your family member, he's just promising to if anyone comes close to him.

You don't actually understand what "authoritarian" means, do you?

Comment Re:So... (Score 2, Interesting) 164

Why is it ridiculous? Why would you NOT (if it's logistically reasonable) use a small tracked RC machine on the ground to roll into one of those classic and recurring crazy-person-barricade-gun-waving scenarios, and taser that clown remotely instead of risking the life of one or more police officers? Likewise, if the circumstances happen to fit, why wouldn't you do that from 10 feet over the guy's head?

And if you've got that same crazy guy holed up somewhere and you need to flush him out ... why would you shoot potentially incendiary tear gas shells (which can also be lethal if they happen to, say, catch you right in the head in the wrong way as they come through a window) the old fashioned way, if you can send in a flying robot that can just let loose with the same substance while also seeing what's going on.

Ridiculous is as ridiculous does. If you're saying we shouldn't have the tools because some people don't use tools wisely, then we should take away cars, guns, flashlights, tasers, pepper spray, shoes, radios, and probably fingers and hands from all police just because there's the chance that some officer will choose to use them the wrong way.

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