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Comment Re:Two words (Score 1) 334

No, they are not island countries.
Hence they have enough fresh water.
Desalination with electric power makes sense for ... hm, I can only think about one single country ... you might have more ideas. 90% of the world does not need this, they have rain, melting glaciers, snow in the winter and melting snow in the summer.
No idea where you live that you obviously need desalination plants.

Comment Re: The most fundamental problem is not the cost. (Score 1) 334

So then you are a liar?
Or are you just bad in reading? And even worse in quoting?

The article does not say which toxic or carcionic byproducts are resulting as waste. Should I repeat that? The article more or less made the stupid claim you made in your last sentence.

And that claim is wrong ... solar cells, PV cells are made from sand. The sand is doted with phosphor and/or arsenic, both are unhealthy, but they end up in the product and not as waste.

A million ton of arsen or phosphor would be a fortune, no one is putting that on a waste deposite.

a) the article is FUD
b) the article is a lie
c) you are an idiot

Feel free, to read the article again and quote a concrete example for waste produced in PV production which is mentioned in the article, perhaps I'm still blind and oversaw it :)

Comment Re:Idiot (Score 1) 334

If the country is very small, yes.

If the country is Germany, or the USA, or strategically good placed, like Denmark or Portugal: no.
I suggest next time you see a weather map that shows high pressure and low pressure zones you simply look how big they are. Also it wold make sense, if you want to discuss about wind energy, to for fuck sake learn about "wind". And no, I don't explain to you what that means for the wind ... that is left as an exercise to you. (Hint: google how a pressure zone is rotating)

It is physically impossible that a country as big as Germany (and that is pretty mediocre in relation to most states of the USA) has no wind. Or not enough wind to sustain its electricity from it.

Comment Re:Tell me where to put the waste (Score 1) 334

If anything, it could be considered an odd (but highly efficient) form of an imperialist despotism with a dash of state controlled capitalism (as odd as this alone sounds)
There is nothing odd about that.

Socialism, Despotism, Communism, are "government systems".

Capitalism is a "market system". Versus "planned market" which is something the USSR and China tried before.

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