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Comment: LOL; What a fucking bozo you are (Score 1) 231

People like you LOVE to point fingers at America as being the main one here causing this.
1) back in 1992 when we found out about this, Europe's yearly total emissions were actually MORE than America's and had been for a LONG TIME. Europe's gas tax is what brought down Europe's emissions, not the poltics.
2) During the time of W, America did NOT cut back, however, for the last 6 years, we have cut back because of 3 reasons:
a) cheap nat gas here, combined with cheap wind. Both of these are much cheaper to do than coal.
b) W delayed regulations on mercury until 2017. Now it is taking effect and many coal plants have shut down, with more to come.
c) O's regulations are taking hold and is preventing future coal plants, as well as some nat gas plants, and leading towards more AE, along with nukes.
3) America's emission are today BELOW 15%, and dropping. China's emission are estimated at around 33% of global emissions, rising, and that is without data from OCO2.
4) OCO2's emissions PROVE that China's emissions are much higher than anybody elses.
5) Not only is China's yearly emissions double of America's, but as of THIS YEAR, their TOTALED emission from 1850, is greater than America's.
6) And in terms of total emission for the last millennium, China's is greaters than Europes, but both are MUCH MUCH greater's than all of the America's COMBINED.

Yet, idiots like you will focus on 1 nation, rather than focusing on the nation that accounts for more than 40% (OCO2's date is going to prove that China has lied about their real emissions), or the fact that Europe's total emissions is much much higher than America.

Comment: Re: On behalf of planet earth (Score 1) 100

by WindBourne (#49736503) Attached to: US Levels Espionage Charges Against 6 Chinese Nationals
Of course, no tech was passed on those. What happened is that NSA overheard airbus and other companies offering illegal kickbacks to win business, so that was reported. Big difference between economic espionage of giving tech to others, vs. reporting to legal authorized of criminal offenses.

Comment: taco, it is driven by spies. (Score 1) 100

by WindBourne (#49736429) Attached to: US Levels Espionage Charges Against 6 Chinese Nationals
As one that has dealt with one Chinese spy , and potentially, another one, it is obvious that China is hard at work stealing as much tech as they can. Sadly, our clearance methods were compromised by privatizing them. We should give it back to FBI, along with ICE. There are far far too many chinese spies in the west.

Comment: Re:Cats vs windmills (Score 1) 164

by WindBourne (#49715619) Attached to: Wind Turbines With No Blades
Our 20 lb tabby (no fat) would bring us live gifts in the AM.
When you opened the door, if he ran past, it meant that he had a gift for us and 9 out of 10 x, it was very live.
These were Birds, Squirrels, Fish, Chipmunks, Rabbits, baby raccons (very dangerous for that car), 1 small hawk, and even 1 adult Canada Goose (live, but flyer could not carry him in fast enough; easy to stop).
I saw him toying with a number of animals and when I came to rescue, he would snap their necks (grab by the head and whip them).

Yes, he would eat some. Buy many were just toys, or gifts for us.

Comment: Re: and yet, the GOP blocks private space. (Score 0) 96

by WindBourne (#49711519) Attached to: Russian Rocket Crashes In Siberia
I have no issue with the Russians. I have an issue with depending on one group to provide a critical item ( launch ) for so long. The GOP makes a big todo of using Russian, but continue to gut spending on commercial space while increasing our money flow and dendancy on Russia. Total insanity.

I want to see the iss group go to the moon. But to do that, we need multiple shlv, multiple manned launchers, multiple base builders, etc.. IOW, we should not depend on any one group for more a year. And right now, the neo-cons have broken that rule by many times over.

Comment: Re:Cats vs windmills (Score 1) 164

by WindBourne (#49711135) Attached to: Wind Turbines With No Blades
Uh no. Cats hunt for food AND for fun. It does not matter if they are wild or domesticated.
In addition, a well-fed cat will NOT eat the animal. They will play with it until they decide to kill it. In fact, I see this same behavior with zoo animals. I have seen a tiger and polar beer catch and play with birds and they do NOT eat them. But they sure as heck kill them.

Comment: Re:If it works (Score 1) 164

by WindBourne (#49711081) Attached to: Wind Turbines With No Blades
I should rate you as overrated, but will answer you instead.
It is mostly another anti-AGW myth that large numbers of big birds are being killed by wind generators. One site has a serious issue and others have a small issue.

Now, with that said, BATS do suffer greatly at this. Not any particular bat, but all of them seem to not see the blades even though they have the ability to track small fast things. This might help save them.

Personally, I would be far more interested in seeing what the $/KW are on this, along with what kind of winds are required to move it.

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