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Comment: Really, Guys? (Score 4, Funny) 48

by Greyfox (#49795017) Attached to: Live Anthrax Shipped Accidentally To S Korea and US Labs
You'd think NOT GETTING ANTHRAX would be an effective incentive for your lab monkeys to follow the lab's safety protocols. Is it really THAT depressing a workplace environment?
"Hey Bob! Looks like we need to ship some anthrax to Korea."
"Ok! Did you make sure it wouldn't kill us before we start handling the samples."
"Does it really matter?"
"... No... I guess not..."

Comment: Re:Which string theory? (Score 1) 146

by Greyfox (#49785597) Attached to: Prospects and Limits For the LHC's Capabilities To Test String Theory
Inasmuch as I can follow it, a lot of it seems to be "Well the math seems to work (or can be made to work) so we should be looking for these specific things." Also, it seems like every time an experiment is done trying to prove any of the collection of things in string theory (Or supersymmetry, for that matter,) they always seem to end up not validating what the experiment was trying to prove.

Comment: Re:it's not "slow and calculated torture" (Score 1) 742

by tigersha (#49773613) Attached to: Greece Is Running Out of Money, Cannot Make June IMF Repayment

> The ROOT cause, as you imply, was Europtimism.
> The PanEurope folks were willing to accept any tissue-paper rationalization or flimsy camouflage to encourage
> more countries to join in their giant Kum-Bay-Yah fest of the EU.

The fundamental problem of liberalism. It is based on wishful thinking, not on facts.
Whe the Euro came said that they should have had 2 currencies. But that would have been politically incorrect since you now have a 'good' and a 'bad' currency.

Whether the liberals like it or not, things tick differently in the south of Europe. That does not mean the people are bad or that you are insulting when telling them that. But things are diffeent there for many historical, cultural and geographic reasons. Throwing everyone into the same pot was a bad idea.

Comment: Re:Not pointless... (Score 1) 455

by Skapare (#49773455) Attached to: D.C. Police Detonate Man's 'Suspicious' Pressure Cooker
in a city i used to live i photographed dozens of cars making illegal left turns at an intersection where lefties were not allowed (according to a sign with a slash over a lefty pointer). they were taken at an angle clearly showing readable license plates and that they were doing a lefty. i offered the photos to the police but they said they needed the evidence of who was doing the driving because the law applied to the driver, not the car. i guess i need to introduce them to the D.C. police to get them to be more creative about applying laws and go arrest some car owners.

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