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Comment: The commits are funny into themselves. (Score 1) 52

by strredwolf (#46798777) Attached to: OpenSSL Cleanup: Hundreds of Commits In a Week

A Tumblr site popped up a few days ago called OpenSSL Valhalla Rampage. The blogger there is going through all the commits and posting the juicy funny comments there. This includes killing... and rekilling... VMS support (which reminds me of Maxim 37: there is no such thing as overkill...), stripping out now-stupid abstractions and optimizations of the unoptimizables, and more.

Comment: Re:Good for them. (Score 1) 127

Israel is actively occupying Palestine and stealing the Palestinian's land.

Yeah and that happened around the 6 day war (pre occupation) against a bunch of people who wanted to wipe out the jews. The Palestinians were on the wrong side of that war. ut that only happened because balh blah etc etc.

Basically pointing the finger at this point is a useless thing to do. Both sides have been colossal cunts and both sides have made some deeply unwise decitions. Pointing fingers is easy because for each act one has done, the other has done something worse.

But it makes for fun slashdotting.

Comment: Re:Here's a trick: Don't live in the U.S. (Score 1) 293

by serviscope_minor (#46798511) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Hungry Students, How Common?

I've lived there. Yes, you do.

I live there now, and no you don't. I live in London, and own no car. There's no point because I commute to work by train and on foot and have enough storage space that I can get free deliveries on groceries by ordering enough of them. I sort of keep meaning to sign up to one of those car rental schemes, but never get around to it. Trains go lots of places.

Comment: Re:Here's a trick: Don't live in the U.S. (Score 1) 293

by serviscope_minor (#46798491) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Hungry Students, How Common?

I went to university in Europe, England to be precise.

As if food isn't going to be a problem in Europe, where the food and books and gas are far more expensive...

Food? Not too expensive. More so than the cheapest places in the US, but the canteen was subsidised and decent enough. You could cook cheaper for yourself if you tried however.

Books? What books? The whole have-to-buy-the-lecturer's-book thing is a uniquely US invention. Actually, I was always planning on being an engineer for life, so I bought quite a few of the books and still use them. Many of my fellow students survived just fine on the lecture notes and libraries (and still got first class degrees).

And gas? What are you some posh rich kid or something? And how did you wangle a parking space at uni anyway? Sleep with the senior administrative staff? Bicycles remain extremely popular in universities. This is doubly so in many of the older universities since their town centres predate automobiles and can't cope with volumes of motorised traffic.

If you need a break and want to get away, we have these things called "trains". They go all over the place. If you're a argain hunter you can even get cheap beds on the sleeper ones.

You seem to be deeply convinced that America is the best country in the world and that all others are like America but worse. I happen to be a big fan of the place (well certain parts) and would probably emigrate there if I could, but man, you need to pull your head out of your arse.

Comment: Guns are not contraband (Score 0) 116

by hackus (#46798005) Attached to: New 'Google' For the Dark Web Makes Buying Dope and Guns Easy

In the United States you have a right, and a duty to train and learn how to use firearms effectively.

If you don't, your government will, or someone else will and you won't like it.

HIstory says so.

Readng a little about why the Constitution was written like it was, and why people thought that way is a lesson every American should learn.

Otherwise we as a nation will repeat the those same mistakes.

Comment: Re:You don't hear about the failures (Score 1, Insightful) 293

by im_thatoneguy (#46797029) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Hungry Students, How Common?

You couldn't find a job at any of the studios? What did you do to piss people off? I know plenty of people without any connections who are doing just fine finding animation gigs. I hate to be "that guy" but the only person who I've ever heard about making the right connections was someone who showed up in town, didn't get anything within a couple months of showing up and complained that the whole system was rigged and left. If you are blacklisted you must have been a world class asshole to a lot of people.

Comment: Re:2 1/2 D (Score 1) 96

by im_thatoneguy (#46796859) Attached to: Google's New Camera App Simulates Shallow Depth of Field

If you have a depth channel you could displace a 3D plane in camera space and render that in 3D. So 2.5D/3D is a bit arbitrary.

If you had a perfect 3D model and the one photo though you still wouldn't have enough information to render true Depth of Field. The real problem isn't 2.5D/3D it's the fact that there is no parallax information for occluded information. That can be interpolated well enough for simple situations but ultimately you're trying to infer data which will cause artifacts.

Comment: Re:Better idea: Improve cell phone camera lenses. (Score 1) 96

by im_thatoneguy (#46796835) Attached to: Google's New Camera App Simulates Shallow Depth of Field

The problem is the focal length of the lens not the quality of the design. With such a small sensor (due to the size constraints of a cell phone package) you have to have extremely short lenses. Even if you had F0.8 in order to get a reasonable portrait focal length you're looking at single digit focal lengths.

Comment: Re:Why do these people always have something to hi (Score 1) 331

by serviscope_minor (#46793763) Attached to: VA Supreme Court: Michael Mann Needn't Turn Over All His Email

It does if the medium used for that ":ife" is funded with tax dollars.

No it doesn't, you're making stuff up.

There are many reasons that you're not supposed to use university faculty/government/corporate email systems for personal activity.

And there are many reasons why it's fine too.

Comment: Re:Why do these people always have something to hi (Score 1) 331

by serviscope_minor (#46793749) Attached to: VA Supreme Court: Michael Mann Needn't Turn Over All His Email

And now here's the part that really bugs me:

Mann said after the ruling, âoeThis is a victory for science...

No, it's not!

Yes it most certainly is. The thing about science is it's done by scientists who also happen to be people. They have basically blocked a stupid attempt at wasting vast amounts of a scientists time and possibly cause a great deal of personal emarrassment for non scientific things.

In other words, one avenue for these idiots for wasting a scientists time and stopping them doing actual science has been closed down.

That's good for scientists and good for science.

Science is more than hypothesis-experiment-conclusion.

Comment: Re:So much nonsense in terms (Score 2) 255

LED lamps do not put out nearly as much heat as High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamps. I have a (disconnected) 400W HPS that I could easily have cooked on the top of the reflector, and probably broiled meat directly beneath it. I replaced it with a 144W LED floodlamp

I'm guessing that the LEDs are putting out much less light, since the efficiency of HPS lamps is sustantially above most commercial LEDs. However that may be OK since the sodium vapour lamps are skewed towards orange, probably making them less good per lumen for plant growing.

The other thing is that HPS lamps have an immense power to size ratio, meaing most of the substantial amount of head it emitted in a small region.

Likewise if you replaced your setup with quality electronic ballast mercury fluorescents (not as good as HPS) you'd find the whole thing only got warm since you'd be spreading the head out over a low area.

Comment: Re:wouldn't matter if it weren't canned (Score 1) 388

He might not even be lying. They don't have the hard drive space or the capability to spy on everyone. Of course he doesn't want to spy on *everyone*, just suspected muslims, dissidents, homosexuals or anyone else who might not support the Kremlin.

I would remind everyone that after the Boston Bombings the Russians were very helpful in providing all of Tsarnaev's text messages. They just "happened" to have him under surveillance. What luck!

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