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Comment: Re:"Doom creator"? (Score 1) 405

by Joe Jordan (#35457526) Attached to: <em>Doom</em> Creator Says Direct3D Is Now Better Than OpenGL
Indeed. Things sure have changed around here.

For reference, check out this /. Q&A with Carmack in 1999:

One miscellaneous observation; quickly scroll through the thread. Posters put a lot more into their comments back then.

Can the Ares Program Be Salvaged? 245

Posted by timothy
from the classic-special-interest dept.
MarkWhittington writes "The Augustine Commission has not officially presented its findings to the White House, but already a push back is starting to occur over the possibility that the Ares 1 rocket will be canceled after three billion dollars and over four years of development. According to a story in the Orlando Sentinel contractors involved in the development of the Ares 1 have started a quiet but persistent public relations campaign to save the Ares 1, criticized in some quarters because of cost and technical problems."
The Internet

Has the WebOS Finally Arrived? 227

Posted by timothy
from the alien-craft-constructed-entirely-of-buzzwords dept.
SphereOfInfluence writes "Dion Hinchcliffe over on ZDNet declared in a new post that the Web OS has finally arrived and that businesses and IT departments must adjust to the fact that everything's starting to move to the cloud. He cites John Hagel's so-called big business shifts of the 21st century and claims cloud computing, crowdsourcing, open APIs, Software-as-a-Service are the future of the workplace. He goes on to present a compelling visual model of the Web OS circa 2009 and examples to back up some of the statements."

Comment: Re:priority? (Score 5, Insightful) 117

by Joe Jordan (#27799475) Attached to: <em>Quake Live</em> Dev Says Mac and Linux Are "Top Priority"
Sure it does. Catering to the Linux community creates good will. The geeks that use Linux often have influence over the technology selections of others and are more likely to recommend products from a company that, in their eyes, has done something good. Every business decision does not have to equal measurable profits. Some decisions may have no effect on the bottom line today, but by doing The Right Thing by some, will reap rewards in the future.

... Or maybe Carmack just wants to play a little FFA on his Linux box. :)

Nobody's gonna believe that computers are intelligent until they start coming in late and lying about it.