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Comment: Re:Arrogance is bad even if it is true (Score 4, Insightful) 262

by al0ha (#47651501) Attached to: Silicon Valley Doesn't Have an Attitude Problem, OK?
Let's get one thing straight, very few in the dotCom world are geniuses, and Mr. Zuckerberg is so far from being a genius he's almost not worth mentioning, there's no genius in Facebook, it's sheer luck and good timing. The entire idea that Silicon Valley is populated and run by geniuses is laughable. I work in a place where there are more bonafide geniuses per capita than anywhere else in the world, and though they may start out that way, very few remain arrogant as each of them eventually comes to the realization their view of their level of genius was skewed by the big fish small pond effect.

One of the greatest geniuses I've even had the pleasure of meeting, who has won a Nobel Prize in a physical science which certainly proves his particular genius, is a down to earth person and very respectful of everyone, unless of course you are a poser, then you might experience the wrath of his genius as understandably, nobody likes to suffer fools.

Comment: It's an artform (Score 4, Insightful) 240

I began a career in photography in the 80s and as such I can definitely understand the kid's appeal to traditional photographic methodology, it is a true art form where skill and knowledge must be developed over time in order to achieve spectacular results. It is very gratifying to manipulate both film and chemistry in order to achieve the image you have imagined, and watch it unfold slowly in real time on paper as you swirl the chemistry over it. Good times for all, keep it up kids!

Comment: Blood donors shortening their lifespans? (Score 1) 333

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Wow, the fact the stem cells that regenerate blood cells wear out is something as a blood donor I'd not considered. According to this article wearing out has nothing to do with age and everything to do with the total amount of use per each stem cell.

I've always donated blood and most recently been donating red cells which takes twice the number of cells as a regular blood donation, but now I wonder if I am shortening my own life span by helping complete strangers who mean nothing to me? I am all for helping humanity, but not really at a profound cost to myself. I'd sure like to see a study of lifespan as it relates to long term blood donors, and until I do I am not sure I will be donating any more blood.

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>> most of this country is horribly undereducated and ignorant of how the world actually works.

Yep and that is part of the cloaked Right Wing agenda that is turning the US into an oligarchy. Every politician since time imemorial has stated education is their top priority, but the facts of the state of the educational system in America proves they are liars, every one of them. Now the worst of the Bush II Presidency has just been revealed with the latest Supreme Court ruling on money in politics.

In the government and in politics it's far worse than simple ignorance of scientific fact, there is active anti-truth campaigns funded by big money Super PACs. Now with the recent Supreme Court folly the Tea Party and other scientific denier whackos will have even more Super PAC money to continue their dirty work in the name of the 1%.

Our only hope to continue as a true Democracy is to figure out how to use the Internet to get money out of politics completely. That is what every brilliant mind should be working towards if we want any hope for the future generations.

+ - Will Schneier Help Save Us From The NSA?->

Submitted by al0ha
al0ha (1262684) writes "Schneier briefs members of Congress on the NSA in a closed door meeting. According to Bruce, "Surreal part of setting up this meeting: I suggested that we hold this meeting in a SCIF, because they wanted me to talk about top secret documents that had not been made public. So we had to have the meeting in a regular room."

I am so very happy to hear a rational expert, that is almost uniquely able to explain complex subjects and their potential ramifications to those of us possessing less than brilliant minds in this world, has been briefing Congress on the NSA."

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Sorry bad logic. Nobody has any idea of Truecrypt's integrity as the entire project has never been peer reviewed and nobody knows all of the persons who contribute to it, so until proven it can't be and hasn't already been compromised, nobody can be confident of its security.

Nobody has claimed to have compromised Truecrypt, that is true, but as we know the NSA and other spook orgs would never admit it if they have and for all we know one of the anonymous developers works for a spook org.

Comment: Re:Bitcoin is irrelevant today (Score 1) 396

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You have that right but for the wrong reason. Bitcoin is irrelevant because the underlying software is OpenSource - get it people? Anyone can quickly and easily created their own Bit-whatever currency- as we've seen people doing. What is happening now with Bitcoin itself is the same old pump and dump that happens with penny stocks and the old unregulated wall st of the early 20th century. Remember the Winkle-who-the-f-cares twins are promoting their investment as are others; it's all in the name of making some rich and leaving the rest holding the bag. When will people learn?

Time will tell if I am correct on my view or not...

Comment: Being fired was the correct response regardless (Score 4, Insightful) 399

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The point of her being fired has nothing to do with public outrage, hysteria, infotainment.

This person is a highly paid corporate PR professional and her tweet showed that she is not that good at her job after all, thus being fired. My wife is a PR professional who would never make such as stupid mistake, because she's a professional to the core at all times.

Comment: The Solution is a Truly Free Press (Score 1) 376

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I've said it before and I'll say it again; if Bill Gates and Warren Buffet really want to make the greatest impact on humanity, use every cent of your wealth to establish a global free press foundation beholden to no person, corporation or government. Only via this method can humankind be as sure as is humanly possible that we're getting an unbiased view. Fund a Free Press Foundation now!

Journalists are likely not self-censoring out of fear of the government as the only reason - but out of fear of losing their job since their corporate owners have their own agendas in the name of money grubbing and are of course in bed with the current power brokers.

Comment: Re:Why subsidize? (Score 0) 1030

by al0ha (#45493475) Attached to: A War Over Solar Power Is Raging Within the GOP
"Old school republicans and libertarians both distaste government intervention"

Correct - unless such intervention benefits them or their cronies...

I for one love the infighting in the GOP - John McCain is my hero for giving Sarah Palin a national platform and launching the deniers in the anti-intellectual Tea Party. Anti-intellectual... hmm that sounds a lot like Deutschland many years ago...

The sooner the GOP morphs into something better than what it has become the better for the entire world.

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