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Comment another approach ... (Score 1) 145

another approach is to build a fibre infrastructure that providers can lease on a per-premise basis. then they all have use of the same network (no basis for those "road rage" lawsuits) and the city still gets the advantage of being a place with speed. "per-premise" means one home can have one internet provider while their neighbor has another.

Comment Re:This doesn't make sense. (Score 1) 30

You could in theory have boats drag a say 20 foot deep by hundreds of feet long "curtain" of the stuff and make it into a closed loop. Then you slowly compress it by winding it like a clock spring while being careful not to let any out. The oil would get thicker around the top and it's weight would gradually press the cleaner water downwards. You could then "scoop".

Maybe a large square shape with a moving wall would be easier.

Comment Re:I work for non-profits on purpose (Score 1) 447

The last non-profit I worked for was a corrupt, badly run political horror. I left because I caught the boss committing tax fraud. She then gave me a bad review.

  I mentioned to the board that I am a bit unhappy that I was penalised by the CEO considering that she is committing fraud. The board member asked me "she is committing WHAT??".

CEO lost her job. I still have a bad reference though.

That said, I sometimes do contracting for the new CEO and it IS a pleasant place to work, yes.

Comment Easy problem to solve: Ban CC: (Score 2, Interesting) 65

Take out CC: in mails and only allow BCC:

I seriously hate it when my friends send a mail to me with some other people and my email address is not hand-delivered to the virus and spam-harvester infested horrors of my other friends. If ALL emails only went out by BCC this would not happen.

Mail server maintainers such as Postfix/Exim and such should band together and simply phase out CC and start treating the CC header as a BCC header. And then should begin rejecting mails with a CC with multiple email addresses in it outright. This would solve half of the world's spam problems in a few years too.

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