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Comment Power efficiency is good in some places, not all (Score 4, Interesting) 337

Hopefully if this does happen they will keep making the existing products, at least until they *do* manage performance improvements that catch up / exceed older stuff. Where I work we have lots of customers that *need* more processing power, and efficiency be damned.

Comment Yeah it's dead, but not because of the UI... (Score 2) 456

Its UI is fine - different, but fine. The problem is platform loyalty and being late to the game. iOS and Android were well established before Windows phones hit the market, and if you are already embedded in either platform with many paid apps and familiarity with it then why change? It wasn't a killer deal on price, which could have swung things potentially, and it was *really* late to the party. I argued at the time that they were too late to even bother entering the phone OS market, and instead should have focused on offering versions of their desktop software on the two existing OS platforms.

Comment Re:No media center? Windows 10 is DEAD to me... (Score 1) 468

I am in this quandary myself as well. I am *hoping* that Microsoft (or Ceton, Hauppauge, or someone in this field) releases an "App" that can do everything Media Center does now - and maybe even more. WMC hasn't had any updates of substance in years, and the Netflix plugin for it has become unreliable (for me at least). They wouldn't need to worry about Netflix, Hulu, etc as those all have their own Apps at this point - so an app that was focused on TV watching / recording and playback of locally stored media would really be a perfect way to replace it. We'll see what happens, though...

Comment Re:Wireless charging hit mainstream ~ 1-2 years ag (Score 1) 184

I was mostly being sarcastic - there are many more things far more evil than Apple and their influence on culture.

However, I would point out that falseness / untruth / lies / misinformation is indeed evil, in my opinion. Such things are used to control people without their realizing, and are the opposite of truth / honesty / genuine intellectual pursuit of knowledge. That is, then, a degree of evil - though not on par with murder, for example.

Comment Re:Wireless charging hit mainstream ~ 1-2 years ag (Score 4, Insightful) 184

Yup, and then all the Apple-heads will flock to it, talk about how amazing it is (ignoring the fact that the same capabilities existed before, from other companies). Their social zeal and Apple's marketing will overwhelm the field, and at some point everyone will call all wireless chargers "iChargers" even if only half of them are, and the others are actually other brands / technologies that work similarly but pre-dated it. Such is the power - the evil power - that Apple exerts in our dark age...

Comment Re:Hmm... I thought it was *my* vehicle. (Score 1) 157

You know you can turn that off, though, right? I don't have auto-updates enabled on any of my Windows boxes.

They need to offer the same options in cars if they do this: let you a) auto-update, b) download updates but only install with permission, and c) notify about updates but do not download or install without permission. If they do that I'm okay with something like this, but if car makers can push out things arbitrarily that is a no-go for me. It would mean that a hacker could potentially also force an update to your car, with the right (stolen or faked) permissions, and that could lead to all sorts of bad news.

Comment Re:Hangouts is, in turn, part of plus, right? (Score 4, Informative) 162

Not on the app side, so far as I can tell (and yes, I use the Hangouts app on my Android phone). I've not yet downloaded this new version, but have been looking forward to it for a while since I had been using Google Voice for voicemail and text messaging, but had to use Hangouts for texts with pictures attached or group texting. Hopefully this brings it all into one app :)

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