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Comment: Re:Girls, girls, girls... (Score 1) 333

it's one thing to have a woman shaving your nether regions in preparation for a surgery or giving you an enema (or similar), but some dude doing it to you introduces a bit of mental discomfort in guys

I can't say I've had to have something like this yet, but it seems to me that this situation would have plenty of mental discomfort regardless of the gender of the technician. When you had your last physical, was the physician the same gender as you or the opposite? Did you care? Why would the gender difference not matter for the doctor, but would for the nurse?

Comment: Re:Girls, girls, girls... (Score 1) 333

I don't know what you're talking about. I've never had a woman ostracize me because of my choice of career. In fact it's usually a huge plus because I'm in a hot industry and am financially stable. I suspect in this example that you're getting ostracized because of your personality, not because of your career choice.

Comment: Re:Okay, David Cameron is a Luddite and a moron. (Score 1) 216

a substantial investment in equipment and software that IN NO WAY contributes to the company's bottom line.

I agree with your post, however this line is probably not true -- if the ISP does this at the behest of a politician (or any government TLA) then there is probably either a tax break or some other kind of financial boon for doing so, if not a penalty for not cooperating -- which means this almost certainly will hit their bottom line one way or another.

Also, the ISP cooperating here could give them a boost with that politician and perhaps their party when having future unrelated discussions -- for example, around net neutrality.

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