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by aztracker1 (#48351695) Attached to: Study: Body Weight Heavily Influenced By Heritable Gut Microbes

And for some there are other genetic conditions... knees that pop out of their sockets (incredibly painful) under even modest stress loads, and a relatively high weight for example. I've been over 400# and under 330# over a dozen times in the past decade and a half. Every time I start getting more active, I get injured. Last time I went for a longer walk, I had blisters (I'm diabetic with some advanced metabolic syndrom issues)... I've been changing a bandage on a small ulcer in my foot for the better part of two years... I've eliminated most of the starches from my diet altogether, and have a minimum of carbs in general from non-whole sources that are also higher in fiber.

It isn't nearly as easy as some make it out to be... I wish some people that think it was could have their knee dislocated every time they try to run or go up more than a flight of stairs, and see how that feels. The only time I even resembled a normal weight in my life was when I swam for 3+ hours a day on top of football practice in my mid-later teens.

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by aztracker1 (#48331251) Attached to: Amazon's Echo: a $200, Multi-Function, Audio-Centric Device

Their sales (of other company's goods) are still very much in the black... iirc, aws is too... where they seem to be failing is in capturing an open market for their hardware. TBH, they really need to clean up their interfaces for the video/audio services, and offer their apps for regular Android devices, or get the play store on theirs.

They'd only need to cut their own hardware (beyond the kindle), and possibly their streaming services and they could be well into the black.

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It's funny, but I actually disagree with you on most of these points... I hate the UI formerly known as Metro as much as anyone in Windows 9, though I kind of like Unity... I think Windows 7's, or Win8 + ClassicShell better, but how I use them are very similar.. my most common apps are docked to the taskbar, and for those that aren't, I'll hit the win/meta key then type the first few characters of what I'm wanting to bring up...

Firefox is for the most part outpacing Chrome in terms of performance and stability for the past couple releases... I actually really like Chrome's UI, though I don't like some of the tweaks they've been making to the menu structure, I do like it better. As for the Firefox UI, I can only hope they finally unify the address and search bars like Chrome has done. I don't dislike IE as much as I used to, still won't use it as much as I really like Chrome and Firefox's plugin options far more.

Windows 8.1 with ClassicShell is pretty nice imho... you really need a fairly decent machine with okay graphics though. I'd say that I am getting far more comfortable under a unixy environment, my laptop is OSX, home desktop is Win7, home htpc (which I am using now, and most often) is Ubuntu, and at work is Win8.1. They are all different with pluses and minuses.

I think that windows brings an aweful lot to the table... that said, I am more and more comfortable setting up linux for some friends and family... ChromeOS brings this a long way, even though it is missing a decent imap/pop3 mail client.

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I like Hangouts a lot, and the kinks in the Google Voice integration on my phone are finally mostly worked out. I do think that RTC is important, MS being late to the game was able to look at the problems, and both Google and Mozilla agree, which is why ORTC is coming into play... similar to how IndexedDB came out after other implementations. The crappy part is I'm still stuck supporting IE8 and IE9... so it will be close to a decade before I can really use this for certain things.

Other issues with WebRTC not withstanding, there are some compelling ideas in there.

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by aztracker1 (#48189455) Attached to: Debian's Systemd Adoption Inspires Threat of Fork
You can build a piece of software that will run in every version of windows sold for the last 15 years, distribute it on a disk without any source, or special compilations... you can *not* do that with even two versions of the same linux distro a year apart from eachother.

Comment: Re:And this is why Linux will never win the deskto (Score 0) 555

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Well, in the same vein which of the dozens of versions of linux do you install? Beyond this, take a typical 32-bit windows application, and it runs in all of them without a recompile... Want to run a program in linux, is it in your distro's install system, yes, but an older version, you need the latest, but that also means updating a bunch of other stuff to an unstable release, crap, now your sound no longer works right... there goes three hours tracking that problem down.

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I think that really depends on the age of hardware... just this morning, a coworker has installed a new hard drive, and windows 8.1 on a roughly 3yo desktop. Windows installed and within a few minutes had updated all the drivers... very straight forward... my last desktop install, I had installed to one drive, and after updates in ubuntu (grub did something goofy to another drive), and it wouldn't boot anymore.

OSX is a little quirky for installs, but not that bad either... in general they are all okay... Linux is the only OS (depending on distro) in the bunch where clicking the "update all" button will often break something that worked before.

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