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Comment: Re:Curious (Score 1) 122

by Anitra (#45845907) Attached to: Are High MOOC Failure Rates a Bug Or a Feature?

Ah, but I had at least one class like that while I was in university. Then the question becomes, if you can't get help from the professor... do you stick it out anyway and TRY to finish, or give up and waste thousands of dollars?

I would expect MOOCs to have less oversight than classes at a traditional university, so more of those unsuitable professor/teachers will slip through. My point is that paying for a class and showing up in person still does not guarantee an education in that subject (unfortunately).

Comment: Re:Access to free (text-) books is reason enough (Score 1) 575

by Anitra (#40462649) Attached to: Bill Gates Says Tablets Aren't Much Help In Education

Many subjects don't NEED "new and updated" textbooks. Honestly, has primary & secondary math changed in 50 years? Yet new textbooks are issued every 2-3 years. Science changes, but even that is slow compared to a high school student's career - doctorate-level ground-breaking research takes 30 years to filter down to the high school level.

If you're looking at e-books, history and science texts could be simply added on to instead of completely replaced. The publishers probably won't let that happen, though. Big money in textbook publishing.

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