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Comment: Re:As a option......... (Score 1) 56

by arhar (#35327802) Attached to: Boxee Box Matures; Another Look At the Platform
I followed this path and found a very significant problem with it. As probably most other geeks out there, I put the computer together and put Linux on it. And then I discovered that Linux doesn't have Netflix and Vudu. And this is not likely to change in near future, due to Microsoft DRM technologies used in those. For a HTPC, it's a very significant downsize. So now I'm faced with a choice of putting Windows on it (ugh), or shelling out for a Mac Mini, which will be twice as expensive at half the firepower. In retrospect, I should've just gotten a Boxee Box with an external hard drive.

Comment: This is ridiculous (Score 1) 303

by arhar (#26182353) Attached to: New York City Street Lights To Go LED
This is just great. In NYC right now, they're cutting the city budget, implementing a whole slew of new taxes (taxing Itunes store purchases?), cutting subway service (while hiking the rates)... and what are they spending the money on? That's right, replacing street lights with LED bulbs. Aren't there a little more important things to worry about/spend money on right now?

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