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Comment Doubtful claim (Score 1) 202 202

The paint repellent urine is not that it bounces back like a wile e coyote gag (how would it? You would have to make the urine and wall a near 100% elastic collision and as a liquid against a solid good luck) in fact video make it clear that he is only projecting the test liquid with force and it barely backs a bit ( No the things is that the urine is much easier washed up. It is highly hydrophobic, but ti does not change that the water will not have an elastic collision. In other word, it barely spring back. Pee from 1 foot away and you are safe.

Comment MUtation rate are known (Score 2) 290 290

Please tells us how many million of years statistically you would need to go from a barley growth factor, to a rice growth factor, and would even the intermediate protein be viable (active) or even if the surrounding gene would still be active.

Yes stuff mutate. That is how we got from bacteria to human over billion of year. The key here is that function of protein evolved too, and sometime mutation are deleterious, and sometime function changes. But if both are sufficiently different, the probability to go from one to the other over statistically human relevant time (e.g. hundreds of year) is trending toward zero. In some case like when researcher inserted fish gene into tomatoe, that probability becomes even low over geological time.

Don't get me wrong, I agree with your assessment that the probability we make something catastrophic is relatively low, but stating that the result could be gotten by random mutation in the wild, or even breeding is overstating it , downright to a lie in many case.

Comment There is a slight difference (Score 0) 290 290

Look I am for GMO because I think the science is sound, and it is maybe as good a progress for the 21th century as the haber process was for the 20th century for food production, but repeating the often trotted "breeding/wild mutation is the same as GMO" is stupid. Even idiot religiously fearing GMO are not that idiot to swallow that you can breed in nature fish protein into tobaccoe plant by cross breeding or wild reproduction, or plant with philia so far away from each other with barley growth factor if the growth factor are so much different. So you should not tell a totally complete lie. Such naturally mutation can only slightly change protein and not suddenly put new protein from a completely different specie or even philia suddenly in the plant. You would need million maybe 10s of million of years to get such accumulated mutation (if ever in the fish protein case), and anybody can see that such very long term adaptation has a different impact on an ecosystem than immediate gene change. I am not saying this is a bad thing, just that comparing the two is stupid. There is a difference of time scale, and adaptation in both case, and as well as what you can reach as far as changes go.

Please just don't. Refrain in future. You are just making it more difficult for us to convince the GMO fearing when you spread such obvious bad comparison.

Comment Sound pretty stupid (Score 3, Interesting) 471 471

Normally you reserve good attire when there is client contact. Having formal attire for technician and engineer when there is no client contact is contra productive, you force people into a certain fashion which they might be uncomfortable with, for no good reason. That is a sure sign a hierarchy has lost sight of what is essential , and instead concentrate on rules which makes no sense , as to show they are doing "something". I expect no good future strategy from them from now onward.

Comment alternatively (Score 1) 169 169

Alternatively there has been dumb people publishing their attempt on twitter or whatnot. Now , a lone snipper or gunman or bomb maker, which do not publish what they will do beforehand, that would be something else. Especially with drone which can hold enough weight to have a gun or a bomb. Also remember , some people landed and there were drone on the white house zone. Which leads me to think, the secret service might not be that incredible either, but enough to catch the most dumb and less likely to reach their goal.

Comment Broken clock (Score 1) 159 159

Yeah 1 point seem to have an effect. But is it 1) the effect predicted by chinese acupuncture and 2) all other point do pretty much nothing from previous study and deliver effect with shame acupuncture (giving the impression of needle going in but not penetrating). Basically broken clock.

Comment it is not about taking over (Score 2) 157 157

It is primarily about the psychological aspect. If you saw a car driving without a driver, you would have the police have panicked calls. Same if the person is reading at the wheel or whatnot. This is not about taking over the wheel, this is about not panicking the other drivers with a behavior which is unexpected on the road. My guess is that such requirement would be dropped after a while when self driving car pick up. But as long as 99.9% of the driver have a certain expectation, you pretty much have to deliver that expectation even in a self driving car.

Comment it is even worst (Score 2) 208 208

most initial propagation will be hemispherical in 1/r , so even our initial broadcast would be lost after a few AU, well beyond a light year. Our radio broadcast and tv with their power *never* reached alpha centauri before disappearing in the intergalactic noise at those frequencies. The only broadcast which may have reached some other star are the one semi directional sent intentionally (toward M24 IIRC?). And they were only of a few minutes total. Maybe 1 hour top.

The only things pretty much they would be detecting are intentional signal sent by ET "we are here!". But here is the food for thought : beside that 2 or 4 broadcast totaling about 1 hour or so, we would not be able to detect ourselves.

Comment No I am definitively not (Score 1) 351 351

That is why 1) noscript 2) adblock 3) two screens while watching TV, 1 for the film and 1 for browsing or doing stuff while advertising runs.
pretty much the only advertising I see are the rare panels on the side road, 99% of which are for product which I will never use. In fact I would be unable to tell you what current ad runs at the moment anywhere.

For the better or the worst, I am cut off from advertising. As for taking decision subconsciously , it is highly overrated. Sure you may influence overall people , like the infamous butt distance limit (forgot the name : in supermarket if you pack product too much each and make the alley between product not wide enough people buy less of *all* products, because our natural propension of keeping distance and feeling privately invaded when too near each others. But a wider alley and people buy on average a little more from all product in the alley). But most of the stuff is subttle - as in it only has a Limited influence and can only be checked over mass statistic. In other word you won't force people subconsciously against their will to buy a product by advertising changing color and fonts, but over the mass you may change your market share a bit.

"You've probably made thousands of decisions that have been very subtly manipulated by corporations" you amy done thousand decision which were subtely or even much less ubtely influence by everybody. When was the last time your peer, your significant other, your family, your friend did NOT influence your decision ? Saying corp influenced our decision a way or another is as bland and as empty as saying we are influenced by our peer. No shit sherlock. But the difference is that our peer are allowed to influence us directly (like the oh no so subtle reminder from my girlfriend that our 5 year anniversary is coming) whereas for some reason people get uneasy when corp do it. So they have to go for the subtle. But frankly, their influence is vastly more limited than your peer's.

Comment I just tried that (Score 1) 165 165

And from germany the first web site which comes up is NOT, but some sort of weird proxyfinder site. The other one might be old site.

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Comment misrepresentation (Score 1) 195 195

"I would just like climatologists to admit that most of their prior models have had their faults and this one may as well

all climatologist admit that, and this in addition to existing error bars. This is why climatology is a science , because if it finds a better way to model, it drops the old model and take a new one. That is why we can speak of prior model: because better one came up.

but that doesn't give us the right to jump down everyone's throat that has a differing opinion.

No sorry indeed it does. Opinion are WORTHLESS sorry for the caps emphasis but it needs to be told. If you have a concurrent model which better model the data make a paper. Then we can talk. But opinion have no say in a science discussion. You may as well speaks about the opinion of 40+% of the american which have the opinion the theory of natural selection is bunk. That is why opinion are not worth anything whatsoever, and what claims can be advanced without evidence (deniers opinion) can be dismissed without hassle.

Comment You are wrong. Did you read the RTFA ? (Score 1) 51 51

Firstly I bet you are an idealist "information want to be free" or you are very very young. Otherwise you would realize that it isn't very good for privacy and society that *ALL* information is free, and if you were a bit older you would realize that the right to be forgotten was a FACT before google and search engine. Nobody went into journal archive to check the new coworker or dating parsons. This is not progress, this is a terrible things to do to a whole lot of generations to have a society which cannot forget or forgive.

besides, most of which should be "forgotten" shouldn't be forgotten at all: your douchebag financial or criminal history for example

Wrong. 95% of the request are actually found to be perfectely normal member of the public. Less than 5% are about prison, and financial stuff.

and most importantly: if you don't want it to be public, don't make it fucking public in the first place.

And what do you do when a 3rd aprty publish information on you ? Well good luck with that. And outdated information ? And many country prefer rehabilitation versus revenge. that women for example which made a tweeter PR faux pas ? If it follows her forever then her life is ruined. She will be unemployable for the rest of her life.

if you're looking to make a hiring decision or a dating decision, search on the person using a proxy from another country. 30 seconds extra effort and well within the technical abilities of even the barely computer literate

Most people do not bother with the US google they use their own language google. And that is enough to be forgotten.

heck, some euro should write an app for the purpose: "find out what the loser is hiding from you! search their history from another country!"

Some "euro" yeah nice spelling. You realize that such app would imemdiately be ilelgal and the person attacked in justice if it sell/offer this app made especialyl to skirt the law ?

Comment Misleading (Score 1) 391 391

"And while there is some evidence that they reduced the employment of low skilled workers, and, to a lesser extent, middle skilled workers, industrial robots had no significant effect on total hours worked"

There is a chance that overall the numbers of hours stayed the same but as indicated here the reduced employment on low skilled worker is the problem. Up to recently there was always a way for such to go into a different branch with low requirement. It isn't possible anymore. And this is the huge problem the study misses. And this is the doom and gloom issue that not only some people on slashdot but on economics forums foresee. Furthermore the study does not seem to make a difference between part time hours and full hours as it aggregate the overall time.

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