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Comment: Socially disabled? (Score 1) 561

by X10 (#47324185) Attached to:, Mensa Create Dating Site For Geniuses

Why does a community of socially disabled people need a dating site? Do they think it will help them?

I know plenty of people who would qualify for Mensa (I know I do) but they don't join because they have a happy social life with lots of smart friends, and even "normal" people. It's only the "smart" people who are more or less socially disabled who need to join Mensa in order to "get a life". Get a life!

Comment: No blocking (Score 3, Insightful) 341

by X10 (#47036631) Attached to: UK May Kill the EU's Net Neutrality Law

There should be no blocking of whatever content. What is blocked, is accessible to the people who it's targeted at, but the general audience doesn't see it. It's swept under the carpet. Illegal content that exists on the internet should be visible, so people can complain with their representatives in parliament, or file charges with the police. I say this as one of the founders of Meldpunt ( which is one of the founding parties of Inhope (

This is the theory that Jack built. This is the flaw that lay in the theory that Jack built. This is the palpable verbal haze that hid the flaw that lay in...