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Comment: Re:Remote? In Massachusetts? (Score 2, Informative) 90 90

My thoughts exactly. I'm in Iowa. We have co-ops that have spread high speed Internet access all across the state. For those not familiar with Iowa, we are very spread out with many people in rural areas. How in the hell does Massachusetts not have the same? It is a tiny state.

Comment: Re:No, they're not (Score 1) 113 113

Obviously you're not aware they've been making a secure Android for certain customers for some time now (in partnership with Boeing).

I'm aware of that. BTW, how's that going? Not well.

You're wrong about Android being unsecurable - there are several high-end phone manufacturers that build their own secure Androids, you just won't see them on Best Buy.

You mean like the "most secure Android device" that was cracked in less than 5 minutes?

Comment: No, they're not (Score 2) 113 113

This rumor comes up every year. There would be no advantage to them releasing an Android device. They wouldn't get any cut of app sales, they can't control Android security (which is an absolute joke), and people still won't buy it because it's a BB.

I'm a die hard BB fan. I've had 6 or 7 BB devices since 2004 (currently a Z10 running 10.3.1) and I'm a 10+ year BES admin. The BlackBerry 10 OS is solid, secure and fast. Give it time. A lot of time. It already runs most Android apps.

Android is a mess. It varies wildly between phone manufacturers and it is dominated by 2 or 3 companies. Don't go down that path.

Comment: Be smart (Score 5, Informative) 1032 1032

Get your general education classes done at a junior college. Much cheaper. Then transfer to a 4 year school if you're career path requires it. Note the emphasis on the word "requires". Don't go to college if your career doesn't need it. There's no point in graduating with what essentially is the size of a home mortgage. You're starting in the hole and you don't need to do that. The sooner that you can get into the workforce with a good paying job, the better off you will be. You can buy a car and home much earlier in life. You can also start saving for retirement earlier which makes a huge impact on when and how you can retire.

Comment: In other words... (Score 2) 86 86

...there's nothing new here.

"5G networks are widely expected to start to roll out by 2020, with a few early debuts at such global events as the 2018 Winter Olympics"
Which means that there won't be consumer equipment able to use it in 2018. What's the point?

"The FCC's Tom Wheeler says 5G is different for every manufacturer"
Facepalm. Hell, double facepalm.

Comment: Re:Nice (Score 3, Informative) 285 285

Maybe. Assuming Microsoft makes a proper SSH client that is as good as PuTTY, instead of software like that piece of shit called HyperTerminal...

If I remember correctly, Microsoft didn't make HyperTerminal. They either bought it or licensed its use in Windows.

Comment: Re:How many PCs before WSUS? (Score 2) 374 374

Our business currently does not. How many Windows PCs would a small business normally be expected to have in operation before purchasing a Windows Server on which to run WSUS?

Small companies don't need to run it on a separate server. It can be running on virtually any other server. It doesn't use a lot of resources, especially in small networks. It's basically free at that point.

Mine is dedicated, but I also have a Windows Server Datacenter license that lets me run unlimited VM.

Comment: A few things here... (Score 5, Insightful) 272 272

First off, $70k isn't poor. Not even in California. Can people afford to put a solar array on their house with $70k income? No. But that doesn't mean they are poor.

Second: Truly poor people don't own homes. Middle class and upper class own homes. Poor people rent. Renters have no choice where their power comes from.

Third: The solar panels are usually the cheapest part of adding a power source to your home. The transfer switch, batteries and inverter are the bulk of the cost.

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