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by asylumx (#46832179) Attached to: NASA Chief Tells the Critics of Exploration Plan: "Get Over It"

Yeah, but it ain't gender neutral in English. Ya know - the language you are using..

Actually, it technically is the gender neutral preposition. It is not, apparently, politically correct but it *is* grammatically correct.

Wikipedia Reference
Also, "Man" and "Mankind" still refer to all humans, not just male humans.

Comment: Will it be pressurized? (Score 2) 107

by asylumx (#46831851) Attached to: "Going Up" At 45 Mph: Hitachi To Deliver World's Fastest Elevator
The problem with ascending or descending that fast is that many people will have issues with sinus pressure that can't keep equilibrium. Comfortable ascent/descent in an unpressurized airplane is between 500 fpm and 1000 fpm. 45mph straight up or down is about 4,000 fpm. It hurts my ears just thinking about riding this elevator without it being pressurized!

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if you want a minority to get into a school ahead of a white kid even though the white kid worked harder and scored better

Worked harder != scored better. Lots of people work very hard just to get a C, and lots of privileged kids don't work very hard at all and manage an A or at least a B. There's an important debate to be had about whether it's more important for a student to be a hard worker, or a to have higher scores.

What I'm saying is that you need to challenge your implied assumption that just because the white kid had higher scores, he must have worked harder. I'm not saying these minority quotas are a good idea by any means, but definitely the selection process needs to include more than grades, and right now there's no great way to judge if the kid is a hard worker or not.

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by asylumx (#46817935) Attached to: In the US, Rich Now Work Longer Hours Than the Poor
No, the point is that you think $32k is not a lot of money, and I know plenty of people who would feel rich if they were making a solid $32k right now. Your anecdote falls short. In 2004, I was married, my wife didn't work, and yet we were able to afford our own house, two cars, food, and student loans on only about $27k/yr gross and still had room for extra things like a decent TV or upgrades to the house. $32k income for a single person may not be rich, but it's not even close to poverty. The top of this thread is talking about the poor. You are not poor.

In addition to all that, many people in these situations were not as fortunate as you and I were to be taught how to manage our money. When they do get a little bit ahead, you see them blow the extra money on something stupid instead of socking it away in case something happens, or trying to eliminate a debt (and therefore a payment).

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My wife and I are also on this band wagon, and not only do I not think it is selfish, but frankly I think some of the people I know with 5 or 6 kids are actually the selfish ones because they seem to think the rest of the world should praise them for their efforts raising a big family. Yes, raising a child is work, but if you didn't want the job you didn't have to have the child. Don't complain about the crappy hours and poor pay -- instead go get a better paying job with decent hours and then pay for daycare.


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