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Comment: Re:No way in hell (Score 1) 134 134

That is one thing that Microsoft has usually been pretty good about. They will let you install stuff from anywhere you want. They have not really had much of a walled garden approach to anything except things that they have, themselves, hosted on behalf of third parties. So I suspect the various add-ons will be available (and probably directly through Microsoft's site) even if you have to go to a third party site and download them.

Comment: Re:No way in hell (Score 1) 134 134

I'd thought I had read (maybe here?) about a proof of concept GPU malware authorship recently. I took a quick trip to Google.

I am going to grab the study and give it a quick read. There are a number of very interesting links that result from that search. I think you may be a bit out of date with your info that it can not be done. It looks as if it can be done and has been done including malware that effects both Linux and Windows. I am not sure if it would also effect OSX. I will read some more about it though but I figured I would share the search link with you so that you could check it as well. Disclaimer: I am a mathematician and an EE and not a security specialist.

Comment: Re:Easy solution, albeit a 'free market' one... (Score 1) 77 77

A very valid point that I had forgotten about my stay though I do not think I knew you were Australian. As an aside, I enjoyed my stay in Oz. I flew into Melbourne (the first time) and spent a couple of interesting weeks with a lass I'd met online. I was out off of Prince's Highway in Cann River. The second time I rented a "ute" and drove from Melbourne up to Somerset. There were some tire issues (tyre I suppose) but nothing major and the same lovely lass joined me for that trip. I had thought about moving there but, alas, it would have meant marrying said lovely lass and then still needing to take a test. I liked the lady well enough but I did not like her that much. She was rather unhappy when I told her that. I am using unhappy as a polite way of saying violent. I suppose I made the right choice.

Comment: Re:Good deal! (Score 1) 680 680

How poor is a pensioner in Greece where voters kept voting in governments that kept raising pensions compared to a Slovenian? Why should the latter be paying for the former's pension? Who's responsibility is it to pick up the tab of someone who continues to believe that he deserves a free lunch? Of course, now that the Greeks have taken their stand, we will soon see if the Greek pensioner is poorer in a country with insolvable banks & a bankrupt government.

Comment: Re:Good deal! (Score 1) 680 680

Indeed. Other countries in Europe that are poorer than Greece did not vote in governments that kept raising pensions while refusing to reform their tax base. Why should a pensioner in Slovakia with a smaller pension who pays his taxes also pay for a Greek pensioner with a larger pension who doesn't? Why is it that Greeks can continue to avoid property taxes by planning a 3 story house, building 2 & never finishing the top? It seems to boil down to: we Greeks democratically voted in an extreme leftist government.

Comment: Re:The inherent problem with electronic voting (Score 1) 112 112

A Democracy could concede the right to judges to allow them to arbitrate elections if they wanted. They would still be a democracy just a Representative Democracy. Not that this means what happened in the US, Florida to be specific, was legal or anything. I am simply pointing out that they *could* democratically give up the right to a direct election (or an electoral college) and still be a democracy. It would be insanely stupid of them to give up that right but, then again, Hitler was democratically elected and was expected to get rid of elections in the future, which he did.

Comment: Re:Not kill the messenger ... (Score 1) 112 112

I decided to poke around and they *may* have a legitimate argument if they wanted to make it though they would have to rely on, and you accept, a really piss-poor wiki page. Here is the link:

It would require deciding what lashing out meant - is that a physical or a non-physical thing as would be expected by a rational language user in that environment. I do not know, personally, so I leave that up to you two to hash out if you opt to do so. I would have said 'attacking the messenger' but that wiki page goes on to give that an unusual definition too.

Comment: Re:EVs are a PITA (Score 1) 586 586

Does that have the W126 in it? It is an excellent engine. I'd love to get an EV but it is going to take a while before they are ready for my unusual circumstances. I, too, am in the middle of nowhere (by choice, of course) and it would require a higher range than it does. It is about 180 miles for me to get to a real urban area and that is only a town of maybe 12,000 people. In comparison, I am in an unincorporated township with a total of eight residencies. There is a small town that is a bit under 60 miles, round trip, but it is a tourist town and, really, I should take the paved road to get there which makes it a bit longer.

Not only will I need heat but I will need heat in an emergency. That could be a matter of survival. Additionally, in the warmer months, I will want AC. I also like to keep things charged, listen to the radio, and am in a very hilly area. I am in the mountains and go down through what is known as the Western Mountain Foothills (Maine, USA) just to get to Farmington. Rangeley is much closer but, as I mentioned, it is a tourist town that has very little in the way of things that I actually need or at prices I am willing to pay. They are closer and more convenient but I can actually drive a pickup truck to Farmington and spend a lot less and my pickup is an F-350 which is not very nice on gas at all.

Comment: Re:Oh boy! (Score 1) 161 161

I have no idea why they would need it but it seems likely that they have a reason. The current version is fairly light (compared to other browsers today) and does a pretty decent job methinks. It seems faster than the rest when I add in the extensions that I like. It has a rather nice extension repository and can use any of the Chrome extensions as well. I am not a fanboy, I have Firefox, SeaMonkey, Chrome, IE, and OffByOne on this one computer. I just happen to like Opera but I used them as a secondary browser for a while as they got pretty bloated prior to redoing the whole thing using Chromium.

Comment: Re:Indeed (Score 1) 363 363

Well yes, they are leaking it out like puss from an infected abrasion. I, sort of, understand their ire but think they need to keep it in-house and, more importantly, I think they should start their own communities for any number of different reasons. Centralized control means you do not have control. There is, obviously, some centralized control no matter what (you pretty much need an ISP to access the WWW) but this is something that they can do something about and probably should do something about.

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