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Comment Re:That would help (Score 2) 89

That's not local media. That's remote. Local media is stored on the device, doesn't need the device to be on the network, and doesn't require your mac/windows box to be turned on and running iTunes.

Kinda like the AppleTV V1 was.

Comment Re:Apple TV storage space (Score 1) 508

WTF? So, I'd get the 64GB version so I can load 64x5 apps instead of 32x5 apps?
I still have the original AppleTV because of this shit. I don't want to have to pull my Mac laptop out and wake it up to stream my music or watch my ripped movies. And no, storing all my shit in iCloud is not going to happen.
I hope they at least have the brains to let iTunes sync data to them.

Comment Re:Bandwidth over time (Score 1) 190

I bought the Seiki 39" for my computer when it was featured on Slashdot as a great programmer's monitor. So far it's just been my tv as we moved and are slowly remodeling, so I don't have an office setup yet. The plan is to upgrade to a larger tv and move the 39" to the new office.

As for Walmart stocking movies, why? Streaming is where it's all going. I admit there a paucity of 4K content, but I don't care, as that's not my use case. NTSC with a good story/plot is way more entertaining than 8K with a crap story/plot.

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