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Comment Re:Of course not (Score 2) 345

Even when a generic version of a drug appears, greed is often in play. Just a month or two again, this was in the news "The rights to Daraprim were purchased in August by a new company, Turing Pharmaceuticals, which promptly increased the price from $13.50 per tablet to $750 per tablet -- a 5,000 percent jump -- the New York Times reported."

Followed by another company that is selling the pill for less than a dollar per pill. But that's not as sensational, is it?

Comment Re:As if Samsung will give a shit. (Score 1) 61

Bullshit. They can make sure the telcos are contractually obligated to publish timely updates.

They don't, because they don't give a shit.

I wish that were true, but what leverage do the handset makers have against the telcos? Apple was the only one so far to beat the telcos and get direct access to update their devices. But what can Samsung, HTC, LG, and others do about it? Their market share is smaller and they cannot throw their weight around to force the telcos.

I hate the idea of additional government regulations, but maybe the FCC needs to mandate that the carriers don't have any control over the software updates. My landline provider has no say in my phone system. My ISP has no say on the devices I use on their network. Why does Verizon or AT&T?

Comment Re:A good case for municipal broadband (Score 1) 94

One thing that really strikes me about this story is how many walls the founders of this movement ran into trying to get it set up - they wanted towers, but said putting those up would be prohibitively expensive for such a small organization. Now, imagine that a municipality was able to get behind this, maybe get some state funding to offset the costs (perhaps by providing free broadband to homes with children in public schools that otherwise could not afford it) and was able to put up a better system that didn't rely so much on the homeowners to maintain (the article states that any homeowner who has it installed has to provide power for it for life even if they do not use it). Commercial providers would be forced to cut prices and improve service or go under.

Commercial providers run into the same roadblocks. It is very expensive to build towers.

Commercial providers also can't force their fees on people like a municipality. Municipality can tax residents for Internet service they don't use. When was the last time a commercial company did that?

To suggest that municipalities would provide fair competition with for-profit companies is not understanding the economics of it.

Comment Re:Voltage vs insulation (Score 1) 169

The DC bus is likely at a lower voltage than typical AC circuits, therefore less able to cause electrocution.

It's not the voltage that kills, it's the current. As little as 100mA is fatal if it crosses the heart. And if you want to work with lower voltage for the same job that means the current must be higher.

Comment Re:Don't Know How You Made That Conclusion (Score 4, Informative) 217

I run a small email system ~2500 users and don't have your problems...

You probably have a dedicated/static IP and it isn't tainted from others who have used it before you.

For people trying to run their own email server at home it can be a real pain. ISP's blocking 25 and 587. DHCP means that your IP pool has a bad reputation. Etc...

Comment Stupid, stupid, stupid (Score 1) 217

Stupid for two specific reasons:

1) Stop requiring shit at the federal level. Education decisions should be made at the local and state level. You can require whatever you want in Chicago, but leave the rest of us alone. The federal government has a hard enough time doing the job that it is mandated to do in the Constitution.

2) Not everyone needs to know how to code. It's a waste of time. Not everyone needs to take shop class. Not everyone needs to take home economics.

Comment Re:Bought EMC's Avamar and... (Score 1) 97

I also ran Avamars (replicating to DR site). We struggled with the product's reliability and upgrades never seemed to work correctly. Some of the management was through the Java front end, others were using the Linux CLI. It all seemed very disjointed. Switched to Dell's Appassure about 2 years ago and haven't looked back. One management interface (website) and upgrades are pretty simple. Also much cheaper than Avamar.

One of the other issues I didn't like with Avamar was the licensing model. I bought the servers, but then had to pay again to utilize all of the storage available. This made it a very expensive backup solution. With Appassure I can attach as much storage as I want to the server and never pay extra.

No, I do not work for Dell or any of their companies. I'm just a satisfied customer with a solid team supporting me.

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