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Comment Re:Is it going to matter much? (Score 1) 127 127

If I can buy a TB of RAM that's maybe DDR4 speeds but not DDR5 speeds but at say somewhere between NAND and DRAM pricing that would be huge.

Also incredibly useful for something like a phone where you might want to shoot 4k video. The CPU would have a hard time processing that but if you buffered to say a 64GB cache and then processed you could shoot highspeed for a minute instead of 2-3 seconds.

Comment Re:bottlenecks (Score 1) 127 127

One of the articles says the initial products will be PCIe and NVMe.

The Toms Hardware Article is much better:

Intel indicated the new memory would connect to the host system via the PCIe bus, which is yet another reason that Intel and Micron have been vocal proponents of NVMe. The NVMe protocol was designed from the ground up for non-volatile memory technologies, and not NAND in particular. Now it is apparent that Intel and Micron were laying the groundwork for something more as they developed the new protocol.

Clearly this memory will necessitate new motherboards. But I would also love to see this on Nvidia cards.

Comment Re:Everybody List What You Think Went Wrong (Score 1) 417 417

Why aren't there more women in construction?

Curious thing. It's my personal observation, but I've seen a lot more women in hi viz round London recently. Other funny thing is they behave much like the guys and wolf whistle. I suppose it's something to do with large scale construction not relying on physical strength nearly as much as the smaller scale things.

Comment Re:Everybody List What You Think Went Wrong (Score 1) 417 417

As someone who ends up on the side of the pro-GG side of the argument more often than not,

Out of interest, why are you pro these people:

Or perhaps you'd like to wile away a few minutes watching "the sarkeesian" effect. I do notice that the gaters on Slashdot banging on about fraud have finally given up 12 months after literally no one asked for their money back from Sarkeesian.

much the same way that "MRA" is used and misused

I think you're confusing the men's movement with the men's rights movement. The latter is the one with return of kings, mgtow and so on and who's adherents are known as men's rights activists.

Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 0) 127 127

I guess the expected tsunami of techies eager for SJW articles never arrived

And yet here you are bringing it up. Funny how the people whining loudest about "SJW" and whatnot are tautologically the ones who make the biggest fuss about it.

How about you stick to the topic of the optimizer bug in .NET and not drag your hatred of bogeymen into it?

Comment Re:And Lattice wont shut this project down because (Score 1) 101 101

With my limited understanding of what this is, I am kind of surprised that they are not actively helping the project.

Basically, hardware companies are, on the whole totally mental. For some reason, they have all their expertise in hardware and produce hardware for a living and then throw a total shitfit over the software and believe that their super special awful crashy piece of shit software is really the important thing and wrap it up in all sorts of proprietary licensing "solutions" designed to make life as hard for the paying customer as possible, when what the customer really wants to do is make some cool shit with the hardware, and maybe sell a bunch of stuff based on it.

If you're thinking in terms of niches and markets and profit margins, you're thinking about it wrong because you're implicitly assuming that they're not off the wall mad.

Comment Re:Holy crap (Score 1) 29 29

People still use eBay?

Yes. As opposed to what?

I, for example, regularly buy cheap Chinese imported solder paste off eBay. It's about an order of magnitude cheaper than the "proper" stuff from Farnell/RS/etc and seems to work just fine. I think there's one or two amazon vendors selling it for a vastly inflated price, too.

And etc.

Ebay seems to be a great source of random bits and bobs, e.g. m3 studding cut to length with accompanying butterfly nuts, or a small hot air rework station. ebay seems to be by far the best source for such things.

Some of the companies selling through ebay are getting quite sizable. Many of them are Chinese, selling stuff made probably in Shenzen to the wider world. There's a few which have got big enough to stock warehouses in the UK to reduce delivery times and shipping costs.

eBay is like paradise for someone who likes making stuff.

Comment Re: Looking more and more likely all the time... (Score 1) 438 438

We are way beyond extraordinary claims. Closer to batshit insane claims.

well... basically yes.

Right up there with about 80% of all perpetual motion machines.

Only 80%? Breaking the conservation of momentum and breaking the conservation of energy are about the same on the level of nuttiness.

To me, it's amazing that anyone here is giving this any credibility at all, I suspect a perpetual motion machine would get less credulity, though I suspect sadly not zero. I think it's a mix of hopeless optimizm in that wanting it to work (I want it to work too, but it doesn't) enough will somehow make it work and mindless contraryism in that going with the batshit insanity rather than the very well known and understood physics is somehow "sticking it to the man" or proving what a free-thinker one is.

Comment Re:Excellent news! (Score 1) 438 438

Between all of the pointless social narcissism platforms and SJW Bs this is enlightening news. I am excited to see what discoveries will be made.

From my observation of the various participantsm, there's a distresingly large correlation between people who love the term "SJW" (who I've noted from, er, say, other threads) and people who seem to lack skepticism over this piece of obvious total bunk.

Seriously, this "engine" is either one of the greatest discoveries of modern physics (see the discussions around symmetry of laws and Noether's theorem), or it's bull. Given it was mathematically "proven" to work by the laws that have conservation of momentum baked in at a fundemental level, I'm inclined to say it's not right. When that maths was further shown to be wrong the exact same drive was "proven" to work not by magic (incorrect) relativity woo, but by magic (and I'm sure incorrect) virtual particle woo.

The maths is more complicated, and that will in time be demonstrated incorrect, if anyone bothers. In the mean time, it will continue to produce experimental results well under the noise floor.

Incidentily, that's exactly how the people above love to argue. Hammer loudly on a point until it's disproven, then at that stage, move on to the next, harder to disprove one, and keep hammering on that. So, it's not surprising that this argument appeals to those folks.

However, in physics, you can always set up the experiment again from scratch, so no matter how many dubious "proofs" are done, the experiemnts will never show this works.

Comment Re: Looking more and more likely all the time... (Score 3) 438 438

How are we to know which of our theories are accurate?

You should read "the relativity of wrong". It explains this stuff well.

Newton's law is never going to be disproved, ever. It's been extended with relativity and will probably be extended again. It is never going to be proven wrong because it produces exceptionally accurate predictions is everything you personally can see (pretty much provided you're not a physicist or astronomer).

In order to be disproven, it will have to stop making accurate predictions.

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