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Comment: Re:Sets a precedent (Score 1) 546

by aaaaaaargh! (#48621973) Attached to: Top Five Theaters Won't Show "The Interview" Sony Cancels Release

True, it's a bad precedent but on the other hand it's also questionable whether a lousy comedy is worth that some people die. If this was like Chaplin's The Great Dictator or Lubitsch's To Be Or Not To Be I would think otherwise, but judging from the trailer it's really just trash.

Comment: Re:Doesn't seem simple (Score 1) 137

by aaaaaaargh! (#48611407) Attached to: Microsoft Gets Industry Support Against US Search Of Data In Ireland

That's the reason why you should not put things in the cloud in the first place, and if you do so you should at least check where the servers are located and decide for yourself whether that's a good place for your documents to be and whether they are legal there.

Jesus Christ, is that so hard to understand?

And yes, prosecutors of country A can already ask prosecutors of country B for a warrant in country B, that's done all the time and that's not what this case is about.

Comment: Re:Not really missing vinyl (Score 5, Informative) 432

by aaaaaaargh! (#48594479) Attached to: Vinyl Record Pressing Plants Struggle To Keep Up With Demand

No, it can't be emulated by equalization. If at all it could be emulated by special DSP effects that also add some special distortion. There are plenty such effects available (in fact, a bit too many), but it's usually a horrible idea to slap one of those over an already mastered track.

The real problem has nothing to do with the warmth of vinyl, though. The real problem is that as a result of the infamous loudness war digital CDs are nowadays mastered in a completely different way than vinyl records, a way that is so overcompressed that it completely destroys the sound quality of the music - and provably so, as you can measure the horrible effects of this mastering precisely. It's not a subjective thing at all. Vinyl records have become much louder over the past few decades, too, but they have physical limits that digital media like CDs don't have. If a vinyl record was mastered like a CD, the needle would literally jump out of the track. (With adequate mastering CDs would be superior to Vinyl in almost every respect, but the reality is different due to the way mastering engineers were and are still forced to squeeze every inch of dynamics out of productions.)

Things get much worse with modern digital formats like MP3 or AAC. These would be barely tolerable with very careful mastering, but with modern "loudness competitive" mastering they create even worse artefacts than CDs due to intersample peaks and the interplay with the lossy recording process. Mid/side processing can reveal the horrible blubbering effects that these formats produce in case you can't hear them. (Although, if you can't hear them then you're probably deaf anyway and it won't matter.)

There is great hope that once broadcast stations have adopted new loudness measurement standards like EBU R128 the problem will vanish over time. These standards level the broadcast signals not to standard amplitude levels but according to broader loudness criteria - measuring mean values and taking into account the dynamic range of the audio material using standardized procedures. With these new standards we will hopefully get some dynamics and audio quality back to digital media which are principally vastly superior to vinyl.

Comment: Re:Silly backwards lobbyists and authorities (Score 1) 251

by aaaaaaargh! (#48566167) Attached to: Peter Sunde: the Pirate Bay Should Stay Down

I guess I am some "whiny, greedy content owner" for daring to ask you to pay money if you want to enjoy the fruit of my labors.

You're just bullshitting, right? I know plenty of artists, writers, and musicians but I've never heard a creative person call himself or herself a "content owner".

I work my ass off, I pay my actors, pay my crew, pay for equipment, food, props, costumes, etc.

Oh please fuck off ...

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