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Comment: Re:German "unfair competition" law (Score 1) 292

That's not the right way, you need to give power to the actual content creators, not the companies who make the money with their works.

Think about it, it's fucking crazy and also hypocritical of society as a whole that an author can earn the Nobel Prize in Literature and will still have to sign away his copyright and all further rights on his works to some company in order to be able to make a living.

Comment: Re:Copypriveledge The Right To Steal Copies (Score 2) 292

Copyright could easily be adjusted to be beneficial to society. Limit it to twenty years, make it non-transferable and nullify any contracts that bind the exclusive marketing of copyrightable material to one company. That would allow the copyright holder to (i) make some money from his works for some time, and (ii) would get limit the power of the publishing industry in a way that is beneficial to the artists. The publisher could still market and sell the works and pay only lousy percentages, but at least you could change to another publisher at any time.

Right now, the problem are the publishers (and Amazon's POD, regarding books). They make most of the money and use their existing grip of death on the market to coerce artists into their scheme. For example, young authors are warned from the start that if they just publish one book by their own publishing company (as opposed to POD, which is accepted because everybody wants a piece of that cake), they will be burned forever and never can have a book published at a larger publishing house. Or take record labels who make artists sign so-called 360 contracts.

The English/US market is huge but don't forget that in many if not most countries even fairly successful writers and musicians can barely make a living - the markets are simply not big enough. So if you want to read books and listen to music produced by independently thinking individuals and not just marketing/advertising companies, you should not to abolish copyright but modify it to empower the actual artists.

Comment: Re:Can't they just get it right? (Score 1) 88

by aaaaaaargh! (#49518509) Attached to: AMD Publishes New 'AMDGPU' Linux Graphics Driver

I'm also flying X-plane 10 and with the R9 280 textures flicker like hell - especially roads, distant buildings, distant lakes. In fact, for the past ten years every version of X-Plane flickers with every ATI card I've owned so far (except at 16xAA), which is one of the main reasons why I'd like to try out Nvidia. It must be a mixture of the way X-Plane is programmed and OpenGL issues, I suspect, because there is less flickering in DirectX games. So perhaps it's not really related to the card.

Anyway, I might be too demanding, but it pisses me off that relatively expensive mid-range cards with theoretically good specs can't get rid of flickering textures at normal settings except with insane and impractical amounts of AA.

Comment: Re:Can't they just get it right? (Score 3, Insightful) 88

by aaaaaaargh! (#49518445) Attached to: AMD Publishes New 'AMDGPU' Linux Graphics Driver

For example here, here and here.

But I remember many more mentions of problems with NVIDIA drivers at Gearslutz. Obviously, that doesn't mean that there are always problems, I just took such comments as a sign to be cautious about switching to NVIDIA. I'll probably still do it, because I'm fed up with ATI. It's good to hear that you don't have any problems.

Comment: Can't they just get it right? (Score 0) 88

by aaaaaaargh! (#49517759) Attached to: AMD Publishes New 'AMDGPU' Linux Graphics Driver

I know I'm ranting, but graphics cards are without doubt the most annoying piece of gear I own. I have used ATI cards so far but they always have problems, be it overheating at normal clock speed (my current R9 280), driver problems, crashes, flickering in OpenGL. So I'm thinking about switching to NVIDIA for my next machine, only to hear from reliable pro-audio people that these cards often cause problems with the audio drivers of professional external sound cards like horrible crackling noises.

Do I really need to buy two expensive PCs in order to work on GNU/Linux, play a flight simulator and record music?

Comment: Precalculated (Score 2) 109

by aaaaaaargh! (#49495303) Attached to: For the most recent tax year ...

Where I currently live you download a program from the tax authority which in turn downloads almost all data you need from their servers (including your salary, health care expenditures, etc.). You then fill out 2-3 missing points like where you live or some additional deducible items, and by the press of a button the program gives you a 100% accurate estimate of your tax returns. When you press another button it sends the declaration back to their servers, and it's done.

Comment: Re:0.6? Are you serious? (Score 1) 226

by aaaaaaargh! (#49492141) Attached to: GNU Hurd 0.6 Released

It may be irrelevant now, but it could become very relevant from one day to another if Microsoft decided to attack Linux, either directly or indirectly indirectly (e.g. by funding SCO again), in order to grab royalties and thereby delay their own inevitable demise. That's not such an unlikely scenario, and it seems good to have something else up one's sleeve...

Comment: Re:What is the objective of the research? (Score 1) 63

what are the practical applications of this observation

Mathematicians don't need practical applications. When they speak about "applications" they mean "applications to other fields of mathematics". And that is good so.

That being said, I know Diaconis primarily for his earlier work on ranking methods, which have many practical applications in CS -- like page ranking algorithms, for instance.

Comment: Re:Out of touch with the world she lives in (Score 1) 538

Sorry I don't buy it. No matter which age, anyone who doesn't roughly understand how the internet works after detailed explanations can only be a complete moron or demented, or both. It's not like these people have to go to the public library to find out how the internet works, they have a support staff and access to expert panels. Or, they could just grab a phone and ask someone who knows.

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