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Comment Need to reform patent law (Score 1) 85 85

When will they reform patent law so trolls don't have a business case? They could radically limit the validity duration of a patent, so after like two years, there's no case any more. Also, they could limit the right to sue to either the original inventor(s) or a company that bought the patent and is actually using it in a product. Then patents work the way they were intended, not as an extortion scheme for patent trolls.

Comment As soon as new version comes out (Score 1) 318 318

I update Ubuntu on my laptop as soon as s new version comes out, my desktop a week later (just in case). My phones and tablets I update as soon as a new version of Android becomes available for it. As rooted phones don't always ota very well, I update them manually.
As for the microwave and the refrigerator, I update them immediately, but fortunately, that never happens. I sincerely wish I could update my cats. They're 17 years old, they still run on their first OS version, which is getting a bit worn out. When they jump on my desk to be close to me, they don't make it and fall back off, managing to grab my bare elbow with one or two nails and holding on to it.
As for myself, I did one upgrade, which is sufficient for now.

Comment Dumb idea (Score -1) 208 208

Please, please, don't do that. Please, let aliens not find us. Please. Aliens that find us are so much more developed than we are, they will not consider us to be intelligent life. They'll put us in their zoo. Or worse, in their butchery. How can Hawking be so dumb?

Comment Re:Sunk cost fallacy (Score 2) 485 485

Even if you loaned money to Greece at 1% I don't see how they'd pay it back.

Nobody expects them to pay it back. The conditions and restucturing and austerity and everything is there to make sure the Greeks will not need another €100 billion in a couple of years. Nobody thinks the Greeks won't need €100 billion in a couple of years time. But then we'll have saved enough to pay them again. And we'll keep doing this until the cows come home. It's like the story of the cricket and the ants. Some people work hard, others make music and dance.

Comment Re:Not a Canal (Score 4, Informative) 107 107

I'm Dutch. I live in Amsterdam. It's not perfectly valid to call a gracht a kanaal. The issue here is not what the Dutch call our canals and grachten and sloten, the issue is that the fact that English has one word for a collection of things that the Dutch have individual words for affects more than just language. It affects the way people think about them.

Again, read Babel 17 and you'll see.

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