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Comment: Re:I'm spending 60% of my monthly income on rent (Score 1) 937 937

Agreed. I live in Germany, 15 km from one of the most expensive cities in the country. I live in a small town, 15 minute commute to the inner city (and 20 to my office). I own a large house, large garden, grow my own vegetables and have a much better quality of living than almost all of my colleagues. They all rent.

It's not brain surgery.

Comment: Re:One more in a crowded field (Score 1) 337 337

Give Oracle a break.

When Java was run as a totally open source thing by Sun it did not generate enough revenue and Sun, well, died. Went bankrupt. sold all their assets. Fired all their staff. Companies still need revenue and Sun's model did not work.

I am sure Oracle is not going to keep running Java the same way after that happened.

Comment: Macbook Pro 13, 2014 (Score 1) 558 558

MBP, last year. 13 Inch Retina with 1TB SSD, 16GM Ram

The test server under my desk has a i7 3550 with 32GB RAM and a couple of 3TB and 4TB disks and a boot SSD. It has a gigabyte mobo, and can run MacOS/X just fine. I seldomly use it though.

I also have about 10 arduinos,2 RaspPi model1 and 1 RaspPi model 2 for what it's worth.

Comment: Re:Future proofing (Score 1) 557 557

>New idea - have a second run of conduit placed fairly high up. Suggested uses: Wall mount speakers, TVs, and such.

This. My entire house is wired up with Cat6 but this is something I can kick myself about.
It would have been rel useful for exactly that reason.

Also, don't think "no, I will never need an ethernet connection in the roof". Put it in while you can. Trust me, you will regret it :(
I want to put my Time Capsule there for security reasons. If someone breaks in I don't want my laptop AND my backup disk stolen.

Comment: Re:it's not "slow and calculated torture" (Score 1) 743 743

> The ROOT cause, as you imply, was Europtimism.
> The PanEurope folks were willing to accept any tissue-paper rationalization or flimsy camouflage to encourage
> more countries to join in their giant Kum-Bay-Yah fest of the EU.

The fundamental problem of liberalism. It is based on wishful thinking, not on facts.
Whe the Euro came said that they should have had 2 currencies. But that would have been politically incorrect since you now have a 'good' and a 'bad' currency.

Whether the liberals like it or not, things tick differently in the south of Europe. That does not mean the people are bad or that you are insulting when telling them that. But things are diffeent there for many historical, cultural and geographic reasons. Throwing everyone into the same pot was a bad idea.

Comment: Re:Yes to Brexit (Score 1) 396 396

> For example, Sweden has to abide by most EU rules even though it isn't in the EU, because it wants a free trade agreement

Sweden certainly is in the EU. Norway ain't. Nor is Switzerland. I live next to the Swiss border and things are really, really expensive there (ever wanted to eat a not-very-good 15 Dollar burger???. Go to Basel.). they seem to do pretty well for themselves.

Comment: Re:Anyone use Joe anymore? (Score 1) 443 443

Have been using it since about 1992 or so. Linux 0.93. The first thing I install on any new system is joe. I sure won't use it for serious editing (Sublime Text r00lz!) but I do use it every single day for editing files on servers on and off.

joe's keyboard layout (^Kx and that stuff) is based on WordStar, a word processor back in the 80's.
I find the WS/joe idea of a modal selection where you explicity set the start end end of the block you want to work with very

I wrote a spreadsheet in 1988 that ran on DOS that had the same key combinations as joe. I really need to see if that thing still compiles.

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