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Comment: First it has to go thru consitutional council (Score 1) 174

by aepervius (#49627591) Attached to: French Version of 'Patriot Act' Becomes Law
I would not worry much until the conseil constitutionnel has a look. IIRC the council CAN also look *before* the law get into action, after it was voted as raised by various political organs. So it could very well be that the law will be rejected by the constitutional council if raised by some institution (IIRC, only 60 parliament vote are necessary to check constitutionality, less than was in rejection of the law - 86). Otherwise the process is the same afterward , it go to a higher court in case of judgement, and can be set before the council by a high court for example. Anyway I find it an utter shame as described and would break fundamental right, so obviously against constitution (privacy/freedom right among them). My guess is that the law is NOT as described on slashdot as it often happen.

Comment: Agreed (Score 1) 163

by aepervius (#49627567) Attached to: The World's Most Wasteful Megacity
But to be honest, I think there are other CO2 factor which the emission alone do not take into account : the investment to make megacity (beton/aslphalt is not zero emission + construction etc...) and the transport of food and water from far flung place to feed the megacity. by concentrating population, you also concentrate pollution, epidemics, and local water consumption. Factors which could be very problematic especially water.

Comment: Yep , mostly industrial (Score 2) 163

by aepervius (#49626819) Attached to: The World's Most Wasteful Megacity
Looking at the initial source , the DoE, here is what they say about how it is consumed :

State Residential Industrial Transportation
new York 30 5 66
texas 10 226 187
Most of the energy consumption is industrial by a factor 22 for for CO2 emission. There is a lot of emission for CO2 on transportation, but it is unclear how much is due to industry exporting stuff outside. The things is, when looking at transportation texas is an outlier (along with California and florida), despite other state having also a sparse population and lot of commute. That's why i think not all is due to commute only.

Comment: wrong way around (Score 3, Informative) 163

by aepervius (#49626749) Attached to: The World's Most Wasteful Megacity
You probably meant 1 texan emission is worth 4 new yorker since roughly for around 20-25 million people texas has 4 time the CO2 emission of new york. "01 Texas 656 12.18% 25,631,778"
"09 New York 158 2.93% 19,501,616"
Gut feeling : maybe a lot of Co2 emission are due to the petro industry, oil extraction and methane burning ? Just guessing it might not be due 100% to commute/shipping only.

Comment: No it does not (Score 1) 396

by aepervius (#49620427) Attached to: No, NASA Did Not Accidentally Invent Warp Drive
It only shows that the protocol used showed some sort of effect. The effect could be an systemic error in the protocol, i.e. local de-gasing temperature differential for example improperly taken into account. Difficult to know at the moment. In fact they seem to state now that the thrust is proportional to the phase change, and not to the intensity to add to the weirdness. Once the protocol are clarified and paper starts to be published for others to reproduce, then we can start to speak. until then it is an interesting point , but that's it. There is no "proof" and people claim to reproduce stuff which turned later incorrect some time.

Comment: Crafted by consumers (Score 2) 192

by aepervius (#49575063) Attached to: Massachusetts Governor Introduces Bill To Regulate Uber, Lyft
Crafted by consumers which do not want to be caught in a rideshare uninsured in an accident, or want to get late at night in a rideshare with a known rapist ? The amount of the insurance is really up to discussion. The presence of all mentionned items (insurance+markers+background check) are on the other hand good for consumers.

Comment: No it depend on the NETWORK (Score 1) 86

If wheeler was not using his network or had a poor network, then the revolving door argument is thin or non existant. But on the other hand with highly networked guy ? Sure. That is a concern. People going from private to government is not a problem, heck in a way one of my sister did it. No, the problem is : do you have a big network and does this network influence your job.

Comment: Counter example (Score 2) 302

When there is no commercial interest, works get lost to the sand of times, far ,far quicker than when in public domain. Very recent example : a lot of commercial software or games are getting "legally" lost because nobody can copy them freely and maybe change them hack them to run in a VM. Film get lost , more recent film, because nobody care to copy them and distribute them commercially, and you cannot legally distribute them. Same with music or books.

If copyright is held by cvompany : when they lose interrest but still protect copyright mercilessly, then works get lost and forgotten. When work is in the public domain, at least those possessing a copy can TRY to take care of maintaining them. In commercial hand the public hand are tied.

Comment: That is not the correct statement (Score 1) 198

by aepervius (#49534797) Attached to: House Bill Slashes Research Critical To Cybersecurity
The correct statement is : were other area increased , like military ? If yes, what is the justification to increase military expenditure at the expanse of science, when really the budget already is so humongus that other country in the world match it by an order of magnitude, and you really have no threat from your nearest neighbors (Mexico, Canada do not have a comparable budget by any order of magnitude, and your east/west neighbors are fishes).

I hold that the military US budget could be made to be constant or lowered. Science should on the other hand not.

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