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Comment: My pet peeve about modern software (Score 1) 1

by mcgrew (#48624715) Attached to: 0.38 Seconds of Hate

Today's programmers suck. Why in the HELL should holding a mouse over a control for a few seconds activate it? The mouse shouldn't do anything but move the pointer unless I click. And when I click the "file" menu, that's the menu I want. Why does the "edit" menu open if the pointer strays off of "file" after I click "file"?

Is it stupidity of maliciousness? Are today's programmers just trying to piss us off or are they all idiots?

Comment: Re:Google is not as strategic as MS (Score 1) 40

by 140Mandak262Jamuna (#48622627) Attached to: ODF Support In Google Drive
My S&P400 company gives us all both MsOffice and Google docs. Free to use whatever we want. I see Google docs being preferred over MsOffice for almost all the documents. Some fancy presentations with animations is the only time people fire up MsOffice. Send a link to all, and they get the most updated version of the document, don't have to bother working through comments and change history and emailing docs back and forth. Almost all the corporate back office forms are google spreadsheets now. All team leads directly post their budget proposals for the next year and it all gets consolidated and gets reported to admin.

Comment: Re:Google's Beta (Score 1) 40

by 140Mandak262Jamuna (#48618057) Attached to: ODF Support In Google Drive
Well, almost all the software we pay for has boilerplate EULA that says, "We promise you lots of stuff. But if the software you bought for does not do it, well, tough luck buddy, suck it. Cant sue us". In fact some software actually said, "this software is not fit to do anything. not nuclear reactors definitely".

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