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Comment Re:Survival of the bribiest. (Score 2) 90

He means socialists get the blame for the bad regulation, not for the crony capitalism itself. The distinction doesn't really matter though, it's just a distraction to keep most of us arguing with each other about capitalists vs. socialists while a few individuals keep making their billions off of us.

Comment Re:We COULD get by working 10-20 hours a week (Score 1) 729

If you base it on what people already have, you essentially give them and incentive to spend everything they get to keep their wealth low so they get more basic income. If you base it on what people earn, you given them incentive to keep work less so they get more basic income. Even raising it to support children doesn't make sense because some people will exploit it by having a lot of children for the wrong reasons.

I like the idea of basic income but I think it has to be a flat amount regardless of other factors. It's already a hard sell, particularly among the right and among the libertarians and even among moderates, so it has to be well thought-out in order to prevent abuse or it will never gain traction. IMO we're a long way off from being able to do something like that in the US.

Comment Re:Maybe I'm just too poor... (Score 1) 86

When I said "by definition" I meant it -- 1% of approx. 7.2 billion is approx. 72 million. Obviously that varies based on what you use as estimated world population, but the point is still the same. Anyway, you're right, you don't have to be a 1%er to be able to afford this. You just have to have your priorities set in such a way that this is what you'd want to spend your money on. Even working class people here in the US could "afford" this watch, at least as well as they can afford the crazy TVs, cars, and other crap they buy all the time. For that matter, many people with smoking addictions spend far more on cigarettes than what this watch costs.

Comment Re:Maybe I'm just too poor... (Score 1) 86

Why not? People making less than that find ways to buy $1,500 TVs and other devices all the time. Why not a watch? Besides, what I said is that it's easy to believe that 100k of that 72,000,000 people are willing to throw that kind of money out on a watch, not that all 72,000,000 would be doing it.

Comment Re:Maybe I'm just too poor... (Score 1) 86

Seems like a big number off the cuff, but by definition there are roughly 72 million 1%-ers in the world. This 100k equates to 0.14% of the 1%, or 0.000014% of the world's population. If you put it in those terms, it's pretty easy to believe there are that many suckers with money to burn in the world.

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