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Comment: Re:Typical government official, breaking the law (Score 1, Flamebait) 428

Yup, probably -- which is exactly what happened when Sarah Palin did the same thing. If you ask me, Palin should have been strung up for it then, and Clinton should be now. Of course now you get into the realm of it having been OK for Palin, so why is it a problem for Clinton? Gotta love politics.

Comment: Re: Headline 100% Wrong (Score 1) 119

by asylumx (#49067335) Attached to: FAA Proposes Rules To Limit Commercial Drone Use
It's not about the $50, it's about the fact that you're working "for hire" as as such are required to have a specific level of training and upkeep. Similar to going to your friends house for dinner vs. your friend opening a restaurant from their home. The latter requires periodic health inspections, for example.

Comment: Re:Censorship should not be tolerated. (Score 1) 228

by asylumx (#48924159) Attached to: Facebook Censoring Images of the Prophet Muhammad In Turkey
Government censorship should not be tolerated. What Facebook is doing is private censorship, and is certainly tolerated all over the world. You can go post pictures of Muhammad in Turkey if you like. You can even post them on other websites that are visible in Turkey. You just can't use Facebook to do it.

Comment: Re:I'm a Canadian (Score 1) 397

by asylumx (#48917193) Attached to: "Mammoth Snow Storm" Underwhelms

300$ fee if you drive in 3 feet of snow!!! GEEE! Hope these guys never go up north.

Well, these cities can spend billions preparing for something that happens one or two days out of a year, or the city can just close for those one or two days and everyone gets some extra time off. Which of those two seems more reasonable? I know many Americans lack perspective, but you're not exactly making a good case for Canadians here, either.

Comment: Maybe I'm the only one (Score 1) 136

by asylumx (#48892373) Attached to: By the Numbers: The Highest-Paying States For Tech Professionals
.. but I found this useful. At least I can see what salary averages are in my area so that I know where I stand. If I'm looking for work, this knowledge puts me in a better position. The year over year increases (and decreases in some previous years) aren't that surprising to me, they tend to follow the economy.

Yes, I get that this is a dice slashvertisement, but I appreciate it anyway.

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