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Comment: Re:At least it's on our side! (Score 1) 123

by rthille (#46611381) Attached to: Classified X-37B Space Plane Breaks Space Longevity Record

Interesting. You included Social Security in the expenses, and divide the time range up in 'before SS' and 'after SS'

Also, look at health and life expectancy before 1930. Now realize that huge amounts of the federal budget is SS & Medical (Medicare & Medicaid). If we didn't care about the indigent old, or the fact that national health insurance is more efficient (see what we spend on medical vs other advanced countries and the outcomes), and we didn't feel the need to be the world's police and paid down our debt, we could probably get back to ~4-5%...

Comment: Re: Your point of view means nothing. (Score 1) 665

by rthille (#46225973) Attached to: South Carolina Education Committee Removes Evolution From Standards

"top ten list" ? I assume you mean the 10 commandments? Which 10, since there are multiple sets of 10 in the bible. Also, I get by just fine without many of them: "I am the lord your god", "no other god before me", etc.
The few that are reasonable are, no to murder, no to false witness and no to stealing.

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