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Comment #prayforparis (Score 5, Interesting) 728

Americans introduced the hash tag #PrayForParis. To which a Parisian replied "Friends from the whole world, thank you for #prayforParis, but we don't need more religion! our faith goes to music! kisses! Life! champagne and Joy! #ParisisaboutLife". I found that amusing, despite the fact I read it last night shortly after the attack.

It seems that American tweeps don't know that the French value their secular state. Which must seem odd to people in a country where so many people are still religious.

Comment Governments will wait for it. (Score 1) 214

As always, governments act on potential threats to our safety after somehing has happened. It was obvious a train would be targeted, yet an attack on Thalys had to happen before EU governments started thinking about it. Same will happen with AV's. First an attack has to happen, then they will act. Please, governments of the world: here's your chance to, for once, act before another massacre happens.

Comment under the carpet (Score 1) 177

Blocking pictures of child abuse is like sweeping them under the carpet: we don't see them, but pedophiles can still download them. I fail to see how this prevents further abuse of the children in the pictures. And just to be clear: we are talking about adult men, sometimes elderly men, having sex with todlers. Penetration sex that is. And yes, that too.

Comment 13 minutes off, 27 hours per day (Score 2) 236

The Great Leader doesn't want to conform to imperialist standards, so his new standard is 13 minutes off hours, and its days are 27 hours long so his people can work longer hours. Also, the Gread Leader made Earth rotate slower, to match is new time standard. On His birthday, as his PR agency announced, Earth will stand still for an hour out of respect for the Great Leader. This is all true, I kid you not.

Comment No on-off switch (Score 1) 136

You can switch Privacy Badger off for a specific page, but you can't turn if of altogether. If you want it to pause blocking, apparently you need to uninstall, then later install again when you want to resume blocking. I sometimes use "pause blocking" in Ghostery, which for this reason I prefer over Badger. Also, Ghostery has a switch for "block all trackers", In P Badger, you have to switch them on one by one.

Comment Re:Remember when the Internet was uncontrolled? (Score 2) 121

I was actually thinking about their "complex" (understatement) relationship with the Kurds.

"Complex"? Really? Mr Erdogan (and a large part of the population of Turkey, I assume) don't like Kurds. For racist reasons. At the same time, Mr Erdogan is turning the secular state created by Kemal Atatürk back into an islamic state. I'm not surprised that Turkey is bombing the Kurds, and thus helping IS. Soon, Turkey will be an ally of IS, not an adversary. This of course makes that Turkey can't be part of the EU in the next 50 years or so.

Comment Not just sexist (Score 2) 388

In most offices it is very warm in winter, and very cold in summer. In winter, the heater is turned up too high, and in summer, the airco makes it way too cold. For the environment it's better to make the office just a little bit cooler than outside, and in winter, just warm enough to be comfortable. That will save a lot of energy, and prevent global warming. Which makes me think: is global warming sexist? Does global warming favor women?

"Everybody is talking about the weather but nobody does anything about it." -- Mark Twain