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Comment: Re:Maybe we if stopped giving Africa food (Score 2) 292

by angel'o'sphere (#47939881) Attached to: New Study Projects World Population of 11B by 2100

Shall we blame the Brits for Sunni and Shiia slaughtering each other for hundreds of years too?
Mainly yes.
Ever looked at a 'natural' map, like Europe, Asia etc?
And ever looked at an 'artificial' map, like USA, Africa?
Do you notice a difference? Most borders in Africa are artificial. Straight lines going through old 'tribes' territories, splitting up stuff that 'belongs together' and add 'random' areas to now existing countries.

E.g Texas in the USA, several straight borders, same for Libya, Algeria, Sudan etc. in Africa.

Basically everything that is running bad in Africa is a direct result of european imperialism.

The whole continent was still 'sone age' or early 'iron age' when the occupiers finally left.

But now a tribe had tanks, the other had not. The guys ruling there usually do one thing: 'cleanse' the previous ruling cohorts and replace every post with family members and far relatives. Regardless if they win an election or become rulers by a coupe. The idea that law is above everything, that corruption is bad etc. etc. is a strange concept to them. How should it not, during the occupation by europeans they experienced that the laws are not protecting them, they are only to the benefit of the imperialists.

There is plenty of literature about Africa around 1900 ... good movies, too. Even random 'novels' which made it to movies give good back ground knowledge, or at least an impression.

In roman times, and even when the british conquered half of it, Africa was full with empires, striving huge empires.

But the British did it like the Romans: befriend one tribe, give him 'modern' weapons and let him lose on the 'enemies' of that tribe. With the promise to support that tribe with houses, more weapons, schools, and most important: churches.

They did the same in India and New Zealand ...

Comment: Re:No, It Won't (Score 0, Troll) 292

by angel'o'sphere (#47939689) Attached to: New Study Projects World Population of 11B by 2100

All problems of mankind are man made.
Water is in abundance, we only manage it badly.
The planet can easy feed 100 billions, we have space for so many people and the food is easy grown.
The idea that food only growth with fertilizers that need lots of energy to produce is nonsense, a myth spread by the current 'status quo' ... 20% to 40% of the food grown in western countries is: thrown away. For what ever reason.

The only way we can reach 11 billion for 2100 is if we start making soylent green out of people when they reach 30.
Do you really want to eat the 'meat' of a 30 year old sinew male, not to mention he likely is black or yellow, eek! The average cow is a year or two old :)
And considering the pollution levels, a 30 year old human is likely not really save to consume.

The problem of the world are political factions, not really food production or population.

But I agree, with a few more billion hard core christians or muslims we wont come far.

Comment: Re:The UK Cobol Climate Is Very Different (Score 1) 265

by angel'o'sphere (#47939569) Attached to: College Students: Want To Earn More? Take a COBOL Class

Yes, you bite, but you don't explain.
Why should a romanian wear an open shirt with no buttons and put a 'cravate' around his neck.
What exactly would that achieve? The shirt still is not closed and has still no buttons ...

Then there is the open question if a Romanian cravat and a 'modern' tie have indeed something in common or are simply parallel 'evolutions'.

The history of the word is right btw.

Comment: Re:Eugen Fischer (Score 1) 219

by angel'o'sphere (#47939023) Attached to: Schizophrenia Is Not a Single Disease

I pointed out that a friend of mine is
a) greek
b) teaches modern greek
c) teaches attic / classic greek

I also pointed out that your illusional 'we can deduce how it sounded' is wrong, as there is no way at it would work for a DEAD language. We can only conclude from current pronunciations of similar words or from pronunciations of foreign words in other languages (imported greek words) etc. In rare cases we have dictionaries ...

Further I would simply follow the majority. If one part of the world speaks Zeus like 'Zoys' and the other part speaks it 'Zoos' and the first part of those people is the majority, and lives very close to Greece and is philosophizing about that topic literally since millennia, while the other part is living in the 'new world' and is contemplating this topic since roughly 300 years and is the minority, then it is a safe bet that the 'majority (to which I belong)' is right.

Finally, the absolute no brainer: why should those pairs of letters be pronounced the same:
epsilon ypsilon
eta ypsilon
omega ypsilon
omicron ypsilon

Well, depending about which time we speak not all those letters existed anyway, perhaps that leads to further confusion.

Btw: first sentence in the german article: 'Aussprache' means pronounciation. And 'klassisch' means 'classic'.

So, yes I was talking about classic greek all the time.

Your arguments, frankly, are crazy and ignorant, so I don't feel like arguing anymore. Ignorant when I'm clearly right? ROFL. But this was an academic/philosophic discussion anyway ... to sad you did not enjoy it.

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by angel'o'sphere (#47938703) Attached to: Obama Presses Leaders To Speed Ebola Response

That was the stupids thing I have seen posted on /. for ages.
First: european have rights, too. And some even guns.
Second: suppose a town gets quarantined in the USA, what do you believe your punny guns inside of the quarantine will help you against tanks and flame throwers? A SAVE BET IS THAT THE US GOVERNMENT WILL HAVE NAPALM BOMBERS circling over the town, exactly BECAUSE they know that idiots like you rather risk to get infected by breaking out with other infected people, or risk to get shot instead of simply staying in their 'safe' house.

So you certainly won't be doing what you 'please'. You either are uninfected and stay in a house and survive: or you die, either to the infection or by running around like a chicken or idiot and get infected or by those who have the bigger guns, idiot.

Comment: Re:What good is aid going to do (Score 1) 220

by angel'o'sphere (#47938567) Attached to: Obama Presses Leaders To Speed Ebola Response

Actually there is no such strand.
I don't get what the purpose of this fear mongering should be.
The chance that Ebola becomes airborne as you want to name it, like Flu etc. is NIL.
You ever will need direct contact with another victims body fluids to have a chance of getting infected.
Or perhaps you have a very strange definition of 'airborne' would not wonder, as no one in medical circles uses this term for virus transmissions. Or it is a new layman term? The correct term is: "respiratory route" ...

Comment: Re:it is all going to go horribly wrong (Score 1) 488

by angel'o'sphere (#47932235) Attached to: Scotland's Independence Vote Could Shake Up Industry

On what delusioned world do you live?
Why should Scotland not have an opt out on the Euro? Hint: they are not even in! And yes, every Euro country can leave the Euro at their own will, nothing prevents them.
Oh, perhaps you did not notice, but UK, England, Scotland etc. are not in the Euro zone, they still have their 'pound'!
Btw, the majourity of the EU has book law. 'Precedence' only happens if 'top courts' rule 'beyond the law' ...
So regardless what is happening, it hardly is a 'precedence' !

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