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Comment Power efficiency is good in some places, not all (Score 3, Interesting) 261

Hopefully if this does happen they will keep making the existing products, at least until they *do* manage performance improvements that catch up / exceed older stuff. Where I work we have lots of customers that *need* more processing power, and efficiency be damned.

Comment Europe continues its race to the bottom (Score -1) 405

Economic suicide by green technology. A new and deadly muslim invasion. 28 nations who devote less than 2% to defense spending. They can't patrol their coasts. Their eastern borders are laid bare to predations of the Russians. Sad to see. I am of European heritage. European Christians made America what it is.

Comment Yeah it's dead, but not because of the UI... (Score 2) 455

Its UI is fine - different, but fine. The problem is platform loyalty and being late to the game. iOS and Android were well established before Windows phones hit the market, and if you are already embedded in either platform with many paid apps and familiarity with it then why change? It wasn't a killer deal on price, which could have swung things potentially, and it was *really* late to the party. I argued at the time that they were too late to even bother entering the phone OS market, and instead should have focused on offering versions of their desktop software on the two existing OS platforms.

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