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Comment: Re:I wouldn't blame the coders (Score 1) 84 84

If they can deal with three different graphics engines, you'd think adding a fourth would be no big deal.

Think about digging a hole for a basement.
After you have done 3, the 4th is the same work. You only know ore about making breaks, drinking water etc.

Comment: DirectX for Macs? Replacing OpenGL? (Score 0) 84 84

How retarded is that?

Just because M$ is the market leader suddenly there is a DirectX for Macs? Never heard about that before.

And game vendors prefer DirectX over OpenGL?

One of the reasons I don't work in the game industry ... I would vomit before going to work, several times in between and several times after.

How anyone think she can program a game for DirectX and then port it to OpenGL instead of the other way around or simply only doing OpenGL is beyond me.

Comment: Re:Profit over safety (Score 1) 127 127

Plan and plant are both legal/valid english words.
So they are not red underlined by a spelling complainer.
If you are able to spot such a spelling mistake, consider your self fortunated.
My brain reads 'plant' even as there is written 'plan' ... because 'plan' would not pass the semantical analysis of the sentence. My brain dors error correction just fine ... I don't know nor do I care if the 't' got losst by the writer, the internet or got eaten by the spaghetti monster.
Riding on spelling mistakes of othets is just plain stupid ...
Oh, I lost track, what I was about to say again ...

Comment: Re:Profit over safety (Score 1) 127 127

Sorry, you are an idiot.
The power 'your' plant is producing is not determined by you in any way. The company owning the plant has a job position called 'Dispatcher'.
That is the guy who is running the whole fleet of plants of said company.
Except for unexpected downtime a GM (does that mean 'general manager'?) has no influence at all on power production or sales and hence his salary is in no way related to the power production of 'his' plant.

However I guess you want to be so ehow ironic :)

The problem with 'accidents' are several bad things come together by coincident.

Chernobyl e.g. was not an 'accident'. The operators put the plant intenionally into a situation where it must go 'boom' without realizing that it would go 'boom'.

Comment: Re:Incredibly farfetched (Score 1) 250 250

Sorry that is simply wrong.

The matter if something floats is *only* dependent on one single thing: it has to displace more *mass* than it weights, and that is a matter of its volume and relation to its weight.

A ballon only blown up with a few cubic cm of helium wont float, as the rubber is to heavy. It floats when the amount of air displaced by the helium (hence the ballon is blown up enough) is heavier than the rubber + helium.

Comment: Re:Knock it off (Score 1) 250 250

Define truck :D

With an RTG perhaps. Certainly not with a meaningful power output via a steam driven generator, and certainly it wont produce any power useable to lift a spacecraft.

But yeah, ofc you can build a small one, the smallest only need to be big enough to have enough fission able material to sustain a chain reaction.

Comment: Re:Venutians vs Martians (Score 1) 250 250

As long as there is no selective pressure, they won't.

Adaption/Evolution works by weeding out the unfit and only let the surviving breed.

As Mars has no means to kill unfit settlers, there are no "fit" settlers and hence no adaption.

At least that is how Darwin puts it.

Would settlers there be taller and more fragile? Depends how the genes are expressed, what food they have, how hard they work, but not really on how they "adapt".

Comment: Re:Knock it off (Score 1) 250 250

Yeah, but the reason is simple: the believe they can fly a molten salt (insert current favorite imagined nuclear energy source of the day) weighting a million of tons by launching it from earth into any orbit they want, just because it is nuclear! Or even land it on another planet.

Comment: Re:Huge waste of Resourses (Score 1) 250 250

Neither is Venus the closet planet nor is the sun expanding in the near future ...

Also: the time difference between Merkur (first planet!), Venus, Earth and Mars eaten by the red giant our sun will become at some point in time is: insignificant.

It s mere minutes ...

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