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+ - Biology textbook from the '70s with crazy images-> 1 1

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Ragesoss writes: "What would a biology textbook look like if, at the height of psychedelic culture in the 1970s, you commissioned a Southern California publisher to organize it, got a bunch of molecular biologist including some Nobel laureates to write it (and novelist Michael Crichton too) and told them it didn't matter who they pissed off, and filled it with colorful "artist's interpretations" of scientific concepts, reverent SF-style foldouts of DNA, and paintings of people and animals fucking in Noah's ark? It would look like Biology Today (1972)."
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Comment: It sounds like a play by drug companies to me (Score 1) 184 184

by Ragesoss (#14524701) Attached to: Crisis in Science Prompts Sharing of Data
This sort of pronouncement sounds more like a play by drug companies to get more subsidies and shoulder less of the basic science financial burden. Drug companies have pretty much picked all the low-hanging fruit for new drugs, which is the real reason there are so few new ones brought to market. Now the cost of developing a new drug is getting massively larger, while often only providing a marginally more effective solution compared to existing drugs.

But is the slowdown of new drugs really a crisis? Maybe the Big Pharma just needs to downsize, and put those scientists to work somewhere else.

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