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Comment: Re: Kill the entire H1B program (Score 1) 620

by dgatwood (#49604111) Attached to: Disney Replaces Longtime IT Staff With H-1B Workers

The H-1B program is different because H-1B workers who leave their jobs are also legally required to leave the country. This makes them captive labor, almost to the same extent that illegal immigrants are. IMO, we should make green cards easier to obtain and kill the H-1B program outright. By ensuring that foreign workers have similar employment mobility to native workers, it would reduce the ability of unscrupulous companies to bring in workers from overseas and pay them wages that are below the regional going rate. (They would still be able to do it, but they wouldn't be able to retain those employees, so they would eventually be forced to pay wages that are competitive within their geographical area.)

Comment: Re:She has a point. (Score 3, Insightful) 417

by serviscope_minor (#49600795) Attached to: My High School CS Homework Is the Centerfold


Computer vision scientist here.Yes, I've taught such a practical as a postdoc, so no I had no control over the content. Yes Lena was used. Sooner or later someone figures out where the image is from and everyone, well the guys, all have a good laugh.

So yes it does create a hostile environment. I'm afraid that your armchair logic and reasoning are going to come in second to those who have not only witnessed it, but been a part of the whole thing first hand.

The new guy who took over thankfully changed the images because he rightly realised that Lena was in poor taste and was inviting problems that are very easy to avoid.

I look forward to receiving replies on how my actual real personal experience was somehow wrong.

Comment: Re:Do you believe in magic? (Score 1) 51

Because then you wouldn't be able to use any platform specific features. Also BB didn't exactly profit from that approach. If they re-compile for the native platform they are more likely to actually add a few specific features as they go like live tiles while they've got it 'open' so to speak.

+ - UMG v Grooveshark settled, no money judgment against individuals

Submitted by NewYorkCountryLawyer
NewYorkCountryLawyer writes: UMG's case against Grooveshark, which was scheduled to go to trial Monday, has been settled. Under the terms of the settlement (PDF), (a) a $50 million judgment is being entered against Grooveshark, (b) the company is shutting down operations, and (c) no money judgment at all is being entered against the individual defendants.

Comment: Re: Kill the entire H1B program (Score 1) 620

by dgatwood (#49591395) Attached to: Disney Replaces Longtime IT Staff With H-1B Workers

There's nothing xenophobic about wanting to stop the H-1B program from being a way to cut costs. If you truly need to bring in talent from overseas because you can't get it in the U.S., that's one thing, but if you are firing American workers and bringing in foreign workers to do the same job at a lower cost, that's quite another. It is abusing the system, and unfortunately, the H-1B system was practically designed to make such abuse easy.

Comment: Re:Uh, only doubled? (Score 3, Interesting) 159

by dgatwood (#49591045) Attached to: US Switches Air Traffic Control To New Computer System

So how does a 40 year old computer system get replaced and only doubles the number of flights capable of being tracked?

Tracking double the number of flights likely requires about 4x the about of computing power. A naive comparison grows at a rate of (n)(n-1)/2. You might be able to reduce that by not comparing aircraft that aren't going to be anywhere near each other (e.g. a plane in Washington D.C. cannot readily crash into a plane in Los Angeles, CA until they get close to halfway across the country), but still....

Comment: Re:Odd definition of "disruptive" (Score 1) 247

by im_thatoneguy (#49587977) Attached to: Bitcoin Is Disrupting the Argentine Economy

They aren't replacing the local Peso with Bitcoin. They're just using Bitcoin as a transactional currency to run an unregulated currency exchange. Bitcoins in this instance are essentially a proxy for US dollars.

If I have $100 USD and I want to convert it to Pesos I can either go to a regulated currency exchange which apparently is attempting to combat inflation by keeping the peso value low or you can exchange your $100USD for say 0.5 bitcoins on the open bitcoin market. Then you find someone who wants "bitcoins" aka USD and you sell them your bitcoins in exchange for pesos at market rates.

The person who sold you pesos for Bitcoins really just wants USD (or Euros).

Now doing this is almost certainly illegal if the government has mandated exchange rates since all you're doing is adding an intermediary step but ultimately performing a currency exchange illicitly. All you've done is employed Bitcoin as an escrow service.

Comment: Re:Kind of sad, really. (Score 2) 247

by im_thatoneguy (#49587887) Attached to: Bitcoin Is Disrupting the Argentine Economy

But as the article points out... it's really just a way to streamline an existing black market in money changing. And the reason the black market has to exist at all is because legal money changing it a bad deal.

So as soon as bitcoin actually becomes popular enough to disrupt the existing black-market it'll also be popular enough to attract government intervention as has been done to the banks.

Essentially all this article is saying is "Look at this awesome black market full of illicit goods! Look at how great it is!" Which is true of every black market until it actually grows large enough to warrant a response from the government.

Comment: Re:Struggle (Score 2) 392

by UnknowingFool (#49587681) Attached to: Tattoos Found To Interfere With Apple Watch Sensors

Quite a few people seem to get Chinese or Japanese tattoos without even bothering to figure out if they say what they think they say.

Or not understanding the basics of the written language. I've seen more than one example where a word is composed of two characters but one of the them is written in traditional and the other is in simplified. That's like getting a word tattoo that is in two different fonts with part of it in Olde English script (and spellings) and the other in modern sans serif.

Comment: Re:Waitasecondhere... (Score 1) 392

by UnknowingFool (#49587537) Attached to: Tattoos Found To Interfere With Apple Watch Sensors

It's Apple. The whole POINT of the thing is that you don't have to RTFM.

You don't have to RTFM to use the watch. That doesn't mean that there are no conditions which may cause problems with a product. To hold Apple to such a standard is ludicrous and silly. That's like saying D-Link, Netgear, and Cisco should design wireless routers that "just work" under all conditions like through 2 feet of cinder-block walls and never ever experience any sort of EM interference. Instead they have to explain that in a manual about these problems? Obviously they are all shoddy products by your standard.

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