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Comment: Re:Not a Canal (Score 4, Informative) 107 107

I'm Dutch. I live in Amsterdam. It's not perfectly valid to call a gracht a kanaal. The issue here is not what the Dutch call our canals and grachten and sloten, the issue is that the fact that English has one word for a collection of things that the Dutch have individual words for affects more than just language. It affects the way people think about them.

Again, read Babel 17 and you'll see.

Comment: Re:Not a Canal (except that it is) (Score 1) 107 107

I'm not arguing but genuinely interested - what's Singelgracht then? :)

A "singel" is a meandering gracht around a village or burrough, like around Naarden Vesting. Singelgracht is a meandering gracht outside the more well known grachten, which to make things more clear they called "Singelgracht". It's less confusing really than the gracht that's called "Rechtboomsloot". Which technically is a sloot as it doesn't surround anything, and it's narrow, but it connects two grachten.

Read Babel 17, you'll understand.

Comment: Re:Not a Canal (Score 1) 107 107

Linguistically speaking, the whole eskimo-snow thing has been mostly debunked.

I don't know about Eskimo's and snow, fact is that a "sloot" is very different from a "kanaal" or a "gracht". Still, in English they're all "canal". This means that Americans see a sloot or a gracht or a canal, and think it's all the same thing. At the same time, to a Dutch person it wouldn't even occur that you could use the word "sloot" for a "gracht" or "kanaal".

Comment: Re:Not a Canal (Score 2, Informative) 107 107

A gracht IS a canal. A city-canal to be more precise.

Nope. There are seven distinct things that in English are all "canal". In Dutch, they are distinct, different things. No Dutch person would call a gracht a canal. Nor a singel, vliet, wetering, sloot, vaart. It's as if English wouldn't have separate words for truck, car, bike, motorcycle, van, bus but rather would call each of them "vehicle".

+ - EU wants Brits to stop protecting children against an evil Internet->

X10 writes: When we founded Meldpunt (www.meldpunt-kinderporno) we aimed at protecting children from online (sexual) abuse. We worked with organizations in almost every country in Europe and we founded INHOPE. We (Meldpunt and a few other hotlines) argued with the English organizations about the scope of our actions. We limited ourselves to catching pedophiles (in close cooperation with the police), they extended their goals to protecting children from seeing pornography. This is why the Internet Watch Foundation received more money from the EU than Meldpunt. Now, the EU wants the UK to stop blocking pornography by default. It doesn't feel good to see John Carr, who I worked with in Inhope, defends the UK policy to censor the Internet. The EU is right to tell the UK to respect net neutrality.
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