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Comment TLDR; stay the fuck out of the US (Score 3, Informative) 462

They've been running this shake-down on Americans traveling out-of-state, too:

Basically, if you're not a local, they'll pull you over for some piss-ant, often fabricated infraction, claim that they "smell weed" (especially if your plates are CO or WA) threate-^h...extort you with some scary-sounding charges (which you'll be greatly disinclined to accept when you're a considerable distance from home, not wanting a huge ticket, points on your license and a trial that you'll lose in a kangaroo traffic court) and then miraculously offer to "make it go away" if you fork over whatever cash and valuables you've got in your car, which they get to use to pad their budget or their own fucking wallets (because it's untraceable and you're in the middle of dogfuck nowhere, who's gonna know, right?)

This is *literally* sanctioned and institutionalized highway robbery and they've gotten away with THOUSANDS of them.

Comment Really? Seems odd. (Score 1) 134

Since 4chan, by design, only keeps a (fairly low) specific number of threads alive on each board and rotates them out as they lose popularity, this seems odd and superfluous.

Their response to any DMCA demand could be, "yup, it will be removed within the next day or two," without actually changing a thing.

Comment Re:cant even get the keyboard right on their lapto (Score 1) 93

That's not even the worst part. You can switch them in the BIOS, so it's effectively a null point.

But, yeah, the keyboards are fucked, regardless.

Text nav keys splayed fucking everywhere, lack of F key groupings, F keys that *aren't* F keys, chiclet bullshit, slop and flex regions.

It's not even a damn ThinkPad anymore.

Comment A special kind of evil (Score 1) 76

Hey, let's pick a minority group of people living with a misfortune through no fault of their own... what's something that will make it easy to play the sympathy card? Y'know, like it'll make everyone *else* look like the bad guys for opposing it? Wait... I got it... let's exploit the disabled!

Verizon has long been the poster child of corporate fuck-all-y'all evil, but I believe Satan just reserved a special place them in hell, probably as his right hand, to one day ascend to the fiery throne and command the world's evil, trident in hand.

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