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Comment Re:Dog Poop Stations (Score 1) 175

bags are cheap, and there are MANY biodegradable dog bags available (ex: )

Quit being an ass and pick up after your dog!

My apartment complex has many stations that are always fully stocked with bags: BUT I actually carry and use my own because it's more convenient than using the stations.

Because of the stations it is VERY rare for there to be poop lying around... even though there are TONS of dogs here.

Comment Re:the real problem... (Score 1) 258

In addition to what turp182 said about not allowing multiple orders it also sends a notification to your phone telling you all about the order... and you receive multiple emails about the progress of that order (just like any Amazon order).

You can even cancel the order within 30 minutes.

Comment Re:Actually great UX for everyone else (Score 1) 258

You might be interested in . I haven't used it yet (friend just told me about it the other day). But it seems a bit more targeted than Amazon at non-greymarket goods.

(Note: I don't work for them, or with them or anything... simply heard about it the other day and thought I would pass it on)

Comment Re:Debug runtime typing system (Score 1) 73

Agreed... projects I work on have been doing this for ages. Here's one of the open source examples:

dynamic_cast with an error statement in DEBUG mode. static_cast otherwise (including if you don't have RTTI).

This is a no brainer...

Comment Re:They actually have a point... (Score 1) 663

Interesting. Thanks for the reply!

Definitely a good point about trading lean mass for fat. Something I'll have to keep an eye out for.

I know that in my particular case I've definitely lost some fat mass. My Withings scale keeps track of body fat % as well as weight and I've gone from 23% fat to 19% fat. Which puts me at losing about 12 pounds of fat (0.23*212 - 0.19*193)

But of course, I've lost closer to 20 pounds (currently around 19 pounds)... so it is possible that I've already lost some lean mass as well.

Definitely something to think about as I start to increase my dietary intake a bit... I will need to keep my exercise high to make sure my body doesn't decide to store all those new calories as fat.

Comment Re:They actually have a point... (Score 1) 663

Really nice post!

I'll provide some anecdotal evidence to back up what you're saying...

A few months ago when the Apple Watch came out I decided to use it to try to lose some pounds. I'm in my early 30's and even though I'm fairly active the pounds had started to pile up to the point where I had a "gut" and I wanted to get rid of it. For the record I weighed in at 212 pounds and I'm a 6'4" male... so I was just a bit beyond the normally recommended weight for my height.

I've watched ALL of my friends go on crazy fad diets complete with kale smoothies and quinoa pancakes. They also always talk about how "terrible" soda is for you. They've all failed pretty miserably after a few weeks.

I decided to take a different route. I just decided to eat what I normally eat... just eat less of it and then use my Apple Watch to motivate me to exercise a little more. In most cases I cut my meals in half... but still ate exactly the same thing I normally do: _including_ having a full can of soda for lunch and dinner (either Coke or Dr. Pepper).

I started out with modest exercise goals of 350 calories a day... but eventually worked my way up to 600 calories per day of exercise where I am now. I didn't join a gym or anything... I just went on long walks with my dog (which had the nice side effect of getting him healthy as well ;-)

It's now been just over two months and I've lost _20_ pounds and I'm in better shape than I've been in since high school. I'm actually damn skinny and don't plan on losing any more weight... so I'm decreasing my exercise goals a bit and increasing my eating just a bit and I hope to come into "equilibrium" around 190 pounds... which is fine with me (I don't want to be muscular or anything).

I did all of this while still drinking 2+ sodas a day and eating everything I normally do. All I did differently was have some self-control about how MUCH I ate and got my ass out to do some walking....

Through this whole experience I've done a lot of reading on how our body works to consume, store and burn calories... and I've come to the conclusion that most everything surrounding "dieting" is crack-pottery. It is really hard to find hard evidence that says exactly how our body responds to different stimuli.

For instance, one question I had (since I was doing mostly walking) is: does it matter if you use muscles near fat to burn that fat faster? As it turns out... not for me. Just by walking I was able to remove my gut and love handles and all of the fat off my face and arms. But a lot of the "dogma" out there says you need to "target" fat with specific exercises or you won't be able to get rid of it.

As a scientist myself I just decided to go with conservation of energy. If you eat less calories than you burn (and you do it consistently, every day)... you MUST lose weight... and that seems to be holding true for me ;-)

Comment Re:Not the best summary... (Score 4, Informative) 195

The idea that government coercion is either morally justified or effective in achieving high vaccination rates is wrong.

I don't care to debate you about "morally justified" but you're definitely wrong about "effective in achieving high vaccination rates". It's pretty clear that states with more stringent vaccination requirements have higher vaccination rates:

"In many but not all states, philosophical exemptions are easier to get than religious exemptions, which typically require parents to cite and explain the religious doctrine in question. Overall, states with philosophical exemptions have 2.5 times the rate of opt-outs than states with only religious exemptions."

Comment The way we do it (Score 4, Interesting) 85

I led the team that created the MOOSE Framework ( ) an open source computational science package.

We decided to open source the framework (MOOSE)... and build proprietary (and many open source... depending on the line of funding) computational science apps on top of it. For that reason MOOSE (and everything that surrounds it) uses an LGPL license.

This has allowed us to grow a large community of people all working together to solve coupled systems of PDEs... while also allowing us to have a line of funding in the future (licensing some of our applications).

So... you may want to open source the core components... then use the core components to develop proprietary capabilities that you then sell.

Just an option...

Comment Re:Am I the only guy here that likes G+? (Score 2) 153

I use Google+... but not for my "main" social network. Google+ is used to keep track of my scientific colleagues. We share science news articles and discuss new papers that have come out, etc. It works really well for that.

Here's how I use the various social networks:

Facebook: Family and friends, normal happenings (all "private")
Google+: Scientific / mathematical / coding discussions with scientific colleagues
Twitter: Announcements related to my software project. Anything I wish to shout out "publicly"
Linked In: Major announcements about my software project. Connections with colleagues and scientific funding agencies. No casual updates (more professional).

For me, each one has its place. I would be sad to see Google+ actually die as my colleagues and I have spent a good deal of time cultivating a community there...

Comment Re:Fark those clowns (Score 1) 328

I agree. I'm for some improved regulation to make sure that insurance is in place. But whatever that regulation is... it needs to also allow Uber to exist.

Massachusetts (where I currently live and use Uber) is passing some good regulations to ensure that Uber drivers are properly insured and vetted. Uber is actually happy about the deal because it specifically codifies that Uber is legal.

Both sides win.

Comment Overheard in Line Today at Whole Foods (Score 1) 260

Girl buying a Kale drink (or some crap) talking to the cashier:

"Yeah, it tastes like crap... but it's good for you!"


For the record, I was there buying roses for my wife who's been away for a few weeks. They have the BEST prices around on fresh roses...

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