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Judging by the number of broken web sites I've seen lately, we could use a bit more staticness and a bit less dynamicness

And a good deal faster too. It seems to be very fashionable now to use heaps of mandatory JS to serve up what in the end amounts to some text with a few images and perhaps a link or two. In other words exactly what HTML was designed to do, except it used 20M of JS libraries, hogs the CPU for a few minutes to render and is otherwise horrid.

But hey, it uses a different font to the default.

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by serviscope_minor (#47950007) Attached to: Science Has a Sexual Assault Problem

That would be exactly my point. You just label anyone that disagrees with you to have "outright reprehensible behaviour".

And you just cherry pick and ouright make shit up. If you read his posts, you will very clearly see that he does not in fact label literally everyone who disagrees with him as having outright reprehensible behaviour. As far as I see, it's fine for him to label the dickheads who disagree as dickheads.

Either that or you just conveniently ignore (or pretend don't exist) the huge amount of people that disagree with you and do not have reprehensible behaviour.

I think you're confused as to who is ignoring what. You seem to be ignoring the people who disagree over things in a reasonable way who he isn't in fac labelling as sexist.

You think that you are better than people; you think that entitles you to act like an asshole.

You're projecting here. What I see is him disagreeing with people who are basically asshole MRAs and you jumping all over him accusing him of being a "straw feminist" whatever the fuck that is. You are thereby getting a very smug feeling of superiority over him (and now presumably me) which is exactly what you're accusing him of.

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by serviscope_minor (#47949797) Attached to: Science Has a Sexual Assault Problem

But when I came back recently, the first thing I noticed was that the community is awful. Apparently everyone with 2 ounces of social skills left a while ago. The people left seem to be mostly basement dwelling neckbeards who have ridiculous issues with women.

Witness the rise of the MRA movement. The shared voice seems to have emboldened them o share their deep issues and repulsive attitudes much more freely.

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by dgatwood (#47948583) Attached to: Why Is It Taking So Long To Secure Internet Routing?

First, I'm not talking about adding any additional gear. There's no reason that what I'm talking about can't be handled entirely in the DSLAM or head end or whatever and in the existing CPE hardware that talks to it.

Second, I wasn't really talking about changing the CPE for business customers with fiber connections anyway. They're not (usually) the ones who are constantly on the phone with tech support saying "The Internet is down" when really, they just accidentally unplugged something. I'm talking about providing smarter, preconfigured cable modems and DSL modems for home use.

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by UnknowingFool (#47947583) Attached to: Native Netflix Support Is Coming To Linux
For me, some of my selections are TV shows I simply was too busy to be at home whenever they originally aired. I can go back and now watch them at my convenience not network scheduling. For example I started watching Lost but got busy with one work in the 2nd season. I couldn't really catch up at the time which meant all subsequent seasons were out of the question as they story progresses from season to season.

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by serviscope_minor (#47943349) Attached to: Dremel Releases 3D Printer

It's a toy.

Bullshit. That's spoken like someone with too little imagination to know what to do with it. There's plenty of useful stuff one can do with a single head PLA only 3D printer. Look for example at how many printers are built with printed parts. Turns out you can build more than just 3D printers with plastic parts. Who knew, eh?

And with a little gingery furnace, one can go from cheap 3D printed plastic t cast aluminium... there are several online guides for this. And so on.

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by im_thatoneguy (#47938681) Attached to: Is the Tesla Model 3 Actually Going To Cost $50,000?

Direct Subsidies:
$41-52 billion / 254 million vehicles = $161 / yr * 13 years = $2,100-$2,500. From the US.

Military Subsidies:
$20-250B in military expenditures to protect oil supplies / 254 million vehicles = ($80-900 /yr) * 13 years = $1,000-11,700

32% of Fossil fuel burning (aka not coal) is transportation. It's estimated by the National Academy of Sciences that $120B /yr in health costs are absorbed by society due to pollution. $120B * .33 = $40B / 254 million vehicles = $157/yr * 13 years = $2050

So all told we're conservatively looking at:
$2,050 + $6,350 + $2,300 = $10,700

That's before you look at environmental impacts and climate change.

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Egads. You're making this too complicated. Just buy them a Chromebook or an iPad with a keyboard and be done with it.

That's it! Simple?

Out of interest do chromebooks and/or iPads support dialup? If not, your simple suggestion is suddenly not so simple as you like to believe.

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currently Pan STARRS works full time to search for asteroids, but you won't find this fact in a report.

But that's not the assertion the report makes. The report does not say that there are no programs and people working on the problem. The report is saying that the current efforts and projected efforts will not be enough to meet the 90% goal by 2020 given that only 10% of the estimated target asteroids have been found.

But there is not even mention of that such lack of money, instead it is insisted that there so huge money are spent on search for asteroids.

Funding is one aspect; however, the report also asserts that even if the budget were increased significantly the current program's structure will probably not be efficient enough to take advantage of increases and recommends a change in management structure.

Then, they criticize allocation of funds to Space Surveillance Telescope in Australia. That is true, that there are no mentioned agreements, the trick is that all software for the telescope is developed by just the same team, which received grants from NASA and more - asteroid tracking will not even interference with operation of telescope while performing duties, so agreements might be not an issue after all, because nothing will change in operation of telescope to enable it to look for asteroids.

The problem is not who is developing the software or how effective it is. The problem is the SST will be in Australia's hands and no agreement is in place for time on the telescope. While the future administrators might be friendly to the NEO program, there are no guaranteed time allocation (in writing). The criticism is that NASA should not have granted the money without some sort of formal agreement or plan for after the transfer. Just like any contract: get it in writing.

And what is important - this telescope will be most powerful asteroid tracking telescope.

Which makes it even more important that NASA get some sort of agreement about how much time the NEO program will get. It's not like powerful telescopes are easily obtained at your local grocery store.

So was it a good idea to spend money on it? I would say yes. For authors it is really no.

That's not what the authors are saying. They are not saying the money should not have been spent. They are saying that NASA made a terrible deal because they essentially gave money away with little assurances that they get anything in return. It's not like NASA is just swimming in excess money. NASA's budget is always under pressure to do more with less.

so we have a situation that someone wants to show who is boss here. But unfortunately, those pretending to be bosses look more like idiots.

No we have an inspector general doing their job: oversight.

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Gmail optimizes for low bandwidth links.

Not really, it doesn't. I mean it seems to optimize for what googlers consider to be low bandwidth (anything under about 150mbit/s or so), but for actual modem speeds it makes me yearn for 1996 era hotmail. Now that really was optimized for low bandwidth links.

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