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+ - EU wants Brits to stop protecting children against an evil Internet->

Submitted by X10
X10 writes: When we founded Meldpunt (www.meldpunt-kinderporno) we aimed at protecting children from online (sexual) abuse. We worked with organizations in almost every country in Europe and we founded INHOPE. We (Meldpunt and a few other hotlines) argued with the English organizations about the scope of our actions. We limited ourselves to catching pedophiles (in close cooperation with the police), they extended their goals to protecting children from seeing pornography. This is why the Internet Watch Foundation received more money from the EU than Meldpunt. Now, the EU wants the UK to stop blocking pornography by default. It doesn't feel good to see John Carr, who I worked with in Inhope, defends the UK policy to censor the Internet. The EU is right to tell the UK to respect net neutrality.
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Comment: '90s (Score 1) 507

by X10 (#49693613) Attached to: Is Agile Development a Failing Concept?

The origin of agile and scrum (and the use of rugby as a metaphore) is "The Knowledge Creating Company" by prof Nonaka and Takeuchi. When you read that book, you realize that Scrum as it is practised today, in nothing resembles the ideas of Nonaka and Takeuchi. So, my answer is "yes". Even the scrum metaphore is wrong: the book uses team play in rugby as an example. Scrum is not team play and agile, it's standing still.

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