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Comment: Ronnie Phone (Score 5, Informative) 195

by PopeRatzo (#49795819) Attached to: FCC Proposes To Extend So-Called "Obamaphone" Program To Broadband

Just for the record, the "Obamaphone" program has a name. It's called the "Lifeline Assistance Program" and was started in the 1980s by...Ronald Reagan. It has nothing to do with Obama.

Comment: Re:Competition works better (Score 1) 233

When people talk about "we haven't returned to the moon" [], it refers to the end of the Apollo program.

So, the trips we've made to the moon SINCE the Apollo program (the most recent was in 2013), just don't count? Why is that?

Further, you apparently posted that "Let Me Google That For You" link without looking at any of the search results that Google provided you. The first link is to a Quora discussion about manned space travel, the second is a CNN article about whether we still need to have men on the moon.

So are you suggesting that only manned missions count as space exploration?

But then... your somewhat hastily provided Google resultsreally start to get interesting:

We get a YouTube video about extraterristrials, two pages from "Above Top Secret" and a website that suggests, "NASA is hiding a very dark secret from us" and that's why we haven't been to the moon. Then there's a link to a young adult Transformers novel on Google books and then a site called "Educating Humanity" which tells us the reason we haven't sent men to the moon is...aliens.

The next time you think to post a "Let Me Google That For You" page, you might want to actually check the links it provides to make sure they don't make you look like a complete schmuck.

Comment: Re:I got it! (Score 1) 109

I reallize the a person is going to take what the market will pay them, but it is seriously difficult to imagine that they are worth that much.

Then you really won't want to read about David M. Zaslav, from the Discovery Network and The Learning Channel (former home of the Duggar family and Honey Boo Boo) who's total compensation in 2014 was...$156 million!

It is good to be an oligarch.

Comment: Re:Competition works better (Score 1) 233

The fact that we went to the moon in "fucking 1969" is exactly the problem: it was a colossal waste of money. And the reason we haven't returned is the same reason: it still would be a colossal waste of money.

Um, we DID return, and multiple times.

Do you have any of your facts straight or do you just type with the seat of your pants?

First, you believed Columbus' voyages were "privately financed" and then you think we only went to the moon once. Give us a reason why anything else you say should be taken seriously if you can't get basic facts right.

Comment: Re:Competition works better (Score 1) 233

For example, Columbus' Voyage was privately financed

And where do you think Queen Isabella got that money? She wasn't a tech billionaire. The funding came from the Spanish Royal Treasury. That means Spanish peasants paid for it and spoils of war paid for it and outright theft paid for it.

You think that solid gold throne Queen Elizabeth sits on when she's wearing her Imperial Crown that contains 2,868 diamonds, 273 pearls, 17 sapphires, 11 emeralds, and 5 rubies was paid for by the money that the House of Windsor made through honest labor?

danger is that the US government is going to interfere with private space exploration through ridiculous regulations and restrictions.

That US government you speak of derisively got us to the moon and back in fucking 1969. While the mighty private sector is barely replicating what the Mercury Program did over half a century ago. It appears John Galt is not only unoriginal, but he's kind of a fuck-up too.

Comment: Re:Other. (Score 1) 128

by PopeRatzo (#49787827) Attached to: A Ph.D Thesis Defense Delayed By Injustice 77 Years

I have an interesting story about him that I probably should not share

Since you seem to be a pretty forthcoming fella, let me ask you a question about your part of the country.

My wife's been offered a position at UVM in Brunswick, VT. You have any opinion about quality of life there? I'm a little worried about New England winters, but I can't imagine it's much nastier than Chicago. It looks beautiful and the wife's an avid skiier. We're probably pretty close in age to you, maybe 3 or 4 years younger. I'm semi-retired and teach Chinese martial arts now. I'd hope to do the same up there, even if just casually.

Comment: Re:What else is new... (Score 1) 109

The reason why "global business leaders" don't know about technology is that they are completely divorced from the daily life that normal humans live. They don't have to know shit, so they don't know shit.

And Carly Fiorina, who Portfolio Magazine named as one of the 20 worst American CEOs in history, now wants to be President of the United States.


Comment: Re:I got it! (Score 1) 109

We need Executives to be replaced with H1-B workers. The shareholders will be pleased. Capitalism demands it!

Yeah, but it appears that Capitalism is really demanding that executives be more highly compensated.

Pay for the top 200 executives has gone up 21%. The average in 2014 was $17.6 million.

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