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Comment: Re:And this is why Linux will never win the deskto (Score 0, Flamebait) 524

by aztracker1 (#48189455) Attached to: Debian's Systemd Adoption Inspires Threat of Fork
You can build a piece of software that will run in every version of windows sold for the last 15 years, distribute it on a disk without any source, or special compilations... you can *not* do that with even two versions of the same linux distro a year apart from eachother.

Comment: Re:And this is why Linux will never win the deskto (Score 0) 524

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Well, in the same vein which of the dozens of versions of linux do you install? Beyond this, take a typical 32-bit windows application, and it runs in all of them without a recompile... Want to run a program in linux, is it in your distro's install system, yes, but an older version, you need the latest, but that also means updating a bunch of other stuff to an unstable release, crap, now your sound no longer works right... there goes three hours tracking that problem down.

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I think that really depends on the age of hardware... just this morning, a coworker has installed a new hard drive, and windows 8.1 on a roughly 3yo desktop. Windows installed and within a few minutes had updated all the drivers... very straight forward... my last desktop install, I had installed to one drive, and after updates in ubuntu (grub did something goofy to another drive), and it wouldn't boot anymore.

OSX is a little quirky for installs, but not that bad either... in general they are all okay... Linux is the only OS (depending on distro) in the bunch where clicking the "update all" button will often break something that worked before.

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It's even more broad than that... if you look at housing, even renting in/near LA, San Francisco, New York, etc... it can be much more than that to live there. Just the difference in rent between where I am in Phoenix, and the area in SF I was looking at is about 25-30k/year difference in rent alone. Let alone restaurants and the like. Sure, large chains will be very similar in pricing for common goods, but the cost of food and housing are a lions share of expenses, and can vary dramatically.

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What someone should probably come up with is something between https and http.. that being signed payloads over http... for stuff that is non critical and available via cdn, it would be nice if some of these systems could be used to cache results... the payload could be signed with the private key (used on https), and have that signature added to the header... this way signed http objects could be used via https, without the warnings... the content matches the signature.... edge caching systems can still be used (if they respect the header).. maybe use httpsd as the protocol (http + signed data) and fallback to https if there isn't a signature.

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Not to mention gluconeogenesis, and the fact that the body can become *very* adept at pulling carbs out of even fiber rich sources. I'm highly insulin resistant, have removed pretty much alll starches from my diet, and am now working on getting processed foods out (which often use starches as filler).... It's rough, even with inslin, and very limited carb intake, I still struggle to stay under 200 blood sugar level.

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I actually like Metro UI (for phone/tablet) ... it's horrible as a desktop UI, and the metro apps are pretty clunky.. but for a phone/tablet UI it's decent. Not as nice imho as even the WebOS' UI that Palm had done, which is still one of my favorite UIs for mobile devices, and Android and iOS have adopted some ideas from.

Forcing Metro on the desktop versions of windows, and even into the XBox UI was a pretty big error imho. It is passable on a touch screen laptop but still not great. To this day, I think that Windows7's UI is one of the best desktop interfaces I've seen. I like Unity, but it's still really rough in some respects, and the menu interface for it is really bad if you're actually clicking through, for super+search it's okay. OSX is okay as well, but finder has its' own warts for power users. I'm currently running Windows 8.1 for my desktop with ClassicShell over it, and that's not bad. My laptop is OSX and I run Ubuntu's Unity on a couple machines as well.

At least MS stopped trying to shove a desktop paradigm onto mobile users, now if only they could stop shoving the mobile UI to the desktop. I think that there are some really bright people at MS, but their management style has really hindered a lot of things over the years. That's now changing (somewhat) if only because they are now trying to adapt.

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They don't even ask for any special access to your profile. Also, if you are writing any kind of script or software today and don't have a github account, you're probably not paying attention. I know in some circles it's a little less important, but github is pretty much the common denominator for development today.

It's no less likely for their target audience to have a github account than say twitter, facebook or google plus.

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No kidding... I doubt this would have issue running on a couple medium sized cloud instances for db and web... unless it's in an enterprise framework like Java or .Net designed by an enterprise architect. (Or by Oracle) ... I kid, knowing you can build fast and scalable software with those tools, but that doesn't always work out to be the case.

Comment: Re:Guess I'll have to use google wallet or paypal (Score 1) 34

I just wish i could get the 7 bitcoins back I lost early on... ran a miner really early on to play with it... didn't get much use, and deleted the software and wallet... if I sold at a peak to USD, would have a bit of cash. I didn't think they'd be as successful as they have. When I see a traditional bank offering exchange rates, I'll convert.

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I think that 4K displays will shake things up, once they hit a point where they can support >= 60Hz at 4k, and hdmi2 becomes more common, I think it will be relatively awesome and I'm looking forward to it. Though for my own use (mostly development) 4K is probably sufficient today... been considering a 39-42" 4k screen even at reduced refresh rate for my desktop.

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