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The money's gone. It was given to the previous generation. How do you stop a pension system where each generation pays for the previous one, without one generation getting a raw deal (they paid for the previous generation, but don't get anything themselves)?

Comment: Re:Can we filter sperm/eggs before making embryos? (Score 2) 366

by PhilHibbs (#48158747) Attached to: Scanning Embryos For Super-Intelligent Kids Is On the Horizon

That's not an ethical issue, it's a moral issue. I see no ethical difference between a sperm and egg that have not combined, and a sperm and egg that have combined and undergone a small number of cell divisions. In my opinion, until it has neurons that are firing, there's no ethical dimension.

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by PhilHibbs (#48126521) Attached to: Why the Trolls Will Always Win

If you sincerely believe what you said then it's high time for YOU to be on the receiving end of a proper trolling, and not the silly childish trolling you'd get on a brief 4chan thread, but the kind we're talking about. Your tune will change right quick once you understand what we're talking about.

No, he probably won't, because a rape threat to a man is very different to a rape threat to a woman. Just like a racial slur levelled at a white person is very different to a racial slur levelled at a black person, and an mental capacity jibe against a neurotypical person is easier to ignore than one at an autistic, cerebral palsy, or downs syndrome person. In all three cases the first is easy to brush off and ignore, the second not so easy.

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I know that "public" has opposite meanings in the UK and US, but I didn't know "private" did. Her school is independent, as in not state-owned. It's a charity. And I don't see why it's ironic. "Girls should have the right to get an education" and "Education should only be provided by the state" are two entirely orthogonal statements.

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by PhilHibbs (#48111285) Attached to: Why the Trolls Will Always Win

Really? Then burn a Koran on national TV right now...

Oh wait... then the extremist muslims have won.

Where did that come from, and what does it have to do with women being attacked just for being women on gaming forums? "If you want to have the right to campaign to get Jane Austen on British banknotes, then you also have to be prepared to burn a Koran" is something of a non-sequitur.

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by PhilHibbs (#48110827) Attached to: Why the Trolls Will Always Win

You take basic precautions and do your best to avoid being a target. As to who is more or less likely to be a target? Anyone being obnoxious tends to get some focus.

I disagree. If a small group of trolls are being trolls, and you "do your best to avoid being a target", they've won. A small group of trolls have had a chilling effect. We need to do more to uncover and punish that kind of behaviour. And, was Kathy being obnoxious when she was targetted? I don't see any evidence of that, and even if she was, I don't care. That's no excuse for death and rape threats.
The thing that astonished me most about trolling is, there was a case over here (UK) where someone was targetted with rape threats for organizing a campaign to get a woman onto our banknotes, and one of the trolls sent to jail for it was a woman. Which tells me it's nothing to do with sexism, and all about personal power. Sexual threats are just a tool in the box.

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by PhilHibbs (#48103121) Attached to: NASA Study: Ocean Abyss Has Not Warmed

Sure, I agree, I'm just explaining where the attitude comes from. If global warming really is the threat that some people believe to be, then the danger may seem to be too great to be calm and polite about. And that doesn't help, because as you say if you act like a raving loonie then people will treat you as a raving loonie. It doesn't get the job done. "We", those of us who think that warming is a real threat, have to take the risk of taking a softly softly approach to addressing a desperately dangerous threat. And that's difficult. Put any animal in a life-threatening situation, and the instinct is to bare the teeth and snarl.

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by PhilHibbs (#48102679) Attached to: Goodbye, World? 5 Languages That Might Not Be Long For This World

Some people like to make a big deal over languages dying, particularly if the language is one that they never really liked. I say, why make a fuss? Sure, some languages will decrease in popularity, but they're still there to use if you want, and there will always be a die-hard community of fans that keep it alive. Why hold a big whoop-de-doo circus to celebrate the ebb and flow of language popularity?

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