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Comment: There is no microphone in an airplane (Score 2) 113

No seriously, the radio is not connected to the computer system, the comptuer system is extremely conservative by many standard and is not connected to the in flight wifi. You cannot have an air-gap attack without a microphone or similar device.

The gao report is a complete nonsense and was laughed out by all technical people involved in the computer system of airplane or in flight entertainment.
"So, Mr cyber Expert and Pilot, other than saying "nuh uh", do you have anything to suggest there is no chance of this?"
  Aside complete network separation and absence of microphone ? Really guys sometimes there is absolutely NOTHING about threat reports.

Comment: It is even worst (Score 0) 290

"smoke weed" => "ban it ! People should not be able to chose ! government may reduce personal liberties !"
"get a shop to bake you a gay mariage cake" => "you may not impose those poor sales peopel to sell stuff ! Religious rights ! Right to discriminate ! Eleventy !"

This is in a nutshell the big hyprocrisy. they are for the rights and freedoms that conservative likes, but those right and freedom they do not likes, suddenly are to be made illegal.

The funny things is that there is more religious interdiction that conservative breaks, which are cited far more than homosexuality, but conservative ignore them, because they would look stupid upholding them (think not eating shellfish or mixing cloth of different fiber, working on saturday/sunday or paying 30 shekels in silver and forcing a woman to marry her rapist). On the other hand homosexuality which is barely mentionned suddenly is a religious freedom issue. The sad reality is that it is not a religious aversion, it is a disgust they feel at homosexuality and they try to make up any excuse to impose their own disgust over the population". Well anyway I can't wait for this generation to "pass away". In 20 years all republican of today and tea party guys of today will be seen the same way as those who were for racial separation back in the 50ies / 60ies : they will be seen as incredible biggoted fucktard.

Comment: Not for content people upload today (Score 1) 358

by aepervius (#49436187) Attached to: Google To Offer Ad-Free YouTube - At a Price
More likely it is for syndicated or special content only available for paid subscription. IOW, films, tv series, shows, anime & cartoon, presentations, etc.... It is also most probably not in the interest of content producer to suddenly shift behind a pay wall : this would completely dry instantly revenue up. Far more probably some part of the content of higher quality would be behind a subscription, while the lower quality content to bait people would be publicly available.

Comment: Easy to thwart (Score 1) 191

You simply have the local smarphone program read the local SMS, then if it receives some kind of code (encrypted generated from another PC, sent by any regular old phone) on regular basis, nothing happens. then if it receive no "stay unexploded" or receive one with the wrong encryption key, it trigger itself.

It is simple, if the enemy can cut off your signal, then make the absence of signal the trigger. Deadman switch.

Comment: I dislike easter egg : security (Score 1) 290

by aepervius (#49408515) Attached to: Is This the Death of the Easter Egg?
Easter egg are a security and a quality risk. Easter egg are not tested, are not known. So somebody outside can find them, exploit them or destabilize inadvertently the software. I hate easter egg in my project because of that. If that was not present, then programmer can be as quirky as they want. For example easter egg *comments* are fine. They are not runnable code. I saw pics and poem in comments ascii art, and i smiled and showed a thumb up. But I made very very clear that I would consider any coded easter egg malicious, even in variable code name : having fun at work is OK as long as it respects the maintenance and coding practice and security/stability of the software.

Comment: There is a real world precedent (Score 1) 187

by aepervius (#49408423) Attached to: UK's Tories Promise To Enact Age Limits For Viewing Online Porn
It is forbidden to sell pornographic magazine to people under 18. Easy accessible porn to 12-13 year old was only in the case they found the porn stash of older persons. It was very very rare to get real porn magazine and I never seen any bondage or harder stuff until I was much older, the 2 one I remember seeing were "memorable" events and it was vanilla sex. That is the problem the net offer : easy accessibility to hard stuff (note I did not say hard core, I meant here the genre, like bondage etc... Normal vanilla sex should not really shock a 12-13 that much. SM play or gagging or fake rape, or way underage looking model or bestiality etc... That is a definitively different story).

Comment: Not 100% true (Score 1) 249

by aepervius (#49396367) Attached to: Sony Buys, Shuts Down OnLive
If sdomebody buy valve they buy ther liabilities with them. That means current contract. Somebody could not simply shut steam down by buying it. Now if there is a valve *bankruptcy* (unlikely on short term) that changes because liabilities and current contract are handled differently, but just in case of buying outside of bankruptcy it is not that simple as "it is mine fuck it now I shut it down".

Comment: Not really (Score 2) 394

by aepervius (#49394215) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Living Without Social Media In 2015?
" Others have literally recoiled in horror at the idea of someone not being on Facebook. " I have not seen that in big firms, or in established firms with somewhat middle aged people. In younger start up maybe, but If a firm is suspicious because I don't use facebook, then frankly it is not a firm i want to work with : they are being suspicious of innocent things, so their paranoia will probably extend to worst things once you are in.

Comment: Not 100% correct (Score 1) 1168

A lot of other state have that in law have in *addition* ban on discrimination. Example : illinois they do indeed have a freedom fo religion act, but at the same time they have a ban on discrimination based on sexual orientation. And as far as i can tell, when both conflict, the ban would take precedence.

Comment: Wrong group (Score 1) 226

by aepervius (#49370847) Attached to: Chinese Scientists Plan Solar Power Station In Space

NASA, JAXA and similar outfit drool at the perspective to have a long term project where they need to send a lot of cargo up, means a lot of contract and assured budget.

Those folk tells the space solar collector are possible and desirable.
The folk at energy production on the other hand use a calculator for cost of setting up, maintaining compared to generated energy and they usually view that as possible but not profitable compared to a similarly sized (in megawatt) installation on earth with physical batteries.

Sorry I i trust far more than who are involved i energy generation, than those involved into profiting by cargoeing the stuff.

Comment: That ethical challenge is nil (Score 5, Interesting) 177

by aepervius (#49350145) Attached to: German Auto Firms Face Roadblock In Testing Driverless Car Software
Those made up example with the family van and the walker are laughable. Firstly out of my experience you do not have time while being in an accident to think that far as to check & see the family van is full of children. You steer , brake, and do as much as you can to avoid the walker. And the van. Secondly you really think there is even a concurrence ? The walker will get the full hit of the kinetic energy in his body. The van will absorb part of it in its structure. What sort of SICK FUCK would hit the walker rather than the van because there are children in the van ? There is no photo finish : You steer to avoid all, and if you cannot, you try to hit the target which will get the less physical damage from your damn car *if you can think that fast*. Does not matter if the walker is an old 99 guys and the van full of the brim of puppies and babies. I expect any automated car to make the same damn calculation : between hitting a car and a walker, go for the car. Hit the one with the most protection.

Comment: And the passenger not reacting ? (Score 1) 737

by aepervius (#49346973) Attached to: Germanwings Plane Crash Was No Accident
If i see a terrorist taking a pilot hostage, fuck it, I rush him, even if I get gunned down. And far more if they have only plastic or ceramic knife. You would have to have far more bullet than 100+ passenger to be able nowadays to do that, or a bunch of terrorist with weapons. Is the high security door *that* necessary anymore ?

Comment: not really. NPK fertilizer., Haber process. (Score 1) 573

by aepervius (#49310363) Attached to: Greenpeace Co-Founder Declares Himself a Climate Change Skeptic
" He argues instead that in a historical context, human activity has saved the planet, declaring that "at 400 parts per million, all our food crops, forests, and natural ecosystems are still on a starvation diet for carbon dioxide."

Our crop are starved from other stuff than carbon. if carbon was the problem only, we would put carbon in our fertilizer. But we don't what provocated an explosion of food production was not the CO2 increase during industrial revolution up to today, but NPK fertilizer (nitrogen, Potassium, phosphorus).

While it is true that plant growth would increase as a whole, our crop would still be far more dependent on fertilizer than CO2. And then there is the impact of the change of climate on the zone where the top soil is best for crop growth. If the winter and summer become more extreme, wheat growth might hit a water problem. What good is CO2 if you have not enough water to fix it ?

"Now this is a totally brain damaged algorithm. Gag me with a smurfette." -- P. Buhr, Computer Science 354