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Comment Re:Best way to stop these criminals (Score -1, Flamebait) 133

I have said this for a long time. If someone blows up a oil refinery and cause 1 billion dollars of damage he/she will rot in prison being fracked in their pimply ass3s for the rest of their lives.

If some hacker scum writes a virus or a hack and causes 1 Billion dollars of damage for some reason they are poor teenage hackers.

They are not. Execute them. And their families and friends and cats and dogs.
Same goes for spammers. Why should a spammer who causes more than a billion dollars in lost productivity NOT be called what he is? A terrorist.

Comment Electronic Spamming dates from the 1930s (Score 1) 243

Spamming is much older than ARPANET

In those days bombing could solve the problem for real. But in all seriousness, this is why there are international laws about broadcasting into another country's territory. A law that Radio Free Europe conveniently ignored during the cold war.

Comment Re:PS (Score 1) 414

Postscript is based on Forth, which was used to program radio telescopes. Forth definitely came before PostScript. And PDF files still use a restricted variant of Postscript.

Comment Re:PS (Score 1) 414

I once worked for a place that had a logo, but we did not have a good vectorized version, only a bitmap. Instead of drawing the logo in Illustrator, which would have made sense, I decided to program the thing in Postscript. That was quite a fun day.

Comment Re:Pascal (Score 1) 414

Riiight. Delphi, for one, is widely used.

It is a shame, really, Pascal is syntactically much nicer than C and is slightly faster. Pascal (especially the Turbo/Borland/Delphi variants)and C languages are not THAT different.

Comment Re:Smalltalk (Score 1) 414

Many of the ideas which make Ruby such a joy to use (the do block syntax, for one) come from Smalltalk. Ruby also has a lot of LISPisms, especially in Rails.

Smalltalk might not be used directly, but it has left a huge legacy.

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