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I guess we disagree on two points:
a) you implied that christian male circumcision is a religious thing, which it is not
b) you believe that male circumcision is a mutilation, which it is not

Females more or less get their sexual organs, at least the part around the vagina, removed, that is a mutilation, sexual intercourse afterwards is a pain and not fulfilling. Males only get a bit of skin removed, sexual intercourse an a normal sex life is no problem.

However if you like to fight for male rights not to be circumcised, go ahead :) You have my blessing.

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by angel'o'sphere (#47562083) Attached to: Programming Languages You'll Need Next Year (and Beyond)

There are many (classes of) languages.
Natural languages are unpriced, they drop into jargon, e.g. if you write a cooking recipe: "100g carrots, chopped", not a correct sentence, grammatically correct, but perfect cooking jargon.

Then there are programing languages, some simple ones, and more complex ones called "turing complete".

Then there are plenty of languages that describe something completely different, like web pages (HTML) or books (TeX) ... OTOH I would not wonder if TeX is indeed turing complete ...

Anyway, as long as you can not perform a calculation in HTML, XML, CSS or whatever you pick: t is not a programming language.

still it's *semantics*'s all machines following code pounded by a monkey And? The firing sequence in your cars engine is a programming language because a (computer) machine is pounding it out?

Comment: How to improve productivity on a Mac (Score 1) 36

by angel'o'sphere (#47560199) Attached to: Better Living Through Data

Learn to use the search function cmd-space. You can launch everything from there and can do simple stuff directly in the search field like 145 * 75 * 0.19 to calculate VAT for a bill.
Learn about the shortcuts.
Consider digging into AppleScript and/or automator.
E.g I have a nice script that allows me to create an appointment/event in a google calendar (which I access via webcal with the iCal application) by clicking on a date in a web site.
Learn to use the .... the unix shell.

We have a equal opportunity Calculus class -- it's fully integrated.