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Comment: Re:Not a surprise (Score 2) 105 105

The way you are talking reveals that you have no fucking idea about what Amnesty International is actually doing, and this kind of ignorance is infuriating me, because a simple web search could have given you at least some clue.

I've been a member of AI for a decade now, and there is absolutely no doubt to anyone who actually reads their reports that they are one of the most impartial organizations on earth. Please stop this bullshit about "tearing down the west" and get a life!

Even better, go to the AI page to inform yourself and eventually become a member. You can even do some good without becoming a member, e.g. check out the Urgent Actions programme. You can literally safe lives and prevent people from 'disappearing' by writing simple letters.

Comment: Re:Fee Fees Hurt? (Score 3, Insightful) 247 247

In this case it won't work against trolls, though. They should have spent some time on Usenet to actually get a clue what trolling is.

There have been cases were people with existing mental illnesses have been driven to suicide. The people harassing them knew what they were doing.

If the law was motivated by this, then why do they not restrict the law to not allow knowingly trolling people with mental illnesses? A "do not drive mentally ill people into suicide" law might make sense, provided such cases are not yet covered by existing laws.

But that is not their motivation. The primary motivation is to get additional means for wealthy people (including, of course, politicians) to sue bloggers and critiques. Another motivation is to cover the politicians' asses under extremely rare circumstances when bullying creates some public outrage, which usually happens in the form of a witch hunt that blown out of proportions by the medias.

Comment: Re:Austerity or... (Score 1) 358 358

Argentina defaulted, and while it was hard for a few years they have come out of it pretty well.

No they haven't. They are still very bad off ten years after the default, they even would have gotten into bad troubles again recently if they had followed the law, only because some private (!) investor wanted his money back.

Comment: Re:bit coin doesn't solve the strategic issue. (Score 1) 358 358

Unfortunately, Greece's economy is very import oriented. Exiting the Euro would be catastrophic for Greece, which also the reason why the other EU countries tried everything they could to prevent this from happening (short of being blackmailed by Greece's current lunatic government).

Comment: Re:Wow gorgeous (Score 2, Insightful) 302 302

I don't know, Windows 10 looks rather 80s to me. It certainly doesn't look modern.

Also, Microsoft has not yet given us any guarantees that we will not have to pay for subscriptions in future, that all features will continue to work, and that they pay for any damages that result from an automatic upgrade going wrong. So it doesn't seem wise to upgrade, at least not immediately. I'd rather wait a year or two.

Comment: Re:We, the one who pay our hard earned cash ... (Score 1) 50 50

It's even more infuriating for non-expats who are not native speakers of English. Nobody except my long dead grandpa wants localized content, except perhaps for books, but even literary translations are getting less and less popular. Most literary translations suck, too, especially for genres like Science Fiction. Movies are the worst, their lip syncing is an abomination. And don't let me get started with video games, for some reason foreign voice actors are always worse than the original.

Almost everybody speaks English nowadays anyway, so at least they should give us a choice.

Comment: Re:Snake oil is everywhere (Score 1) 668 668

Just having a doctor say "there are no studies showing it's effective" won't cut it any more

That's good, because the statement you have put in quotes has zero implications regarding the effectiveness or non-effectiveness of the substance or treatment in question. Perhaps basic logic training would also be helpful.

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