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Comment: No PR (Score 4, Interesting) 126

by at.splat (#27695085) Attached to: Paid Online News Venture Fails To Get Subscribers

I live in Denver and always preferred the Rocky Mountain News to the Denver Post, the local paper that has so far survived. I'm a news junkie and get all my content almost exclusively online. I never heard of InDenverTimes.com until this morning.

While the summary's conclusion may be correct — migration from print to web may very well be a futile endeavor — it's an entirely different story if people in the target demographic know nothing of the venture. Let's at least acknowledge this for what it is: in large part, a failure of publicity.

Comment: Close, but no cigar. (Score 2, Informative) 1002

by at.splat (#26307077) Attached to: Overzealous AirTran Boots 9 Passengers Off

For posterity: Then named Godspeed You Black Emperor!, they were in Ardmore, Oklahoma in March, 2003, and got hassled at a gas station, not while eating pancakes at IHOP. They had just finished playing a (great) show at Ridglea Theater in Dallas with Bardo Pond, and were en route to St. Louis.

Wikipedia has a concise summary, and notes that the ordeal was also mentioned in Michael Moore's Dude, Where's My Country?

Comment: Re:Stop Traffic Jams (Score 1) 243

by at.splat (#23030284) Attached to: MS Clearflow To Help Drivers Avoid Traffic Jams

The problem with public transport, is if it doesn't actually improve my day and make my commute better, I'm not taking it.

The problem isn't with public transportation, it's with you. You've made a cost/benefit analysis about your own circumstances and decided accordingly. Great; I understand. But don't pass it off as somehow being the fault of the public transportation system that you don't want to wait.

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