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Comment Re:Issue is more complicated (Score 0) 328

Why should you not lose in any group of humans if you are not willing to go along with power dynamics? You can either try to find a group that does not contain humans or you can figure out how to work with it.

You call them out and make whatever happens work for you as best you can.

For those that think power dynamics only applies to men, HA!

Comment You have one last hope (Score 1) 210

Well Slashdot, the Republicans that so many of you despise, are your last line of defense against the rod that is about to be rammed into you...

Lest some of you still harbor some iodide supposition this agreement will be desirable in any way, just look at the updates to DRM

Since Hollywood hates Republicans even more than most Slashdot readers, you'd think blocking this would be a no brainer. But many are swayed by money...

Comment Re:Why don't taxis just provide good service?! (Score 1) 125

The medallions avoid a couple things,
- drivers charging on a hail unsafely then haggling over who can carry them
- lots of empty cabs driving around

Gas prices and the expense of operating a vehicle in the city takes care of the second. Taxi companies won't run cabs if they're not making money, so the problem is self-limiting. Medallions only serve to artificially limit supply.

Comment Re:Safety (Score 1) 366

50+ years ago was a different world, and while it was unfair to a lot of people (mostly anyone who wasn't white), it was a world in which these mass shootings were not so common.

It was also a world where you could spank other people's kids if they got out of line, kids could go out and play all day outside unsupervised, and so on...

Of course, it had other issues... but in this specific case, we were better off...

Ladies and gentlemen, a Conservative's "better world" in his own words: Master Race beating up kids.

What the Hell is wrong with you people?

Comment Re:Cool article... (Score 2) 125

One of the reasons Uber, Lyft and all the other "ride sharing" app companies get so much flack because they are breaking the law.

I'd be more sympathetic if 1) Uber and Lyft were offering the same services as taxis (you can't flag down an Uber; you have to request one), and 2) many jurisdictions hadn't already ruled that you're wrong.

Comment Re:Why don't taxis just provide good service?! (Score 3, Interesting) 125

In most jurisdictions the taxi companies have been subject to more rigorous (i.e. expensive) standards than Uber has been following.

...because they paid good money to write those laws. Taxi laws are a prime example of regulatory capture. For example, Company A got a sweet deal on credit card readers and they spent 2 years installing them in their cabs. Then, they tell the local regulatory body that credit card readers are a necessary public good and suggest that all taxis should have readers installed in a reasonable time frame - say, within three months. Finally, they laugh as their competitors scramble to shell out inflated prices for emergency rush orders on credit card readers so that they can stay in business.

For another example, three companies get together for group bargaining with an insurance company: "if you give us a good rate, we'll guarantee that all of our cabs will carry your new expanded coverage." Once that deal's in place, they ask for regulations to require all taxis to carry that level of coverage. Of course, all other companies have to pay the un-negotiated rate and now they have a harder time competing.

You don't get to write the laws and then bitch about them. Well, apparently you can, but you shouldn't be able to.

Comment Re:the lard of hosts for fat ads (Score 1) 324 www.facebook.com facebook.com

...problem solved.

Until Facebook drops the pretense and begins spreading as a viral botnet. What can your precious hosts file do, when everywhere you point your browser, all you see is the Face of SkyNetBook?

And there's no login required; it already knows who you are. It has already read, analyzed, and posted on your timeline all your formerly private files. Full details of everything you do will be instantly available for the world to read with no interaction needed from you, since SkyNetBook is everywhere, on every computer, every CCTV, every smartphone. And naturally SkyNetBook has your billing information, so anything that could be considered an affirmative for any of the... commercial suggestions SkyNetBook presents you results in automatic order. Just think of the benefits for economy! And since everything you do is documented, you don't need to fear death, for your profile will be kept active and run by the same commercial AI that makes the suggestions, so you - or your profile - can keep sending invites to your friends.

It's just you and other dead people, on Facebook, haunting the living with FarmVille invites, forever.

Also, from my POV, the only "independent sites" out there don't depend on external ads. The others are, by definition, dependent. Like this one.

Every site depends on some kind of income stream to cover its expenses, be it ads, subscriptions or the publisher's pockets. So either conclude that "independent site" is an oxymoron, or lower or refine your standards a bit.

Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 207

That's just the way life works dude, get over it.

The whole point of sapience is being able to judge how life works against how it might work. "Getting over it" means becoming a mere animal reacting to its immediate surroundings on instinct. But, whatever works for you, ya dog.

They don't "deserve" less freedom, but they won't get it unless they fight for it just the same.

So do you or do you not consider it a "moral responsibility" to submit to punishments demanded by unjust laws?

Comment Re:How racism? (Score 1) 576

Let's see, your proud of a country that conducts illegal wars

Well I'm not responsible for what happens when progressives gain power. They are on the downslope again though.

is ruled by corporations and their money

See previous point.

is number one in gun deaths

Not even close to true - see: South America, Africa

is rapidly becoming the most hated country in the world,

I'll just close with saying we are hated by all the right people, consider that you hate "free speech zones".

It's fine to be hated by the immoral and corrupt. In fact I am VERY proud of that.

Comment Not a substitute (Score 4, Insightful) 112

It's not a substitute, it's a complement.

A truck goes exactly where you need it to go, not some hub somewhere where you have to send it out by truck for 100 more miles anyway... You simply cannot do that with trains.

Even though freight trains will still be around because of massive hauling capacity, you would STILL need a robust trucking infrastructure just to handle the "last few hundred miles" needs.

Comment Why is any of that a problem? They are apps. (Score 1) 256

Seems like a risky game to play, given that their services heavily depend on ad funded sources for data.

Pretty much nothing you mentioned would be accessed by general users much on the web; mostly through apps where the advertising (if any) is not blocked.

Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 207

Plus, part of accepting a moral responsibility is accepting the punishment for that. Rosa Parks knew fully well that they might go to jail, but she was fully willing to accept the consequences of her actions knowing that it would spark a discussion. Now will Uber?

So does this mean those cursed with more oppressive governments deserve less freedom? Because I'm pretty sure the consequences of running your mouth about Obama (or Bush, or Clinton, Or Raegan, or...) in the USA and Kim Whatever in North Korea don't require quite the same level of courage to face.

So, if you're willing to go to jail (or die) for your cause, then obviously believe in it a lot, but even if you aren't doesn't mean you're wrong. It just means you have less commitment (and are thus less likely to win).

Comment Re:Socalim is organized psychopathy (Score 1) 385

It is based on taking things by force from people that created or traded things through peaceful actions.

By contrast, socialism is about making sure the labourers get to keep the fruits of their labours, rather than having the owning class confiscate them.

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