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Comment Re:Two words (Score 1) 351

This post is even kore idiotic than your posts before.

1) desalination has nothing to do with cleaning water from impurities.

2) Parkisatan has a coast, but it has lots of rivers too, and an ice reservoir in the himalaya, it would be idiotic to desalinate coastal water.

3) I don't care about your misinformed idea about Germanys power production. A) only 50% of the reactors are shut down yet. B) Obviously the other 50% are still running (*facepalm*)

4) Like when Pakistan's Karachi nuclear facility takes its waste heat and desalinates water with it. Which it does not ... sigh. The main point of the argument. That picture might be anything. "Parkistan desalination plant" does not even give a single hit on google.

5) Why did you idiots shut them down again? It's hard to believe that a country that birthed nuclear physicists of the like of Einstein and Heisenberg would be quaking Because Chernobyl was a majour disaster to Germany. Plenty of areas can not be harvested, till after 29 years. Wildlife can not be hunted and eat, especially mushrooms and other fruits from the woods can not be harvested and safely eaten Yes, after roughly 30 years.

6) Your idea about how important nuclear plants are is completely retarded. Shove your bloomberg reports where they belong and for fuck sake use google translate to translate the phrases you want to google for, and then use google translate or click the british flag in the upper right corner to get an english translation. Yes, the british flag icon. Germany is a net importer of RESOURCES like gas and oil and even coal, not of electric power. Perhaps check your links to figure about what they are talking? Most german energy companies, and all authorities have an english translated web page. Can't be so hard. So you should even be able to google in english. Pfft ... Germany a net importer of electric power, how retarded is that? How dumb can one be to believe that?!

Your idea about Germanies power situation is just completely idiotic.

And no, it is not my responsibility to give you links about no brainers. I'm fed up with your american pro nuclear anti renewable propaganda. Especially when your own country is also anti nuclear. Why we should keep 70+ years old reactors running ... and you care about if we do or not ... is beyond me.

Comment Re:He did jot adress the dubplicates issue (Score 1) 73

No, he did not grasp it.

The duplicates in question: are not duplicates!

He tried to answer it, and luckily you grasp the problem as the rest of your post shows.

Condescending trolls or not, it sort of forced you to think about your problem a bit more and after a few weeks of that, you're a lot better off.
That is usually not the case when I ask a question.

Closing valid questions is just a little bit less annoying than the stupid: 'why do you want to do that' answers.

Comment Re: The most fundamental problem is not the cost.. (Score 1) 351

Molten glass storage was disproved as viable at the 'Kernforschungszentrum Karlsruhe', now 'Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe' around 1987-1990.

Unfortunately Helmut Kohl himself pressured the involved 'future PhDs' and the institution not to disclose that glass blocks in salt mines don't work as expected.

Hint: crystalization water insalt ... ionizing radiation ... high aggressive salt brine .. etc

However I could imagine to have a glass block, sourrounded with another layer of uncontaminated glass, probably even leaded glass. Unless such a block breaks and exposes its 'stuff' that would be prett solid.

On the other hand, the USA right now has 70,000 metric tons nuclear waste. If you put that into glass in an 1 : 100 concentration, you need 70 million metric tons, well simllifying. Likely you need much more as we don't want a 1:100 dilution by mass but by volume, so likely it will be a few billion tons of glas we need to lroduce in the USA. Plus 'encasing' plus a deposite.

Comment Re:What about other life goals? (Score 1) 129

Sabbaticsls, payed or unpaied are a matter of contract between employer and employee.
Parental leave is regulated by law. Most countries in the EU and surroundings have laws regarding that. Depending on country the payment is split between employer and the state/wellfare. I believe in germany it is 100% payed by the state.

Comment Re:Two words (Score 1) 351

A few facts for you idiot.

1) Californias water problems are house made and not solveable by desalination plants, I doubt they would ever be economical in relation to just start with 'saving water'. Or you could build some reservoirs, but well, that would involve the government, needs tax money, god forbid the government actually doing something for the people.

2) Germany is a net exporter of energy, allways was and likely allways will be. That includes for most of the time France, there are only a few months in a row in 2013 or 2014 where we where a net importer versus France. Germany is exporting 30% - 50% of its energy production to the EU, you idiot.

3) look on a damn map. How retarded can one be and claim that Parkistan is using 'thermal waste to desalinate water' ... and why should they? Again, look on a damn map where Parkistan actually lies.

4) The efficiency of pumped storage and lithium ion batteries is more or less the same, no idea why you disagree about stuff you simply can read up on wikipedia (pumped storage a bit above 89% and lithium ion batteries a bit above 90%, both depending on all the components involved, oops, you assumed lithium ion would be less efficien? Why? On what physical fact could that be based? )

However there are countries/places where nuclear plants are used for dessalination, not really because of the lack of fresh water, but more because of savings if you build one combined plant instead of a water plant treating fresh water and a power plant. Parkistan is not sucha country ... with nuckear power below 5% of the contries power consumption and one of the countries with absolutely no fresh water problem ... that would be more than nonsense.

Comment He did jot adress the dubplicates issue (Score 1) 73

Seems he did not graps it.
It is a pain the ass to have high ranked google hits of questions that are closed as duplicates when they are clearly not duplicates.
Just had that problem a few weeks ago when I had to edit the sendmail.cf file manually, because the toolchain to go via sendmal.mf did nit exist on that machine.
A good deal of the usefull questions where closed as duplicates ...

Even worse is the amount of questions that are closed as 'non constructive'.

As far as I can tell, people with the reutation to close questions, are abusing that power. Probably they are just bored and click on stuff they only have a vague grasp about ... no idea.

Comment Re:Two words (Score 1) 351

No, they are not island countries.
Hence they have enough fresh water.
Desalination with electric power makes sense for ... hm, I can only think about one single country ... you might have more ideas. 90% of the world does not need this, they have rain, melting glaciers, snow in the winter and melting snow in the summer.
No idea where you live that you obviously need desalination plants.

Anything cut to length will be too short.