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by aaaaaaargh! (#47953137) Attached to: Dropbox and Google Want To Make Open Source Security Tools Easy To Use

Why is OP modded Flamebait? He's right!

Dropbox is the last company on earth that should be trusted with anything related to security or encryption. They have proven to be incompetent regarding security (and programming in general, for what it's worth) and there are countless alternatives on the market that are better than Dropbox. And yes, hiring Condoleeza Rice does not make them more trustworthy either. Having her in the board is like appointing Dick Cheney as a human rights adviser.

People who honestly believe Dropbox can keep their personal documents safe against hackers or, an even more ridiculous idea, against the NSA must be seriously misinformed or deluded.

Comment: Is Apple going downhill? (Score 5, Informative) 349

I have nothing personal against Apple or U2, but if Cook thinks he can keep Apple's overall positive image as a "cool company" (not to speak of rejuvenating it) by collaborating with a pop band whose peak of success was in the late 80s/early 90s, then I can only conclude that Apple has a rough future ahead.

Perhaps I am missing the grand picture here but it's hard for me to imagine anything less innovative and more boring than this U2 bullshit in combination with a wrist watch that looses power after one day.

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by aaaaaaargh! (#47931953) Attached to: Obama Presses Leaders To Speed Ebola Response

You might have a point there. If this happened in the US, people would perhaps really go nuts, many would likely panic and do all kind of crazy things, and some of them would shoot around like mad men, killing their fellow citizens, doctors, nurses and aid workers, and then infect 20 other people ... and then refuse to get vaccinated even tough a vaccine was available ...

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by aaaaaaargh! (#47888667) Attached to: German Court: Google Must Stop Ignoring Customer E-mails

If that were so then Google could just show the ads randomly and besaid third parties had no way of ever finding out about their fraud. But it doesn't work that way. Besides, Google also sells data to the government, e.g. to law enforcement agencies. The average cost of a wiretap in the U.S. in 2012 was $50,452. Google does it for much cheaper.

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by aaaaaaargh! (#47856841) Attached to: Is It Time To Split Linux Distros In Two?

Well, for me the year of the Linux desktop is here since 2007. I just hope that not too many people get the same idea and decide to switch to GNU/Linux in future, because that would mean that I'd need to give free tech support to more people and I have no interest or time for that. It is better if GNU/Linux continues to stay under the radar of casual users, moms and morons (I was about to say "greedy business men" too, but then I realized that Android probably also counts as "linux").

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by aaaaaaargh! (#47847529) Attached to: Responding to Celeb Photo Leaks, Reddit Scotches "Fappening" Subreddit

Coincidentally, 100% of all people who write "100% sum game" have no clue about what that phrase could mean if it had any meaning at all, 90% of all people who write "zero sum game" know absolutely nothing about game theory, and 89% of all statistics are made up ad hoc.

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by aaaaaaargh! (#47840179) Attached to: LLVM 3.5 Brings C++1y Improvements, Unified 64-bit ARM Backend

I'm using GNAT Ada with GCC, as practically all other Ada users. GNAT is the only Ada version that implements the latest language features of Ada 2012.

Adacore alone is reason enough to continue developing GCC. The commercial version of GNAT uses GCC and is used in production systems like airplanes you fly with.

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