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Comment Re:Why not to use Rust (Score 1) 437

I would be more worried about the fact that the team also has one gorilla, a werewolf, something that looks like a walking dildo, a female hentai character that seems to be getting some action from behind off-screen, a kitten, a cat and a penguin.

On the other hand, Yehuda Katz is there. He is a very major Ruby on Rails contributor. As a dedicated RoR fan that worries me because if he jumped ship RoR lost a very valuable contributor.

Comment Re:It's not just IT (Score 1) 152

I had a boss like that 15 years ago. Every time he went on a trip the whole office had a breakfast to celebrate.
He left after a while

Last year (at a new job) his new company successfully sued him for 1.2 Million Euros and won. In Germany this is unprecedented, so he must have been total utter cockup at his job. Pity the new company is now the new bankrupt company. And he already found a new job as a senior manager.

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