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Comment Re:Isn't this a no brainer? (Score 1) 474

They will never be able to vet all the ads. I used to work for a major news website and the Ad Ops people there were always swamped. They also only knew a bit of HTML. There is no way they will be reading all that minified javascript.

The only way to prevent malware from occasionally slipping through the cracks would be to remove scripting.

Comment Re:Pretty easy, based on criminal records... (Score 4, Insightful) 244

A lot of parolees are placed at a serioius disadvantage though.
- Have trouble getting a job due to a record.
- Often have to pay ridiculously high fines and "fees" related to their processing and incarceration
- Rarely get good medical treatment for addictions.
- Were often forced into the system by a plea deal

If we are serious about preventing recidivism, we would lay better foundations for helping these people become productive members of society.

Sadly, the reality is that our society prays upon those least able to defend themselves. No one wants to stand up for a convicted ______.

Here's a link about the "fees"

Comment Re:Wow Finland! (Score 1) 330

In Finland?

You know that's the price for a corporate medallion too, right? That's what outs him. It's a particular segment of a completely unrelated market. You think that applies? Check out his other posts on uber, he drops that shit in everywhere. His info is not out of date, he is just lying. That $1 million number is a favorite talking point of the pro-uber zealots, because it's big and lacks context.

Comment Re:Oh look (Score 1) 213

Listen, sonny, you lived through that world. Slashdot once did well for itself. And given your uid, you should remember that.

"Buzzfeedification" of content is killing the net. Notice all those outbrain, taboola, and other shit all over news sites? This article is the same thing. Corporations astroturfing "advertorial" clickbait is bad for everyone -- especially on a site the is supposedly still "driven by user submissions".

So fuck any fatalistic or indignant defense of this turd masquerading as news.

Maybe it's fantasy to imagine it'll ever change, but don't be a tool.

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