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Comment How are the new auction sites legal? (Score 1) 125

There are a ton of new auction sites (Quibids, Swoopo, etc) where you actually pay for each *bid* you make, and in return you get a chance at buying the product for insanely small prices -- so for example they do penny auctions where it price for a $1,000 TV starts at $0.01 and each bid increment is a penny. The bids cost $0.60 so by the time the price reaches $100.00, the company has already made $6,000 on that TV. I'm trying to understand how fantasy sports could be considered worse than these auction sites.

I actually agree that fantasy sports are gambling, I just don't understand why some forms of gambling are banned and others are allowed.

Comment Slashdot, what have we become? (Score 4, Interesting) 444

Wow, could there be a MORE polarizing article than this? And really, it *needs* a takedown? Come on. This is like the class warfare version of race-baiting.

Coming into money, especially quickly (e.g. winning the lottery) has been shown time and time again to leave people in a MUCH WORSE situation than they started from because they don't know the first thing about handling that much money responsibly. As far as the issue of finding people with similar problems, isn't that just part of life? My wife and I don't have kids, and that makes it really difficult to find other people/couples we can connect with. It's the same thing.

So quit bitching about how clueless rich people are. You're just as clueless about them as they are about you.

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