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Comment Aren't tides an example of a detection? (Score 1) 431

I'm confused. The tide is caused by the moon and earth pulling at each other. As they circle around each other, the water is rised. The water rises on the side facing the moon, and the side away from the moon, because of the centripetal force of the earth being pulled by the moon. HOWEVER, the backside doesn't rise as high as the front side, showing that the energy used to rise the water on the back side isn't as much as the energy used to raise the water on the front side, the difference must be the gravity (since energy can't be lost). Why isn't this proof of gravity waves, since the difference in those two heights can easily be plotted.

YUP, I'm full of it.

Comment Re:One Woman's Experience (Score 2, Interesting) 786

I once took an online programming course, and we were supposed to comment on each others code. I was critical of everyone's equally, and also tried to be positive about ways that stuff could be improved.
After that exercise I noticed that the one girl in the group didn't talk to me much anymore (online) and I got the distinct feeling that she felt my criticisms of her code were about her. Thing is, the criticisms weren't that out of the ordinary. Stuff like commenting things that were obvious or suggesting ways that she could tighten up her code. I was much more harsh with others. She's the only one who took offence and dropped out of the course. (I don't know if it was me that caused it, but I suspect it was part of the reason). Everyone else either took my critic's at face value or argued back about it. Of course this is a sample of one, so isn't significant.

In university the class ratio (in the early 80's) was about 50/50 girl/boys in the first year. second year more like 30/70. By the final year it was close to 10/90. I don't think this is due to the professors marking the girls harder, or letting the boys slip by. I think it was because the courses were tough and not interesting to the girls in general.

I really think there is a personality difference between men and women, and yes, when a woman overcomes that difference and is able to work with a group of guys she is the odd fish out, so it makes it more difficult. But that difficulty should not be blamed for the inequality in the first place.

Men and women just view things differently, and have different opinions on what is important. In some environments men excel, in others women do.

That's my view of it.

Submission + - Zano update (kickstarter.com)

iplayfast writes: GS/GS/TL/T210

24th November 2015


Dear Sirs

Torquing Robotics Limited — In Liquidation

Company Number 7782038

I would inform that monies from pledges paid by Kickstarter “backers” received by the company are not debts owed by the company nor are they equity investments. Kickstarter states on its website that Kickstarter funding cannot be used to offer equity, financial returns or to solicit loans.It is also stated by Kickstarter that projects cannot offer financial incentives like equity or repayment.As such, Kickstarter “backers” have no status as creditors in the liquidation of Torquing Robotics Limited for the non-receipt of rewards in the failed project.Hence, no notice of any creditors’ meeting is applicable.

No proof of debt forms and/or proxies from Kickstarter “backers” will be admitted for voting purposes at the creditors’ meeting on 4th December 2015.

Without remotely being inconsiderate any Kickstarter “backers” that attempt to gain access at the creditors’ meeting on 4th December 2015 will be refused entry.I sincerely hope that this release will ensure that Kickstarter “backers” do not waste their time and money by travelling here on 4th December 2015.

I trust that this clarifies the position but from those who have contacted my firm to date I believe that all Kickstarter “backers” are already aware.

Yours faithfully

for and on behalf of




Comment Re:I have run 6 Kickstarters so far... (Score 1) 211

The problem isn't that they failed. The problem is that they lied about their product. They said they had a working prototype. They showed a video of it working. They had none of it.

I've backed some projects that failed, and didn't mind, I knew from the outset that it was an iffy project but I liked the concept and wanted to see it developed. The project was supposed to be a slamdunk, deliverable in 6 months.

Comment Re:Yup, I "invested" (Score 1) 211

Come on. They had a video of a working prototype. I had no idea it was faked. I'm not going to look to closely at detail specs (100K rpm) if they have a video of the thing actually working. Then during the campaign, they showed videos of them playing air volleyball with them. Looked like they were making progress on some of their more extravagant claims.

You can't say buyer should have known better, when the evidence is all a lie. It's just fraud pure and simple.

Comment Yup, I "invested" (Score 5, Informative) 211

They showed a completed project. They said it appeared in numerous places. It looked like all they needed to do was get money to start production.
Their Risks and challenges paragraph. 100% confident. They know it works. How are you supposed to do due diligence on a product when they outright lie.
I've complained to kickstarter, letting them know they are being tarred with the same brush, because dammit, kickstarter recommended them!

Risks and challenges

Through innovation and diligent research and development, We are 100% confident in delivering an Autonomous and Intelligent aerial photography and video platform. We know our technology works.

We have enlisted a world-class British EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Service), with over 20 years of experience in bringing cutting edge high-end technology products to market, to manufacture ZANO for our Kickstarter backers.

We have taken into account that component lead times potentially could cause delay in delivering ZANO to our backers on time. We have conservatively estimated a June delivery, however, Our component suppliers often need to order the raw materials to manufacture their components 12 months in advance, as a brand new product, it is difficult for us to estimate initial volumes and provide an accurate forecast to our suppliers. We want everyone to be able to experience ZANO experience, that's why we have not put a cap on the amount of ZANO's we are making available for the Kickstarter campaign. We have built fantastic relationships with our component suppliers who believe in ZANO and our vision to make aerial photography and video accessible to everyone. Our component suppliers have set aside large volume buffer stock to cope with the initial demand from Kickstarer! However, there is always a risk involved with large volume component supply, we thought we had better mention it! The risk isn’t if you will get it, it is simply when you will get it, if any supply issues arise! (We are working hard to ensure they do not!)

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