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Comment Re:Within 100 miles of a border... (Score 1) 394

Isn't their some law that gives border agents essentially unlimited rights to search and confiscate (no warrant required) so long as they are within 100 miles of any US border? I remember seeing something like that a few years ago and thought, gee, I wonder how many people live in houses that are within 100 miles of the border....

And how is it that this law trumps the US Constitution? Specifically the 4th amendment?

Comment Re:6 years (Score 4, Interesting) 127

If they can take Android, which is open source, and create their own fork of it which is proven to be much more secure yet can still use the Android app eco-system, it could very well be a big hit when combined with good QWERTY phones.

Here's the problem: Android isn't 100% open source (at least the way I understand it). The first part is obvious: Google Play Services. This is not open source, but it is needed to run many of the apps. (this is also why I can't run some of the Android apps on my BB Z10) There are also many binaries included in the Android OS where there is no code available. Because of that BlackBerry (or any other company) cannot guarantee the security of the device running Android. So they cannot have a secure device like a BB10 device.

BlackBerry is doing what some of their supporters want: Great hardware (which is what BB is known for) running an OS with tons of apps.

BlackBerry will continue to develop the BB10 OS because they have many customers that demand it.

My disclaimer: I've had my Z10 since launch and I still love it. The BB10 OS is very well designed, fast and secure. I love it.

Comment Re:What AWS outage demonstrates .. (Score 1) 76

False. They have had multiple outages in the last 5 years:

On April 20, 2011, some parts of Amazon Web Services suffered a major outage.

On June 29, 2012, several websites that rely on Amazon Web Services were taken offline

On October 22, 2012, a major outage occurred

On December 24, 2012, AWS suffered another outage

On September 20, 2015, AWS suffered another outage

Some of these were limited to one day, some were multiple days.

Comment Looking in the wrong place (Score 1) 278

Almost all of the pirated movies that I have seen were stolen at the studio, not the theater. Some of them even had the production information still on the screen. And some of them were the complete DVD/Blu-ray movie package that was yet to be released.

The studios know their own people are stealing, but they keep blaming the general public.

Comment Re:Where did this idea come from? (Score 1) 1291

Bull! It went down largely because factories drifted overseas, and nothing equivalent is replacing it on the same scale. Smarter machines and dirt-cheap overseas labor by desperate near-slaves are clearly biting into career options for high-school-level workers. Almost everything predictable and repetitious is drying up before our eyes.

And why did that happen? We inflated the cost of our labor through minimum wage (yes, there are jobs out there that aren't worth paying $5/hour) and by requiring people not to work in order to receive certain benefits from the government. We out-priced ourselves and made it comfortable to live off of the government.

Even wages among the educated have been stagnant of late. Education only delays the inevitable. The current economy hugely favors the 1%: it's a winner-take-all economy.

Wages are stagnant because the economy is stagnant. It's not growing. This is a direct result of government interference with the economy. Hell, look at the Fed's interest rates - 0%. There's barely any confidence out there in our economy. We are squeaking by at 0.5-2% growth. We need to be consistently at 4-5% growth for wages to improve and to get people back to work.

If you get in the 1% club you have the power to protect your turf. If you are outside the club, you have to grovel with the masses for the shrinking pie.

The 1% group is extremely fluid. People are constantly entering and leaving that group. Most are not life-long members. There's no evil plan to keep the rest of the population down.

"The urge to destroy is also a creative urge." -- Bakunin [ed. note - I would say: The urge to destroy may sometimes be a creative urge.]