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Comment: Civ V: Off The Grid! (Score 4, Interesting) 320

by InfinityWpi (#33151908) Attached to: 400 Turns of <em>Civilization V</em>

I'm actually looking forward to some of these changes now... paying upkeep for roads makes sense to me. They're more like interstate highways now, not the roads that go every-which-way. The new way to expand your cities and develop culture sound good, too.

Well, there goes part of my 2010 and all of my 2011... just need to get a machine that can handle 3D graphics to play it, now...

Comment: Re:Test your /. age by reading the summary... (Score 1) 89

by InfinityWpi (#31570186) Attached to: Dueling Summary Judgment Motions In Viacom v. YouTube

If you read the heading of this post and thought ' this is stupid, you can gauge someone's /. age by the number of digits in the UID, its probably a valid point, but makes this entire post worthless, so keep that to yourself.

Damn kid. Get off my lawn.

Everything else posted is pretty much 100% correct...

Comment: Regrettably... (Score 1) 262

by InfinityWpi (#30536876) Attached to: Typing With Your Brain

... it turns out that they used an old AT-style connector, so you're only able to use your thoughts to type on a 386DX2/40 at best. Wuich is okay, I guess, still runs Linux.

Seriously, tho, combine this with Bluetooth, and we've got ourselves a winner. Connect to your PC, cell phone, PS3, whatever. I'll go in for the surgery as soon as it's availa... wait. Can I also move a mouse with my thoughts? Using a computer with just keys could be harsh these days.

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