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Comment Re:old clunky junk (Score 1) 170

Alternate windows manager does not help me when I ACTUALLY WANT TO PRODUCE A PROFESSIONAL PDF FILE.

Linux cannot do that, but then, my customers are paying me for that. "Hey, you PDF file has the wrong fonts in, it looks like sh!t on some readers and no metas, but at leat my window manager is great".

How long do you think they are going to pay me?

Comment Re:old clunky junk (Score 1) 170

From a hobbyist perspective, building that board is very hard. The Arduino does all the legwork for you and you only have to plug your external components into the board, which already exists. That is the main point. Arduino gives you the infrastructure to use the MCU and only worry about the externals.

When one comes from the point where learning about things like pull-up resistors is exciting (like me) building an actual board is something you leave to gurus and experts.

The unfacts, did we have them, are too imprecisely few to warrant our certitude.