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Comment You are missing the point (Score 1) 401

A joke stand on its own without the laugh track. Watch other funny shows with gags, you do not need laugh tracks (think comedy films for example where there is NO laugh racks).
  But BBT needs those laugh track and i will tell you why since you apparently did not watch one of the video. A listing of old 8 bits game without context is not funny. If I list "super mario , break out, pong" on a normal voice nothing is funny. But add a laugh track and people will start to smirk and laugh. Why ? Not because of a joke but because humour and laugh are contagious, far more than yawning. We as a social animal tend to react by laughing even when we do no get the joke.

And that is essentially why they add laugh tracks because it is a mostly unhumoristic show having a few people which are assholes to each other with the occasional light moment , and trying to paint them as geek. The humor is utterly flat so they NEED the trick of the laugh tracks.

Comment Doubtful (Score 1) 344

more likely advertiser will buy all adblock stuff around and slowly expand the acceptable ad programs until it becomes useless. If I learned one thing from history is that advertiser will go nuclear and escalate very quickly to the point of self destruction by obnoxiousness (pop up and pop under came relatively quickly in existence and became the plague they are, same with audio video ads).

Comment It is even worst (Score 1) 570

The tap water network is controlled far more often for contaminant. Bottled water company not so. So they could get pristine tap water and get it contaminated by various stuff during the bottling process.

Tap water , at least in europe and presumably the US, is more secure than bottled water.

Comment Not comparable (Score 1) 1163

Firstly there is about 1.2 millions gun, a lot of them being riffle for hunting, for 6 million people. The US has 6 times as many weapon, and a far higher proportion of handgun versus riffle. Pretty much the same AFAIK with other countries in Europe with a lot of hunting, like Germany and France. Also in addition some of those countries require a license to have weapon, and a safety test before giving a license. So yeah the comparison is not even remotely doable.

Comment ads cannot win (Score 1) 116

Worst case scenario you load all the ad wants , and confirm all advertising being loaded in the browser. Except it is not the browser but a VM browser which display nothing just do the actions without displaying or allowing any permanent file change, and is sanitized away from the OS. How are they to distinguish that ? Spend a lot of dollar ? ads blocker only have to stop their work around, and it is much easier than develop a way to bypass the blocker.

Comment and that applies to US only (Score 1) 323

Germany is starting a criminal investigation of the former CEO : http://www.wsj.com/articles/ge...

They might be protected in teh US, but german politician and other german firms are hating right now to be associated with cheaters. Germany is a big exporting country. And VW is making them look very very bad. I am just guessing and a bit making a CT here but I would say the german prosecutor WILL have carte blanche to investigate this thoroughly and show the world they will not stand for it. Thus protecting the rest of their export industry. I am betting within a few month indictments will start falling onto folks at VW and associated.

Comment Only recentely (Score 5, Informative) 268

"Well, the Abrahamic God (of Judaism, Christianity and Islam) is a hands-off kind of God,"

Do you mean the same good which people believe flooded the world, killing untold number of human ? Which smote Sodom and Gomorrah under the pretense there was absolutely nobody, not even a child, which was innocent ? Which ordered various Israeli tribe to kill all adult , including children, but keep nubile women for themselves ? Killing children by mauling them with bear ? The one which ordered a father to kill its kids as a test of faith ? Or as a result of a bet ruined the life of another ?

The god of the new testament is somewhat kinder if only by its absence. But the god of the old testament is as far as "hand off" as you can be.

Comment a law bad ior good is a law (Score 1) 471

I felt she went the correct way, protested, then the law was repelled by ballot. Now it is up to ubber. If they want to pretend doing civil right, good for them, but they WILL get the law punishment. Up to them to prove in appeal court it was a civil right matter or a civil protest. good luck on that one. Civil protest means that you are intentionally breaking the law and accept the consequence. Good for them. But it is still breaking the law.

Comment Now rong utterly wrong (Score 1) 471

" (read: without the authorities earning money from the practice)" no that is called breaking the law. You may not like the law, but it is the law.Work to have it repelled or Stuff up. Break the law ? Then get what's coming at you. How worked up would you be if companies started seeing EPA or FDA rules as "stuff the authorities made up for earning money from the practice" ? Like for example checking for salmonella in peanut butter and withdrawing it from circulation if contaminated ? Same difference, the dutch have law. respect them or GTFO.

Comment Factually incorrect (Score 1) 348

"removing benefits only hurts those who arent working" wrong, many benefits also help those who are working, but are working job which do not pay much. Those mcdonald working guy which get food stamp ? What do you think food stamp are ? Then there are all the retired people which worked their WHOLE life crappy job and never got enough money to spare. Want to kill them early ? Those are also benefits (medicaid/medicare). By your standard why should you pay for schools if you have no children. See the idiocy of this ?

As for PP, it has been demonstrated time and time again that unwanted pregnancy lead to children having on average a more miserable life, and on average, more criminality, which you pay with far more expansive prison. A few cent of your tax goes toward PP, costing per person maybe a few dozen dollar total. A prisoner cost far far more and the damage they do to the economy too.

I am guessing you are a republican and almost certainly somebody out of touch on what are the TRUE benefits of maintaining people above a certain poverty level by givings them benefits. Hint : the damage they would do to the society and economy by trying anything just to survive without those benefits would be much higher.

Comment Are they voting for her or agaisnt reps ? (Score 3, Insightful) 348

If you have the choice between the devil which lies to you, and the perceived greater devil which lies to you and might make your situation more miserable (by removing benefits, by de-funding planned parenthood, by holding the government hostage and stopping its funding etc...etc...) then maybe people do not vote FOR democrats as much as they vote AGAINST republican. Just sayin'.

Comment No we have not been broadcasting (Score 1) 275

"having only been broadcasting electromagnetic signatures visible by an alien civilization for around 80 years"

Not really, none of our signal went beyond a few au for most signals, and a few hundred au for most others. The reason is simple most signal were not very directional, and propagated at some point in 1/r^2, even if it is a cone rather than hemispherical. So for big r the r^2 gets bigger and you get a signal amplitude which is below the intergalatic noise for that frequency.

There are about only 4 or so signals which had enough energy to go beyond the solar system. They were intentionally very directional and high powered directed toward M13. They totaled all together 2 hours IIRC.

But beside those 2 hours or so ? Nothing. An ET could be landed on alpha proxy and NOT hear us in any way shape or form.

Basically : we would not be able to detect ourselves. Nobody would when the signal amplitude is dwarfed by noise. So unless some ET is continuously sending ginormous amount of energy in a directed radio signal toward us, there is no chance we would catch them.

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