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Comment: PCs still had FM in 1994 (Score 1) 160

"Decades", plural? That'd be 1994. As I understand it, PC games were still including FM soundtracks back then. For example, Doom II has its 20th birthday this September. Software-mixed tracker soundtracks came into use on PC around the time of Jazz Jackrabbit, also in 1994.

Comment: USB DACs (Score 1) 160

One thing that always annoyed me was on board devices going south and not enough expansion slots to add a card in.

USB theoretically has 127 slots to add a card in, if you buy a lot of 7-port hubs. A USB audio interface also lies outside the electrically noisy interior of a PC chassis.

Comment: Re:Solaris not well supported by OSS toolchain (Score 1) 163

by drinkypoo (#47427177) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Dedicated Low Power Embedded Dev System Choice?

So either he has VERY special unique requirements that he hasn't clearly communicated,

Why is low power consumption a special, unique requirement? All of my computer equipment was chosen and/or assembled with low consumption in mind. My Desktop's TDP is under 350W and I can play games at 1920x1200, albeit not with everything turned on any more. I have a small fleet of netbooks for performing long-running tasks or for traveling, I sold an HP EliteBook and bought three of them. I even took an EEE 701 4GB running Jolicloud on a six-week vacation to Panama. My most power-hungry portable has two cores and the CPU has a TDP of 13W, and I'm undervolting.

Much of the goal was to be able to run on solar for long periods, which I do occasionally. Not so much lately, unfortunately, but I've mostly rebuilt my mobile solar rig. That reminds me, I should order some aluminum piano hinge.

Comment: There's already an American [...] Series (Score 1) 131

There's already an American League Championship Series, and it's the championship of one of the two conferences in Major League Baseball. Its winner plays the winner of the National League Championship Series in the World Series. Any ideas for new names for the World Series that aren't biased toward the American League or National League?

Comment: Re:iOS developer program is NC-17 (Score 1) 544

by tepples (#47425379) Attached to: Normal Humans Effectively Excluded From Developing Software
I don't know; I didn't attend, and the videos on Apple's page require the purchase of a Mac or iOS device to view. "System Requirements: To watch the streaming version of this video, use the latest version of Safari on a Mac running OS X Lion or later. Alternatively, you can watch this video in the WWDC app". Without any other information, my guess is that kids are programming applications for OS X, as unlike iOS application development, OS X application development doesn't require an ongoing subscription. Other results that Google dug up deal with parental control for in-app purchases. Could you explain further?

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