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Comment: Because job outfit only look for links in google (Score 5, Insightful) 146 146

Why would you having been in debt should bar you from a new job ? Why being lesbian should bring you problem ? Why a petty theft when you were 18 should still haunt you when you are 30 ? Keep in mind most justice system are rehabilitating in Europe, not mostly retributive like the US one. And you have as such a right to have for your average sentence to not have a fault you paid for with prison haunt you and bar your new job (there are some exception e.g. pedophilia due to the nature of the law breaking). If every job seeker are looked up in google and the first stuff which pops up is something you did 10 years ago and either grew out of it, or paid the price with a prison, that would bar you from occupation and reintegration into society, and make recidivism more probable. Asking firm to not do that would not work due to human nature. Removing it from google would work.

Keep in mind that until end of the 90ies we HAD a way to be forgotten : nobody would go into paper clip from 10 years before and check what you did. But with google even the most minor stuff stays forever. As I mentioned here, a society which do not forget, is a society which (on average) do not forgive. And that make rehabilitation far harder. You want to live in a society which do not forget even the slightiest transgression ? Well good luck with that. I certainly do not want. Not because I am a law breaking human, but because freedom lies at the edge of the road, not in the middle. And that is not even counting what children/teenager/young adult can do stupid legal stuff which can mark them forever, like partying drunk and being in the news. Well before the 90ies unless you want into archive journal you would never know as an employer. Nowadays if somebody catch you you have no recourse google remember forever. Heck just being outted as gay, lesbian or even transsexual can bring you a lot of problem, even in western democracy like the US. Thus the right to be forgotten. BBC should really be the first to understand that. But I am guessing they would rather fuck up people than admit it. And yes I am aware that some bad people will try to abuse it. That is why normally the court should be the one deciding whether a right to be forgotten is there , or not.

Comment: Same was said for train (Score 2) 154 154

And guess what ? You should know better than to rely on time or speed to make such a guess. You should rely on force and acceleration. 1 G is perfectly survivable by human , and within 1 minutes you are already at 60 meter per seconds, and in 10 minutes 600 meter per seconds or about 2160 kmh. At that sped you do paris new york in 2 and half hour and the 400 miles between los angeles and san francisco in about 15 minutes. Naturally the speed we are talking about are not even 1/4 of that, and the acceleration much lower. But still it shows you that when it comes to beeing squished, you are way way underestimating how much it would take.

Comment: Re:How do you define anything? (Score 2) 1082 1082

"The reality is that for thousands of years and across all known cultures marriage has been defined as a relationship between different sexes. "

Says the one not knowing history. Ever herd of greek men mariage in ancient greece ? Or in China ? Gee it is not as if a ready to grasp encyclopedia *with* reference you can check, was not available.

Ohhh look at that snippet :

These same-sex unions continued until Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire. A law in the Theodosian Code (C. Th. 9.7.3) was issued in 342 AD by the Christian emperors Constantius II and Constans, which prohibited same-sex marriage in ancient Rome and ordered that those who were so married were to be executed.

This is your "never was a gay mariage". Sure christian ordered them killed and forbid that. Hurhur.

Comment: Difference (Score 1) 815 815

There is a difference between preserving history in books, in museum, and to flaunt it on a capitol place, flaunt it on cars, and flaunt it in the face of those which suffered to it in the southern state. The Nazi flag is history too. Guess what the reaction of the world would be if it got flying again before the Bundestag ? You want to pretend it is history ? Then keep it at home in a shrine. Not on your car as sticker, not on the capitol flying high.

Comment: You don't get it (Score 5, Insightful) 80 80

"Opponents of the law were quick to mock the government for vigorously protesting being surveilled by one of the country's closest allies while passing a law that gives its own intelligence services vast powers with what its opponents regard as little oversight." that is because in the spy game, everybody spy as much the other as they can. there is with almost certainty french spy right at this moment trying to intercept Obama's conversation. But getting caught, be it red handed or by a leak is a no-no - the biggest sin - as the government HAVE to pretend they are angry , etc... It is all theater for the plebe, while the spy and counter intelligence on both side sigh and go on as usual , maybe tightening their protocol. The bottom line is : this will change nothing in US - France relationship, it will just force US politician to be a bit contrite for a few days (maybe - if even), French politician to be angry for a few week, and then wait that the media move onto the next story and forget it all. And the shadow game then continue.

Comment: True to an extent (Score 4, Insightful) 163 163

To some extent true, but there is load of artificial coloring which do not exist naturally. is only existing because we made it, and is not existing in insect specie or anything. Heck Some artificial coloring may induce hyperactive behavior in children. and http://www.scientificamerican....

Assuredly evidence might not be enough to forbid the ingredients, but it is enough to warrant caution and maybe remove it from children's food. Personally I do not know the research good enough to tell. Anyway, definitively not natural. But the natural fallacy (which you might have wanted to mention) never took hold for me. Pure natural arsenic or botulism toxin is poison, artificial non naturally existing recent antibiotic, preservative additive are helpful. It is not about the natural or artificial provenance that people should look to, but the effects. But then again that's why it is called a fallacy.

Comment: What is the harm ? Well here it is (Score 1) 668 668

This is the page on homeopathy, but If you go on the home page you will see more of such stories for other woo stuff.
Homeopathy should be properly labelled as containing no active ingredient whatsoever , a bit like the big black label on cigarettes, or even downright banned until it pass the same STANDARD test on animals and human to demonstrate the advertised effect.

Comment: You know nothing of airline industry (Score 0) 273 273

It is blindly obvious you are paying for the travel from point A to point B without luggage. Carry on and free baggage are only a convenience. "The advertised ticket price is the *only* thing the airline should be allowed to charge you for your seat, baggage (checked or carry-on up to a regulated size and weight), and any additional services offered to you during booking, in the airport or on the plane." which would lead to airline making sure that it is blindly obvious that you are not paying " it is ALREADY blindly obvious. Which is why for all big carrier I know of for big alliance (one world, star alliance) you are not paying for luggage, you are paying for excess luggage. That may be different for discounter like Ryanair but it is not the case for standard carrier. Heck the things is called an EBT (as in "excess baggage") or used to before the advent of EMD (electronic miscellaneous document).

"It's also high time that overbooking or fuel surcharges were banned, as well. It's not like the airline refunds you a portion of your ticket prices when gas costs less than expected, or refunds you if you decide not to travel on a ticket you paid for, so what possible reason is there for them to be allowed to raise the contractually-agreed price after you've already paid it or to sell your seat to somebody else as well and hope one of you doesn't show up?"
Firstly you do not pay AFTERWARD a surcharge. You pay it at the moment you pay your ticket and it is included in the price. The things is often the reservation is separated in time to the payment. All fee, services and tax are calculated at the moment you PAY, not at the moment you reserve. And it is quite clearly indicated normally when you book, except a few airline which advertise they guarantee you a price at reservation. And the contract is not "signed" at reservation by the way it is "signed" at payment. Which is why for example you can do a res , and then simply say "screw it I am a noshow" and thus making sure the airline has to overbook or get screwed with a non saleable place and thus loss of money. And do not get me started with double booking by some people (cheapo tariff and normal eco tariff, if they get the place in the cheapo one they simply refund the normal tariff).

"or refunds you if you decide not to travel on a ticket you paid for"
You actually get a refund for tickets you do not travel. Depending on your tariff it may be partial, full, or minimal. That is why you can get a cheapo ticket : you forgoe the ability to get a refund or free rebooking. Want to be able to refund ? Then stop buying the cheapest tarif and get the normal undiscounted tariff.

"Sadly, there's zero chance any of this will ever happen" There is no chance that will happen because your post is based of a totally erroneous understanding on the reservation and ticket sale process. Why this was modded insightful is a wonder.

Comment: Unfortunately not that rare (Score 1) 1067 1067

I have half a dozen identical anecdote from the time i coached a few people in programming language. It is almost as if there was a block hindering the person to realize that there was no way you could divide by zero. It was not that the fact that there was an error was misunderstood, it was the division by zero which seemed not to be understood. I never had so many problem coaching people with other errors.

Comment: Margarine is much older (Score 1) 851 851

The first margarine fabrication were in the 1870 in France nonetheless. But at that point it was an all natural product fabricated from animal fat tallow and water. It was only much later (in 1950 IIRC) that trans fat came in as a byproduct of hydrogenation of unsaturated fat , process used to give it specific consistency and properties. AFAIK in the last 10 years or so margarine maker saw the writing on the wall and removed completely (or removed mostly) trans fat from the fabrication process of margarine.

Comment: There is a very simple explanation (Score 1) 851 851

You see that A is bad. Then somebody propose B. But B cannot be tested in double blind study or similar because B is an economic outfit (HMO) or a food stuff which would be difficult to test (trans fat). Since there is no counter indication from maybe short animal study (think toxicity and cancer) you accept it as GRAS. Then 30 years down the line you see an increase of coronary disease so you remove it from GRAS list. There is nothing really that special here or surprising. It works in cycle because science for food or economy can take a very long time to come to results (well at last food. Economy is another can of worm. Wriggling worm).

Comment: Same here (Score 1) 409 409

I completely stopped consumption of sweets, though I could not reduce significantely the consumption of starch sugar. I lost 2 pounds over a year without even trying to diet. Maybe in 20 years I'll got an ideal weight ;). But I took up on eating vegetables to attempt to fill my stomach with stuff and fill "full and satieted". When I tasted carrots I was like WTF it tasted sweet like a fruit. I looked it up online and there is a lot of sugars in carrots.

Comment: Indeed (Score 2) 306 306

A university degree or any high degree for what it matters , should show to potential employer two things : 1) that you are at least have the smart to get to that level 2) that once you "bite" into something you do not let go and continue for long period of time.
2) is especially important if you train somebody for a job.
In my experience firms which expect their new employee to be immediately productive are either new start up not having learned the rope, and they will or they will die, or old firm in manager hell. Good firm with manager which are not totally idiot will know and take into account a period of time (varrying depending on the job) in which they consider you to be "in training" and thus only worth a certain percentage of a normal worker workload. I doubt it changed. What probably changed is that in some domain like development, some manager make the mistake of thinking "fuck it, if I have to rain somebody I'll train somebody cheap from india rather than the local guy". but here is your mistake : the architect of your software today, were the apprentice of yesterday. Kill a whole generation of apprentice today, and you will have no architect tomorrow. I expect that roughly 15 to 20 years after the peak of outsourcing, we will see a derth of good software designer , or good software manager. Because those who should have learned the rope on the job and climbed hierarchy, were replaced by cheap worker.

Comment: partially Incorrect (Score 4, Informative) 298 298

Renewable production reached 30% roughly, but 1) that is gross production not usage AFAIK, and 2) this is only electricity production. Does not count heating (40% energy usage). It is inreality more like11% , a feat, but shows that fully removing CO2 geenrating method a far flung goal:


As of the end of 2014, renewable energy sources, such as biomass, biogas, biofuels, hydro, wind and solar, accounted for11.1% of the country's primary energy consumption, a more than doubling compared to 2004, when renewables only contributed 4.5%. Renewable contribute most to the electricity sector with 27.8% (gross-generation), followed by the heat and transportation sector with 9.9% and 5.4%, respectively.

You should not use energy==electricity as it is misleading. Always precise what you are speaking of. In the case of the 27% it is gross electricity generation.

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