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Comment Who prints anymore? (Score 1) 194

It's always been easier for me to not print. I don't print all of the time. I forward and reply to emails. I don't print them. I use presentation tools and share the content electronically instead of printing them. I copy and paste information to different screens instead of printing it out and typing it in. (We all know people that still do this)

The only time I print anymore is to sign contracts, and even then I use a digital signature when it's possible.

Hell, the first printer that my wife and I bought together was a HP 1200 LaserJet in October of 2002. I just replaced the factory toner cartridge in 2013 or 2014. That's how little we print at home. That printer saved me hundreds of dollars, if not over a thousand if I had purchased an ink jet printer.

Comment Re:I know this is funny to laugh about... (Score 1) 178

What would make things different is a software architecture change that gets rid of the separate permanent storage layer and makes everything RAM-persistent. That would be kinda strange to imagine.

But isn't the point of restarting the machine to reset it's state? Either from updates or a computer just acting strange?

Comment Re:This order is worthless without funding (Score 2) 222

If you even had a basic idea of how the Constitution works, the President's budget is basically for show. Congress is entirely responsible.

Sorry, but you're wrong.

Congress generally begins its budget process once the President submits his budget. The President is required by law to submit a comprehensive federal budget on or before the first Monday in February (31 U.S.C. 1105(a))

Comment Re:Or let us keep our hard-earned money (Score 1) 571

Because if they do that the people of the red states won't pay for things like roads and schools, just cool things like NASCAR and shotguns.

Obviously I'm talking about corporate and personal welfare programs. I'm not talking about government infrastructure. I realize the benefit in roads.

I don't think that people realize how much more expensive some goods and services are *beacuse* they are being subsidized. The government rarely seems to pay a correct amount for these things. Plus subsidies drive up demand which drives up costs.

Comment "Truckers" should use commercial solutions (Score 4, Insightful) 363

Truckers shouldn't use google maps anyway - they don't provide legal truck routes. There are other applications out there like ALK PC Miler that provides truck routes based on verified truck routes, height and weight limits, etc.

I'm not sure that Google wants to get into that game, at least not providing a free product.

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