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Submission + - EU invalidates US Safe Harbor Agreement Invalid (

asylumx writes: Europe's top court on Tuesday ruled that a 15-year-old agreement allowing American companies to handle Europeans' data was invalid, a decision that could affect how technology companies such as Amazon, Facebook and Google operate overseas. The European Court of Justice examined the case of an Austrian citizen who claimed that his data, in light of revelations by Edward Snowden that U.S. agencies spied upon people in other nations, wasn't being adequately protected by Facebook.

The U.S. Mission to the European Union issued a statement saying that "the United States does not and has not engaged in indiscriminate surveillance of anyone, including ordinary European citizens." The PRISM surveillance program is "targeted against particular valid foreign intelligence targets, is duly authorized by law, and strictly complies with a number of publicly disclosed controls and limitations," the statement said.

Comment Re:Even if it isn't some blend (Score 1) 568

the fiber gets left behind

To me, this is the important point. Not only does it have all the negatives of most sodas, but it also does not have the benefit that eating the fruit does even though they advertise it as such. Glad to see this thread on this topic because people like to blame sodas but they aren't really any different than most of the options touted as "healthy."

Comment Re:Nothing to see here, move on (Score 2) 348

Ya, he'd have to be holding the gun backward to do that -- almost as though he were intentionally pointing it at himself...?? WTF does it being "bizarre" have to do with anything? Suicide is bizarre in the first place, and if the gun were planted isn't it even more bizarre that they would have placed it incorrectly in his hand?

Comment Re:pin code not vulnerable (Score 2) 170

You can't swipe to a non-adjacent point

Yes you can. My passcode has this on my android craplet at home. It's just difficult because if you pass over another point to get there it will add the other point too. Since it is similar to a keypad, all you do is go for example from the 9 position to the 4 position (corner on one side to middle on opposite side) without crossing the center point. They are not adjacent, yet you can use them.

Comment Re:Horn-E-Tron (Score 1) 311

Customers can't sue me if they didn't pay anything

It might be worth checking that assumption:
#1 - They aren't called customers if they didn't pay anything. In fact, given the design you're suggesting, they would be the products and your customers are actually the advertisers.
#2 - Those products sure as hell can sue you for negligence for a multitude of reasons. For example, if they trust you with their data and you lose it to hackers.

Comment Re:Fossils (Score 1) 202

Yes, hipsters buy fossil, or at least they used to. I'm still not convinced that Apple's watch is the reason for Fossil's decline, but Apple's other products are probably contributors (as well as other smartphones). Almost nobody I know wears a watch except for fitness watches on occasion because as other commentators have point out there are clocks everywhere, with the cell phone being your new personal watch. You're going to carry it anyway, but what other purpose is there to wear a watch? Style. Which brings me back to hipsters, who think gadgets are style.

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