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Comment Baloney! (Score 2) 165

"Today a digital media company knows exactly how many people are reading which articles for how long.."

Baloney - the may know roughly, with many factors contributing to X percentage of error, including bots, people that land on a page then are distracted to do something else, thus never actually read the article though they are parked on it, then click away after a few minutes, and myriad other reasons I don't have time to type or can't even conceive of at this moment.

Comment The same, but not the same as the author thinks (Score 1) 74

The Tylenol safety problem of the 80s and the privacy protection concerns we have today are not synonymous in the way the author depicts them to be; in both cases the response is about the bottom line. Tylenol knew if it didn't respond appropriately, and huge profits could have been lost. In the case of securing private information, if the powers that be were actually to do that, huge profits could be lost. Got it yet?

Comment Re:Every Damn Day (Score 1) 227

I hear you, and what really gets my goat is many of the young *recruiters* are idiots. Virtually every message opens with a line saying my LinkedIn profile is impressive or some such nonsense and I know they are lying right off the bat as they can only see my job title and where I work, and while I agree that fact in itself it is somewhat impressive due to gobal cache of my employer, they know nothing of my skills or experience, but *have a great opportunity for someone with your skills*

Get a clue millennial - you're not as clever with technology as you've been led to believe.

Comment Re:Unnecessary, but profitable. (Score 2) 215

Moly Corp (MCP) returned to mining these minerals in California via a more environmentally friendly method, but of course everyone has to have everything as cheap as possible, so China artificially deflates prices so that Moly Corp has difficultly being profitable now; just like the Saudis do with the oil market, China does with rare earth minerals. Warriors of the almighty dollar live and die by the sword.

Comment I believe it (Score 1) 227

I reconnected with a friend after a prolonged period apart, and as I talked about the Internet and the opportunities for success it's created for the individual, his wife agreed with me and spoke about how she was making in the low 4 figures per month and would soon get to 5. I thought that very interesting considering my initial impressions of her from long ago when she began dating my buddy, so I was intrigued that she'd done like me, learned coding and marketing and had created a successful business. Then I finally figured out her business was spam blogging sites, where she'd learned to game Google and start making some decent money from Internet advertising. Of course this was right before Google made a change to their search algorithm to prevent just such bogus sites from being listed and the money disappeared and she basically went off the deep end for a while. Felt bad for her as I knew Google was making the change that would destroy her income, but I couldn't say anything as she felt like she was some kind of a genius, when the facts are she's somewhat cunning and likely did not figure how to it herself.

Comment Re:LAPD Police? (Score 4, Informative) 160

The LAPD helicopters are annoying as hell, I freaking hate them. One of the problems is the LAPD buys military type helicopters that make a huge racket, when they could be using much smaller birds that are far quieter. Then they also fly super low, much lower than is necessary at most times. I live on top of a hill, and the g*d damn helicopters will fly directly over my house multiple times a night and perhaps no more than 300 feet above my roof, waking me and the entire neighborhood up. It totally sucks, and I do not believe for one second the helicopters deter crime whatsoever, that is completely irrational. Sure they might deter crime in that exact moment they are flying over, but do they really think the criminals are going, "Oooh, the helicopter flew over a while ago, I'm scared to commit a quick crime." Give me a break, that's total bullshit.

The only time we've had any peace is when an independent entity audited the flight records of the LAPD helicopter squad and found multiple instances of abuse, like flying politicos and their friends around on tours. I can bet the copter pilots also fly around pretty girls they are trying to impress and make other completely needless flights. It's ridiculous...

Comment Randi already proved this in 2001 (Score 2, Informative) 447

He offered $1,000,000 to anyone who could prove homeopathy works. Nobody won though some quack named George Vithoulkas, whose International Academy for Classical Homeopathy is based on an island in Greece, claims Randi backed out of a previous challenge issued early in the 21st Century; don't know about that and the new challenge was instated in 2011 and not a peep from George Vithoulkas as far as I'm aware.

Comment Age is inconsequential, rock and roll! (Score 1) 205

Jeezus, you're 30 and you're thinking you're too old to learn something new? WTF??? That's the wrong attitude dude!

I'm not going to entirely out my age, but I began my pen-testing career at age 42 - you must think I'm a wrinkled old grandpa; but I'm not.... :P

Tell your boss you'll do it, but only if he sends you to several SANS training events, or at least coughs up for some SANS Ondemand training, then do the trainings, get the CERTS and rock and roll baby! SANS will get you up to speed on what you need to know quickly.

Good luck you young punk you...

Comment You go Bruce! (Score 2) 51

I am so happy that an expert and leading thinker in practical Information Security practice as well as philosophy is keeping this torch alive among the utter and dismaying apathy of the general public at large. I for one have been so personally beaten down by the powers that be after spending years initially trumpeting warnings considering this issue, and the rush to get all data into the cloud damn the future consequences, that I am personally too weary to continue to resist the tide running against sound privacy logic, all in the name of saving a few dollars in the short term.

Bruce Schneier is my hero!

Comment Re:Yes. What do you lose? But talk to lawyer first (Score 3, Funny) 734

Wealthy Chinese are paying big $$$ to birth their children in America, but I'm not sure if the reason is they want them to be US Citizens per se; or if the Chinese Govt has undertaken a long term initiative to eventually be able to influence US elections from the inside.

You have a massage (from the Swedish prime minister).