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Comment: Re:it's not "slow and calculated torture" (Score 1) 742

by tigersha (#49773613) Attached to: Greece Is Running Out of Money, Cannot Make June IMF Repayment

> The ROOT cause, as you imply, was Europtimism.
> The PanEurope folks were willing to accept any tissue-paper rationalization or flimsy camouflage to encourage
> more countries to join in their giant Kum-Bay-Yah fest of the EU.

The fundamental problem of liberalism. It is based on wishful thinking, not on facts.
Whe the Euro came said that they should have had 2 currencies. But that would have been politically incorrect since you now have a 'good' and a 'bad' currency.

Whether the liberals like it or not, things tick differently in the south of Europe. That does not mean the people are bad or that you are insulting when telling them that. But things are diffeent there for many historical, cultural and geographic reasons. Throwing everyone into the same pot was a bad idea.

Comment: Re:Yes to Brexit (Score 1) 396

> For example, Sweden has to abide by most EU rules even though it isn't in the EU, because it wants a free trade agreement

Sweden certainly is in the EU. Norway ain't. Nor is Switzerland. I live next to the Swiss border and things are really, really expensive there (ever wanted to eat a not-very-good 15 Dollar burger???. Go to Basel.). they seem to do pretty well for themselves.

Comment: Re:Anyone use Joe anymore? (Score 1) 441

by tigersha (#49734737) Attached to: Choosing the Right IDE

Have been using it since about 1992 or so. Linux 0.93. The first thing I install on any new system is joe. I sure won't use it for serious editing (Sublime Text r00lz!) but I do use it every single day for editing files on servers on and off.

joe's keyboard layout (^Kx and that stuff) is based on WordStar, a word processor back in the 80's.
I find the WS/joe idea of a modal selection where you explicity set the start end end of the block you want to work with very

I wrote a spreadsheet in 1988 that ran on DOS that had the same key combinations as joe. I really need to see if that thing still compiles.

Comment: A REAL digital native (Score 1) 553

by tigersha (#49618999) Attached to: Recruiters Use 'Digital Native' As Code For 'No Old Folks'

3 weeks ago I visited my dad. He is 75. Still working. His boss is an old apprentice of him who lets him run his shop a few days a week while he works in his own electronics shop, builds circuits and sells and toys with 3D printers. This guy started his electronics shop a few years ago, at the tender young age of 60, because he like to play with new electronics gizmos that you build yourself (most of his stock are electronic building kits). I (age 45) felt like a kid in a candy store there.

His shop has a inventory system that runs on SCO Unix and dates from the 80s. Someone screwed up and started printing inventory reports for an entire year. My dad dug out the SCO manuals, went into the terminal and found the command line stuff to stop the printer.

Now they have a problem. Their terminal program runs on DOS and it uses a strange version of telnet that can print locally (on a dot matrix). They can't use it anymore cause they can't find floppy disks that can boot DOS anymore. This is problematic. The inventory program on SCO is still better than anything you can find nowadays and they like to use it. The menu is burned into the green-screen monitor.

I looked into using a Raspberry Pi as a terminal with cKermit to get rid of the old (one still running since the 80s') DOS boxes. Old 60 year old guy installed it himself.

This was 3 weeks ago, in 2015. That is what a digital native looks like.

Comment: Re:Z80 was in TRS-80 (Score 1) 124

by tigersha (#49561933) Attached to: When Exxon Wanted To Be a Personal Computing Revolutionary

I agree with you. It is still possible to get a lot of the 80's feel by playing with Arduinos and Raspberry Pi's. I will definietly look at the mbed thing.
A few eeks ago I helped my dad to keep an old SCO Unix program running that he has been using for 20 years. He could not us the terminal anymore because he could not get floppy disks to boot DOS for his special terminal program. So we looked into using a RaspPi with ckermit.

Any suggestions on that FPGA board?

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