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Comment Depends on the radio element (Score 3, Interesting) 74

Firstly not radioactivity is equal. Alpha unless ingested is not a problem. Beta or gamma is another matter. But even then highly radioactive one are not a "problem" (e.g. half life of 100 years, by 1000 years you get less than 1/1024 of the radioactivity and the very short half lived one are even mostly gone during temporary storage). Weakly radioactive material with extremely long life are not a problem either (they don't emit much per second because long half life). The problem at worst is the one with medium half life, radioactive enough to be dangerous, beta or gamma emitter, but also around the half life you cite , and in sizeable quantity. IMHO this is anyway not a big problem, because the quantity involved are minuscule. 300000 cubic meter is barely a cube of 66 meter side. For the whole country over 15 years nearly. Let us not hide the fac that this is a problem but let us be realist and not make a mountain out of it. Basically the 100K years is not a scam. It is just a little bit exaggerated as problem & consequence. Compare to CO2 emission and radioactive emission of coal for example.

Comment The flaw (Score 1) 820

Can you point them out? And no, businesses or corporations having political speech or money equals speech is not a flaw in the ruling. What constitutional basics is incorrect or flawed in it?

They are not human. That's enough of a flaw to make many democratic country see such entity as having no political right.

Comment Not to this degree (Score 5, Insightful) 380

Youa re better off if you find a new work, and indeed past progress *displaced* the worker from a menial job to another menial job. Simplified example : farm people/serf displaced to massive mine working and factory. But the new revolution is that menial jobs are replaced by nothing. Not only that but middle class job are also bound to be affected but they are not displaced they are mostly annihilated. There is no "new" menial/middle class category of jobs.

So what do you propose in replacement ? The way I see it, if it continues that way society will implode if it does not slow down automation or find a replacement.

Comment wrong (Score 1) 213

"Some researchers argue that autonomous weapons would commit fewer battlefield atrocities than human beings"

They would commit only as much atrocities as their master giving the order ,e.g. the generals handling the command, would allow them. Therefore it would still be HUMAN being declaring what's the ROE. 5% civilian casualty allowed. 20%. 100%. The number would be set by human. At least in the case of human we can have other human balking at atrocities and rebelling against order or getting taken to task after the war. With machine it would be a "I am not liable the machine misinterpreted etc...." bullshit shitfest. And with no easy way to demonstrate the falseness of it. And if it is machine there is FAR LESS incentive to say no to a war, when there is nobody from your country which will see the consequence. Body bags on TV are a very strong politic brake to wars, when they are "yours". Heap of scrap don't. So it is much easier to decide to go for a war. Which is why by the way we see so much bombing by the US using drone : they know there is nobody protesting much because no US body bags. So they bomb more and more. There is no incentive to slow that down. THIS is the real danger of autonomous or semi autonomous weapons : the lowering of the barrier of moral usage to almost nothing.

Comment Or it was an excuse (Score 1) 574

To go from Belgium to Croatia you have to go through multiple country. Either the IQ of the woman is so low that she should be barred from driving, or she simply used it as an excuse. "yeah I followed my GPS two day long" bullshit. She wanted to get away from where she was whatever was the reason (could be any reason) then after 2 day of blowing off she realized she was going off the rail and rather than admit anything she accused the GPS.

Comment If you can't spend them... (Score 1) 158

How does EU legislation have any effect on Bitcoin? Just ignore them, same as those who legislate the value of PI.

If you can't spend any BT in EU because BT are not traceable as legally required, what do you think is then the usefulness of BT for merchant ? Zero. For all practical purpose this would make for the crushing majority of people BT worthless in EU, barring doing illegal transactions.

Comment this si the flaw of the US process (Score 1) 634

"Well, d'oh. If you change the electoral process you can get different results"
Then your electoral process is deeply flawed. With a direct process like in my country, it does not matter how many time you partition and recount : sum are commutative and associative in the end you get the same final number. But with a represenative process you have shenanigan like gerrymandering and you can "win" election before the vote and recount can change the results. That alone should tell you haw deeply flawed the process is.

Comment nice looking graphs != useful graphs (Score 3, Informative) 59

They were glorified scan graphs some other company presented before which I can't recall the name. They used to have a software to which you could feed your firewalls logs and get a similar graphs (reverse lookup on country always showed my home IP as being from half a world away but i digress). The problem is that scanning does not mean threat or attacks, and those graphs means next to nothing beyond marketing. Sure nice looking. But empty of meaning.

Comment It does not matter (Score 1) 208

The web page was maybe in english (because that's a language which can be shared in europe) but it STILL is directed at person of the Europe region which will expect their way of counting. Why the heck should they adopt the decimal point at the same time they use English ? That is a stupid argument sorry. The language and the numerical convention are separate. And in this case since it is an europe web page, it is expected to use the comma point convention as decimal separator because it is expected to be read by people using that convention.

Comment Which region you mean ? (Score 2) 208

That's a Europe region web page for an Europe audience in an Europe zone by Europole and therefore use convention that most of europe uses (e.g. decimal notation). Do you have any other extremely evidence question question ? Alternatively you go there and count the countries in Europe which uses point as decimal separator. Hint : only UK , and SWISS (only for currency). In fact the majority of the world use comma as separator. Look at the picture.

Comment Worst than that (Score 1) 208

I could pardon not knowing what decimal and thousand separator is. But there is what is written : "12.353," see 6the comma at the end ? The submitter did not even THINK why there would be a comma at the end. Even if I did not knew that , can be a thousand separator in some regions , if I see 12,000. $ it is quite obvious the . is a thousand (or hundred in some region !) separator and the comma a decimal separator.

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