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Comment: Re: Who did the study? (Score 1) 340

by angel'o'sphere (#49157969) Attached to: We Stopped At Two Nuclear Bombs; We Can Stop At Two Degrees.

Why do you write nonsense like this?
Every single sentence is wrong, and you easily google for your claimes and figure yourself that you are wrong.
If you read newspapers where the 'warming graph' flattended, perhaps you should switch to newspapers that don't lie to you and that are more reliable?

Comment: Re:Climate change phobia (Score 1) 340

by angel'o'sphere (#49157543) Attached to: We Stopped At Two Nuclear Bombs; We Can Stop At Two Degrees.

You are an idiot.
There is no known and no imagined natural cause that can change the climate in such a rate, with that speed and impact, as we observ it right now.
So the 'low resolution' of historical data is just fine. On top of that: the resolution is not so low as you think. Sea level changes are an extremely precise measurement.

Comment: Re:Yes, Haber's life is an example of that irony (Score 1) 224

by angel'o'sphere (#49134955) Attached to: 100 Years of Chemical Weapons

In perma cultures vegetables work just fine.
You simply intermix them with the trees. There are also solutions that require less or no fertilizer for traditional farming, like planting alfalfa between the wheat/corn and between grass on meadows.
In germany many farmers have enough cattle to use their waste as fertilizers (actually they produce often to much waste considering the size of the farms). But I never dug into that matter. If I plant a perma culture orchard it will be based around vegetables and fruit trees anyway. Perhaps a few simple animals, chickens and goats or something, nothing fancy.

Regarding the billions, yes, plenty of cultures, e.g. ananas/pineapple or bananas, basically everything you can think of, is grown in monocultures. Many of those can be changed into intermixed cultures, reducing need for fertilizer and pesticides.

So a bushel is close to half a "Zentner", the german measurement which is 100pounds/50kg. Perhaps I can memorize that for future reference. I believe field yield is still measured in Zentner ... instead of 100kg units or tons.

Comment: Re:amazing (Score 1) 279

For most things it can only be estimated.

E.g. playing chess. It took "Big Blue" about 11.5 GFLOPs to beat Kasparov. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/D...

So the assumption is, the brain needs similar power. Which is ofc not the case as it works with associative memory and other short cuts the machine has not.

Hearing e.g. works mainly already on the first level where the sound waves are stimulating hairs in the cochlea, which are connected to roughly 30,000 neurons. So both ears produce input signals for 60,000 neurons like something 100 to 200 times per second. I see now my estimate that one ear needs 20k FLOPs processing power is likely much to low.

OTOH there is plenty of additional processing going on for detecting the direction of the direction to the sound source and estimated distance etc.

Comment: Re:Nothing important. (Score 1) 203

by angel'o'sphere (#49134875) Attached to: What Happens When Betelgeuse Explodes?

Let's give some examples [worldbank.org]: Nigeria has a population growth rate of 2.3% (which is a doubling time of just over 30 years). India and Indonesia still have population growth rates of 1.3% (doubling time of roughly 55 years). Pakistan has a population growth rate of 1.8% (doubling time of roughly 39 years). These rates are all due to reproduction and include a bit of emigration.
Extremely good examples.
100 years ago the grows was like 30% or bigger.

Food is an export product of the US and the high demand for food globally helps put more pressure on the US's agriculture resources. Less demand means less land put under the plow.
Even worse :D supporting my point. No one forces the USA to destroy their own farming area, just to sell "a bit of food" to foreign countries (destroying the farming economy btw with that in those countries, to be able to buy land cheap there, doing the same destruction there as well)
Blaming population growth there is just cynic. Farm land is destroyed because the big food companies try to manipulate world, just like the oil companies.

My view is that this is typical environmental Calvinism that ignores overpopulation, the elephant in the room. There is no problem. The planet can hold 4 times as many people without problems, perhaps even ten times. The way our economy/politics works is the problem, and that is what the CoR is pointing out.

Comment: Re:Interesting question on time... (Score 1) 224

by angel'o'sphere (#49134755) Attached to: 100 Years of Chemical Weapons

Yeah I did not pay attention, and mixed "basic income" up.

"And macroeconomics is the scale where most of the economic shenanigans which can be debunked by the broken window fallacy occur."

No it is not. If the government gives $100 to a "poor" and he spends it, and the money is spent again it dripples perhaps as a "gross product" of $1000 through the economy. If VAT is bigger than 10% it is a net gain even for the government.

Why you bring up "printing money" and debts is beyond me. It has nothing to do with the issue. Hence the idea of "basic income".

The question of basic income versus minimum wages is ofc interesting, does it make sense to have both? If so who is eligible for basic income? Every immigrant? Immediately, or after a grace period? Is it a fixed income, same for everyone, or based on a metric, like level of education? Or at least, amount of years spent in "education"?
I think it can be combined with minimum wages, but other ideas - in germany - where to have a basic income of roughly $6000 per person (means a household with kids gets X times $6000) - per year. On top of that the first $30,000 income per year would be tax free. Ofc we don't do that right now because we fear a mass immigration (and certain wings in politics are against it anyway).

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