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Comment: Re:Sometimes doctors should work when sick (Score 1) 84 84

If I am sick and stay home, there's an increased chance of:
* A patient of a co-worker getting inferior care because my co-worker was covering for you

Conflict detected. They'd get superior care if you're the kind of person who would go give patients your illness.

Comment: Re:Processed foods (Score 1) 239 239

It doesn't matter where the processing occurred - in your home, in a factory, or wherever, so long as the food doesn't contain excessive quantities of crap.

Processed foods purchased from a store tend to have high amounts of sugar, salt, fat, preservatives, additives and other ingredients to make them more appealing and/or have longer shelf life.

In other words, store-bought processed foods are high in crap. I think you too are in violent agreement.

Comment: Looks like a job for refactoring (Score 1) 185 185

Now what we as Engineers can do, is improve on the design

In other words, the idea guy who can code makes the prototype, and the engineers refactor it into something durable.

get rid of those calls to Microsoft Access, and switch it to a more sturdy relational database.

Is Access really the problem? One of my previous employers ran Stone Edge Enterprise, which is an order fulfillment system with an Access+VBA front-end to a Microsoft SQL Server database. Fortunately, our database was small enough that it could fit into the 4 GB limit of SQL Server Express.

Comment: Back up the tables on SSD (Score 1) 185 185

What changes are needed to prevent sudden power outages.

A UPS. There's already one in your laptop. And for power outages exceeding an hour, SELECT can still be served from a cache in main memory, and INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE can be made durable by keeping the table files on an SSD.

Comment: Music plagiarism (Score 1) 185 185

It reminds me of when people talk about "originality" in art, and dismiss everything as "unoriginal" because it was inspired by something or other. Set a standard so high it can't be reached.

If by "people" you mean "lawyers", I'll agree. Especially with respect to things like Gaye v. Thicke ("Blurred Lines" copied "Got to Give It Up"; Marvin Gaye's son won in court) and Petty v. Smith ("Stay With Me" copied "I Won't Back Down"; settled out of court with Tom Petty and his co-writer sharing one-fourth of the song's royalties).

Comment: Re:So corporatism merging with government. (Score 1) 55 55

The far left of the (traditional) political spectrum is communism. not socialism. It's easy to be confused since in the US media, 'socialist' (like terrorist) is a catch-all phrase that has been used to explain the evils of regimes as diverse as Nazi Germany and Red China. Both communism and fascism are a total(itarian) merge of state, religion, business, and the press into one entity - the (absolutely) powerful and corrupted state. Every other system has some degree of independence between those conflicting power centers, ie: the corruption is still there, but at least it's not absolute.

Comment: Re:kessel run (Score 0) 129 129

Isn't Jurassic actually the period BEFORE dinosaurs ruled the earth, and therefore the movie should've been called "Cretaceous Park"?

No. Dinosaurs ruled during the Cretaceous and the Jurassic (and the Triassic, depending on your definitions), and some of the famous dinosaurs (e.g. Stegosaurus) were extinct by the beginning of the Cretaceous.

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