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Comment: Re:Unsurprising if you think about it (Score 1) 322

Nah, I can guarantee you that the reason is Bush and his regime. I'm an example myself, I was planning for a long time to apply at a US university and move to your lovely country, but Bush and his gang really did spoil the party.

I know some of you guys think differently, but across the pond Obama is more or less recognized like an overall very reasonable, if not a bit pale and too timid politician. Like, say, Jimmy Carter.

Comment: The paper is fine (Score 1) 134

by aaaaaaargh! (#48443449) Attached to: Profanity-Laced Academic Paper Exposes Scam Journal

While the scientific merits of their approach are indeed somewhat questionable, their article addresses a topic of widespread public interest and they make a valid point. I suppose it has entered the journal not under the category "original research" but rather under "discussion and critical commentaries".

Comment: Re:So, VOIP 911 calls shouldn't get priority? (Score 1) 76

There should be no VOIP 911 calls, for just about the same reason as nuclear missile launch commands should not be transmitted over the Internet.

Car analogy: You shouldn't use Microsoft Windows to control the electronic braking system of your car.

Comment: Re:Impossible to build purely evil robots? (Score 1) 330

Then their "proof" seems to be based on a common misunderstanding, though. The halting problem only states that there is no algorithm that allows you to determine of any algorithm (including, notably, itself) that it will halt. It doesn't state that you cannot automatically proof that some specific algorithm (e.g. one for "ethical killing") will halt/is correct or that you cannot proof that most if not all algorithms we're interested in will halt/are correct. While many of the automated theorem provers are not fully automatic and may sometimes require you to choose a proof strategy, this has more to do with the complicated nature of the proofs (and incompleteness of HOL). There are also fully automated HOL theorem provers.

I believe most of the Airbus software based on Spark has been proved using automated theorem provers, but I might be wrong. Anyway, there are many automated correctness proofs for safety-critical software/hardware.

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